Your Ticket to Welcome Week

Your Ticket to Welcome Week

UCAS DEMYSTIFIED How to get 5 offers Dr Kevan Williams Associate Dean Admissions UEA UK Top 15 (Times/Sunday Times 2019 and Complete University Guide 2019) TEF Gold (Teaching excellence framework 2017-2020) World Top 200 (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019)


Midwifery Business Chemistry Art History Medicine Economics Computing Science Film, Television + Media

Nursing Engineering History Occupational Therapy Education and Lifelong Learning Environmental Science Language + Communication

Operating Department Practice International Development Literature, Drama and Creative Writing Paramedic Science Law Physiotherapy Social Work

Philosophy Speech and Language Therapy Psychology Mathematics Natural Sciences Pharmacology Pharmacy Physics Political, Social and International Studies

UCAS UNIVERISTIES AND COLLEGES ADMISSIONS SERVICE APPLYING: WHAT DO YOU NEED? Registration Personal Details Additional Information Student Finance Course and institution choices Education and qualifications Employment Personal Statement School/ College reference Pay and send

Source: UCAS, 5 CHOICES 4 FOR MEDICINE/DENTISTRY/VET SCIENCES Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts 24/7 Library The Street Sportspark Student Union Multi-faith

Centre Laundrette Accommodat ion A FULLY EQUIPPED Medical Centre & Dentist OR A BUSTLING CITY! 02/26/2020 Why University

8 KEY CONSIDERATIONS INTEREST Can you study the subject for 3+ years? APTITUDE Do you have natural ability? OPPORTUNITIES Year abroad

Year in industry Erasmus STRUCTURE How do you prefer to learn? RESEARCH League tables KIS Data Unistats 15 15 October

January Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry, Vet Med & Vet Science Most courses APPLYING: WHAT DO YOU NEED? Registration Personal Details Additional Information Student Finance Course and institution choices Education and qualifications

Employment Personal Statement School/ College reference Pay and send Source: UCAS, PERSONAL STATEMENT 47 LINES = 1 YOU

WHAT DO UNIVERSITIES WANT? WHY THAT What about COURSE that subject interests you? EXPERIENCE Extra curricular activities, volunteering & jobs. We want to see your skills.

CAREER PLANSGAP YEAR Do you have a plan? Dont worry if not. Do you have any plans? INTERESTS What makes you, YOU? INTERNSHIP VOLUNTEERING SUMMER SCHOOL

YOUR SUMMER WORK EXPERIENCE JOB RESEARCH TRAVEL ACADEMIC PREPARATION WIDER READING INSIDERS GUIDE It is a pleasure (although a surprisingly rare one) to read a statement where the candidates voice comes across clearly be yourself If applying for different subjects ensure that all subjects are covered in

your statement We want to see an active, well rounded individual not just a good academic I use a personal statement to get a sense of an applicants personality, their interests and how motivated they are THE DOS AND DONTS DO Be reflective Mention authors/ writers/ artists Spell check Be clear admissions tutors dont have time to read between the lines Read through with teachers

DONT Mention a specific institution Talk about the content of your A level courses in detail Plagiarise UCAS will know! Lie or exaggerate Get someone to write it for you Source: UCAS, A PLEA


EXAMPLE This is an empty opening statement with no examples cited to back it up. The weak attempt to define Law wastes spaces and provides no useful details about the applicant. Law

Captivated by the allencompassing importance of the law in society, I am amazed at the way crime is moderated, precedents are set and how they construct the nature of the world around us. EXAMPLE Good evidence of wider reading and critical ability.

Englis h I especially enjoy reading war poetry as it offers subjective and emotive responses that are rarely found in historical accounts. To pursue this interest I studied the pastoral idyll outside of the curriculum and explored the impact which the first word war had on ideas of rural land, particularly in Hardys poem In time of the Breaking of Nations (1915) and Edward Thomass As the Teams Head Brass (1916). I feel that the interlinking of the war and the land makes the seem

nearer in Thomas poem, whereas in Hardys work the presence of war is EXAMPLE Encountering both clinical and social challenges of the treatment prompted me to research alternatives including autologous pancreatic islet cell transplantation. Although APICT data boasts 69% of patients gain insulin independence, NICE predominantly recommends the enforcement of life changing programmes, from this I realised the crucial role of primary care services in promoting healthy lifestyles to prevent the onset of disease.

Excellent analysis of a complex case. The student actually shows their understanding of communication skills rather than simply stating how important they are. The reflection at the end shows their maturity. Medici ne

WHICH COURSE? Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand this is my philosophy to learning. I learnt this motto at the Global Students Forum in London where I became a peer educator. Additionally I have participated in a mock United Nations meeting at Chichester County Hall. These opportunities taught me how to apply my skills to communicate in different contexts and express my energetic, sociable creative personality within debates. AS EASY AS ABC ACTIVITY

BENEFIT COURSE BETTER EXAMPLES Discovery. To me that is what Chemistry is about. You never know when something ground-breaking could be at your fingertips. Both educationally and socially, university life will help me to grow as a person. I hope to develop skills to carry me through life and career and help me to succeed in all my endeavours. Within school, being a prefect and peer mentoring younger students has helped me to gain leadership qualities and also build good communication skills with people of different ages.

BAD EXAMPLES I also have a part-time job at my local Sainsburys store. At times this can be very demanding as I work on the delicatessen and some customers can be very picky about how thickly you cut their ham or how well you wrap it. I am currently working to address problems I have had meeting deadlines. I have few interests outside my studies, as I tend to believe that most such activities are ultimately futile. ARE YOU ABLE TO SAY SO WHAT? EXPAND Say more about it

RELEVANT Why is it important for the course? DELETE Can you use the space better? AFTER SUBMISSION RESPONSES OFFER UNSUCCESSFUL INTERVIEW Conditional Unconditional

Sorry We like the look of you INTERVIEWS TYPES ADVICE Panel Research institution Mini interviews

Read around the subject Audition Research interviewers Informal chat Mock interviews Group work Practice Role play Written assignment

RESPONDING TO OFFERS F&I UCAS EXTRA For students who have been declined by all 5 choices 30 RESULTS DAY 1 234 ACCEPTED: FIRM

ACCEPTED: INSURANCE EXCEED: FIRM MISS: BOTH ADJUSTMENT For students who have exceeded their Firm offer 32 CLEARING

Helps eligible students without a place at a university find another course or institution 33 SUMMARY Think CAREFULLY about what you write Remember the DEADLINES Write it YOURSELF Open Days ASK questions TIMELINE: STUDENT FINANCE SUMMER OXBRIDGE SCHOOLSMED, VET, DEN


INSURANCE WHY APPLY EARLY 100% 50% 0% Oct Nov Dec Jan


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