Year 6 Visit to Nell Bank 11th - 13th March 2013.

Year 6 Visit to Nell Bank 11th - 13th March 2013.

Year 5 Visit to Nell Bank 4 - 6 October 2017. th th Aims of the evening

Staffing About The Centre & Accommodation Activities Learning outcomes Questions? Staffing and Groups

Miss Wilcock Mrs Gates Mr Hunt Miss Dransfield Mrs Daniel (cook) Accommodation Accommodation

Dining Room Drying room Picnic Area Stage Amphitheatre Adventure playground

Activity Programme Wednesday 15th March. Arrive and welcome to Nell Bank Team Tasks: Save the Species, Custard Crossing, Duck Rescue. Adventure Playground Settle in to dorms Evening meal Evening activities Thursday 16th March. Ilkley Moor Walk Evening meal Evening activities

Friday 17th March Team tasks: Orienteering Lunch then set off back to school. Children to be collected from school at the normal time of 3:30pm. Kit List Please make sure that everything is clearly named. Night clothes Toiletries Towel Change of clothes for evening activities

Change of footwear/trainers/slippers for indoor use Small games/books for wet weather Warm comfortable clothing Sleeping bag Small torch Bin liners/carrier bags to separate wet or dirty clothes from the clean ones For daytime walks Small rucksack Waterproof clothing cagoule and trousers these are essential Walking boots (we have a number of pairs for loan) Warm clothes (no jeans)

Thick walking socks, one or two pairs to fill boots. (Not nylon or acrylic as they cause blisters) Spare socks Warm hat and gloves Pack of emergency rations high energy foods eg mint cake, chocolate etc (These must be kept in your rucksack at all times and be kept for emergencies only!) NO NUTS PLEASE A packed lunch for the first day including a drink. Pupils may take a flask with a warm drink. We will refill flasks with tea or coffee on other days. Water bottle Food and drink are not allowed in the dormitories, so please do not bring sweets, biscuits etc. We have a tuck shop for any extra food needed. Do not bring chewing gum.

NO iPODs, ELECTONIC GAMES or MOBILE PHONES Cameras may be taken if you wish to at your own risk it would be helpful if these could be named in some way. Spending money This is an educational visit and there will be little chance to spend money. We will however, be providing a tuck shop

with: drinks, crisps, chocolate biscuits and fruit, therefore a few pounds (in 20p and 10p coins) would be enough. Talent show We shall be holding a talent show on one of the nights, so please get your acts ready before we leave!! We shall take a CD player, so you can bring CDs if you need to. Medication Please ensure medical forms are filled in and that clear instructions are included with clearly named medications. This includes any travel sickness pills that may be needed prior to returning. Travel sickness pills for the outward journey must be given to your child BEFORE they come to school. Obstacle Course

Questions? FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Where is Nell Bank? Nell Bank is on the edge of the town of Ilkley, within the Bradford Metropolitan Borough. It is located in a stunning setting which includes100 acres of semiancient bluebell woodland, typical Dales farmland, the exceptionally beautiful River Wharfe and most famous of allIlkley Moor which is steeped in history. Why come to Nell Bank? Last year 20 000 visitors from across the age and ability range visited the centre. We believe in hands-on interactive education which supports the work teachers do in the classroom. All our activities are developed in line with the

National Curriculum. What will we do at Nell Bank? There are a wide range of activities which allow you to explore the habitat, develop team skills and enjoy adventure education. Who will be looking after us? The staff at Nell Bank have a wealth of teaching experience between them. Safety is paramount and we pride ourselves on having a well trained, dynamic staff team who are able to provide safe, quality education across the age and ability range.

Do I need to buy any special outdoor clothing? No! All you need is warm, old clothes as we will be outside most of the time. We have some waterproofs and lots of spare wellies so please dont feel you need to buy new ones. Learning Outcomes: PSHCE, PE and Geography National Curriculum PHSCE By the end of a KS2 residential visit to Nell Bank... All children will have the opportunity to face new challenges like staying away from home and make informed choices about how to develop healthy lifestyles through meeting in new people and visiting new places. Most children will have the opportunity to identify and explain how to manage (perceived) risk in new situations. Children will have the chance to identify different types of relationship, and can show ways to maintain good

relationships with group leaders, centre staff and their classmates. Some children will demonstrate respect and tolerance towards people different from themselves by working well with others including with other groups on site. National Curriculum PE By the end of a KS2 residential visit to Nell Bank... All children will take part in orienteering activities working in unfamiliar surroundings, with help from others they will solve problems and tackle the long distance challenge of the Ilkley Moor walk. Most children will work with others to solve problems through sharing ideas; they will show the beginnings of reflecting on performance. Some children will constantly reflect on their own performance and that of the team using it to inform future problem solving in addition they will be aware of others and offer support when needed.

National Curriculum Geography By the end of a KS2 residential visit to Nell Bank... All children will recognise the similarities and differences between the Ilkley area and their home; they are able to talk about what they see and what they think. Most children will be able to describe and compare the physical and human features of the Ilkley area and offer explanations for some of those features. They will be able to offer reasons for some of their observations, views and judgements about places and environments. Children should recognise a need to improve or sustain environments. Some children will recognise how people seek to improve and sustain environments they will be able to respond to a range of geographical questions and begin to use appropriate vocabulary.

Learning Outcomes: History and DT. National Curriculum History By the end of a KS2 residential visit to Nell Bank... All children will gain a knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in British human history e.g. the changes that indigenous people experienced with the arrival of the Romans. Most children will be able to demonstrate a chronological understanding of key events in the history of Britain and be able to use their experiences on the Moors walk to illustrate changes. Some children will be able to relate their life experiences to those of past people and discuss the similarities and differences e.g. the archaeological dig.

National Curriculum Design and Technology By the end of a KS2 residential visit to Nell Bank... All children will develop knowledge and understanding of the materials and components needed to build a shelter and that staying warm is a basic requirement of all animals. Most children will use their previous experience to plan and communicate ideas to others and evaluate their success as a group through a process of evaluation e.g. role play of estate agent sales pitch. Some children will appreciate the differences in technology available to early peoples and be able to discuss with peers and adults the similarities and differences in the construction of shelters as well as offer ideas for improvements.

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