What is fair trade Why Choose it? - The Marquis Project

What is fair trade Why Choose it? - The Marquis Project

WHAT IS FAIR TRADE WHY CHOOSE IT? alternative approach to trade based on partnerships with producers receive a minimum price, improved terms & a premium to improve their lives standards to respect basic labour rights for farmers organized in cooperatives, hired workers & independent artisans a powerful way to reduce poverty through our everyday purchases helps us better understand where our products come from Benefits The minimum price and additional premium are used to help fund education, healthcare, infrastructure, and business-improvement projects in the producers communities. http://cftn.ca/fair-trade CONGRATULATIONS CITY OF BRANDON! Winner of the 2014, 2015* & 2016 Fair Trade Town of the Year

* Tied with Hudson, Requireme nts Details Steering membership Committee meet 2 x/year retail & grocery Product Restaurants, cafs, Availability gas bars community events Public Awareness online resources community groups, Community workplaces, schools,

support etc. Target Actual 6 8 12 8 8 TBD 6 TBD 12 19 5

5 20 TBD POLITICAL SUPPORT Criteria Designate city representative to committee Publish Fair Trade Town Program & accomplishments on municipal website Identify future FT goals Purchasing policy reflects fair trade certified coffee & sugar 2017 2018

CITY OF BRANDON 2017 2018 ACHIEVEMENTS Achievements Details Amended purchasing policy fall 2016 2017 Special Recognition: Fair Trade Town of the Year Awarded 4 years in a row Fairtrade coffee & sugar continued In all city departments

His Worship, the Mayor and City Councillor support World Fair Trade Day at Ten Thousand Villages; Eco Day in May Displayed Fair Trade Town banner Corner of 18th and Victoria - May 9 - 20 The City of Brandons Environment committee Eco-Day in May, Tidy Up Tuesdays, key partner in keeping the momentum Environment Wheel Details Goal Timeline

2014 2015 POLITICAL SUPPORT GOALS City representative on steering committee Lindsay Hargreaves Publish designation & fair trade town program information on municipalitys website Identify future fair trade goals www.brandon.ca/fair-trade-town www.brandonenvironment.ca/fair-trade-town Social media where applicable Highlight Fair Trade during FT month in May ongoing,

May 2018 Build public awareness ongoing Support local restaurant awareness-raising Restaurant Challenge ongoing fall/winter 2018-2019 FUTURE GOALS The following restaurants, cafes & gas bars offer two or more fairtrade certified products in Brandon: Coffee Culture Co-Op gas stations (3) Prairie Firehouse

The Dock on Princess in alphabetical order Increase # restaurants with two or more FT products Flag for flag raising ceremony during May 20 May 25, 2019 Thank you Merci Murakoze Asante Gracias Shukran Toda Miigwetch Amasagganallahw

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