Who is it suited to? - RMIT University | Melbourne | Australia

Who is it suited to? - RMIT University | Melbourne | Australia

VCE Extension Studies at RMIT What can we offer your Year 12 students? Liz Moon Senior Manager, Admissions Who is it suited to? an independent learner seeks academic challenge wants to further explore areas of interest wants to get a head start at university is capable of managing additional studies in Year 12 What are the benefits to students? EXPLORE YOUR INTERESTS Studying alongside undergraduates, students will have the chance to delve deeper into a subject area they are passionate about. STUDY FOR FREE ACCESS WORLD CLASS TEACHING FACILITIES

There are no application or student fees for any of our VCE Extension courses. Students will learn from expert academics working at the forefront of their professions. Our programs are designed with industry leaders. GET READY FOR LIFE AND WORK BOOST YOUR ATAR VCE Extension can count as a fifth or sixth subject towards the completion of VCE, and can attract up to a five point ATAR boost! GET AN EARLY VTAC OFFER GET CREDIT FOR YOUR STUDIES Our courses are global in focus, and

practical in application. Students will gain skills that will make them highly employable and stand out from the crowd. Choosing RMIT as a VTAC preference, and meeting the required prerequisites, may result in an early offer. Students have two fewer courses to complete in their undergraduate degree, and may take advantage of opportunities for internships or exchange programs. ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF BEING AN RMIT STUDENT As fully enrolled RMIT students students can enjoy our world-class facilities, join clubs and get access to the outstanding support services RMIT offers. What does RMIT offer? RMIT offers an exciting range of VCE Extension Studies Computer Science Marketing and Management

Economics Maths: Calculus and Analysis Engineering Maths: Statistics and Data Analysis Environmental science Maths: Discrete Mathematics, Puzzles and Problem Solving Health and Nursing Project Management International Studies and Development Psychology

Science Landscape Architecture Sustainability and Urban Planning Geospatial Science and Surveying Visit our website for the latest offerings What do schools need to know? Schools and parents must endorse students for participation in the program. Schools also have the responsibility of counselling students regarding the preand co-requisite requirements. Students are required to have an active enrolment and satisfactorily complete at least one Unit 3/4 sequence towards the VCE, in the same year in which they enrol in the Higher Education study. RMIT will complete extension studies VASS enrolments.

More information is available on the VCAA Higher Education Studies in the VCE web page Students and schools can contact RMIT at [email protected] What happens and when? Step 1 - Research interest areas and any pre- or co-requisite study requirements RMIT Open Day 13 August* Step 2 - Discuss with parent/guardians and school to ensure they are supportive Step 3 - Apply online to RMIT. Attach Year 11 results and endorsement forms *Applications open 13 August and close early December* Step 4 - Receive VCE Extension studies offers *Offers released from December* Step 5 - Enrol in classes, personalise timetable Step 6 - Attend orientation and welcome events *Bespoke VCE Extension Studies orientation event held in January* *Undergraduate orientation events throughout February* Step 7 - Start classes *Higher Education classes start end February* *Attend RMIT Extension Studies alumnus Josh Caratelli Now 3rd Year - Bachelor Computer Science Completed Computer Science VCE Extension

Studies at RMIT in 2014 Used the programming skills learned in Computer Science VCE Extension Studies to complete a Year 12 school project on sustainability Developed Smog Game - now available on the iTunes store Won the STEM Games Challenges Used the prize money to set up a scholarship to help women and disadvantaged youth get into game development After winning a national iAward, went on to represent Australia in Sri Lanka at the APICTA awards Josh got a 30 under 30 Honourable Mention for GameDev worldwide in Develop magazine and has spoken at Oz Comic-Con and PAX Australia Josh now runs his own games development company

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