Where in the World?

Where in the World?

Where in the World? You could go to the largest museum in the world or you could visit a very special cave. This cave is an exact replica of another cave discovered in 1940 by four boys playing in a forest. The cave the boys found contained over 600 paintings on, and 1,500 engravings carved into the walls by Cro-Magnon artists over 17,00 years ago! At first the cave was open to the public, but in 1963 it was closed because the visitors' breath and a body heat were damaging the paintings. The solution was an exact replica, opened in 1983. Do you approve of that solution? While you ponder how to save artifacts and share

with new generations, you wonder where the entrance to a new type of cave is; the Chunnel. Where on Earth are you? Can you find your place? France Welcome to France The largest country

in Western Europe, France is shaped like an irregular hexagon. How many sides does a hexagon have? A hexagon has six sides. The Lascaux Cave is a natural cave filled with ancient art. The Chunnel

is manmade, and it connects France to England. An underwater tunnel that opened in 1994, it enables one to travel from one country to another in about 35 minutes. Before, by ferry, it took several hours. Do you think this changes the way some people do business and with whom they have transactions? One of Frances most famous leaders was (Napoleon I). A brilliant military strategist, Bonaparte founded the French legal system and reorganized education. After leading his army to victory over

Europes strongest nations, Napoleon was defeated in Belgium at Waterloo. Did Napoleon come before or after the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror? It was during the Reign of Terror, that thousands of French nobles were beheaded, including King Louis and his wife. Napoleon was emperor of France from 1804 1814 and again in 1815. Napoleon took control after the French Revolution and the ensuing Reign of Terror.

When was the French Revolution, and when did Marie Antoinette really say the famous words, Let them eat cake? On July 14, 1589, a Paris mob stormed and captured a royal fortress-prison called the Bastille because King Louis XVI would not draft a new constitution reducing the monarchys power. Today, France celebrates July 14, Bastille Day, as their independence day. Although Marie Antoinette led an extravagant life and involved herself in several scandals, she has been unjustly credited with the famous line, Let them eat cake when told there was no bread for the peasants. It is true

that there was a bread famine and peasants were starving. The Louvre in Paris is the worlds largest museum. French artists have had a great influence on art. When they started the style of French Impressionism, many people were furious. Impressionist paintings are not strict realistic depictions. They stress colour and composition, giving an impression of a subject. Today, these paintings sell for huge amounts of money. Can you name some Impressionist painters, and do you think new art forms often create controversy? Monet and Renoir

were founders of the Impressionist movement. FAST FACTS - France Population: more than 65.7 million people live in the country (2012) Capital: Paris, with 2,2 million inhabitants Name: Republique Francaise (French Republic) Motto: 'Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite' (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity) Government: Democracy Language: French

Religion: mainly Christians (Roman Catholics 64%) Currency: 1 Euro=100cents, until 2002 French Franc Flag: blue, white and red. The French refer to the flag as 'Tricolore' (french for 'three colours') Where in the World? Its your turn: Complete your Where in the World? page. 1 fill in the country and continent. 2 write a paragraph about France with at least 5 interesting details (important details).

3 colour in France on the world map.

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