Widespread use of - Narcotics Anonymous

Widespread use of - Narcotics Anonymous

AND TECHNOLOGY: Applying Our Widespread use of apps websites

social media online discussion boards and other technology provides opportunities and challenges Currently Existing Resources

Social Media and Our Guiding Principles service pamphlet Public Relations Handbook PR Basics It Works: How and Why Traditions essays Guiding Principlesour new book!

Social media is used to Find information Announce events Share news Bring members together Inform people about work Let the public know they exist

Potential challenges for NA principles like personal anonymity and Fellowship unity. Large Group Brainstorm What are some of the principles

that come into play (or perhaps should come into play) when using social media? Large Group Discussion What successes can you share about applying these principles while using social media, as an

NA member or as service body? Large Group Discussion What challenges to applying our principles have you faced using social media: As individuals As a service committee, for communications

within the Fellowship Large Group Exercise Prioritize challenges: Each member gets two votes Identify the top two vote-getters Small Group Discussion

Brainstorm solutions to top challenges: 1. What principles are lacking? 2. Considering the challenge and applying our principles, what solutions can you offer? NA service committees are using

social media mostly for internal communications. Some service bodies are using social media as a public relations tool. The 2016 World Service Conference adopted the project

Social Media as a PR Tool so well be researching these opportunities and challenges. Large Group Discussion Has your service body used social

media as a public relations tool? What successes and challenges have you experienced? AND TECHNOLOGY: Applying Our

Please pass along your experience to Principles [email protected]

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