Welcome to Yr 7 - Osmund

Welcome to Yr 7 - Osmund

Welcome to Yr 7 Yr 7 Curriculum English In Year 7 pupils are introduced to pretwentieth century literature through the study of Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet and Chaucers Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (short stories, poetry, plays and non narrative

texts, library and information retrieval skills) Yr 7 Curriculum Maths problem solving, patterns in numbers, money, shape, angle, measurement and handling data. problem solving may be through investigation, practical tasks or problems requiring the use and application of their mathematical skills

and understanding. Yr 7 Curriculum Science acids and alkalis cells, diet and digestion electricity and magnetism forces particles and solutions reproduction

Yr 7 Curriculum History Romans Medieval - battle of Hastings and life in the Middle Ages Crusades Civil war and the Restoration Geography Map skills, Africa and the Middle East, Coastal features Lulworth Cove and Durdle door trip

Yr 7 Curriculum Theology and Ethics Starting with the question, "Does God exist?"pupils will explore the different beliefs and values that people hold in our society. Yr 7 Curriculum DT 3x3 weeks intro in each area, Computer aided

design and graphics, electronics, and mass production of small cakes. 3x9 weeks Design and make a deal organiser using the vacuum forming machine, design and make a fleece hat, design and make a variety of vegetable dishes; stir fry, soup and potato dish. Yr 7 Curriculum Art Still life collage

Picasso Clay sculpture Fish watercolours Yr 7 Curriculum Music Jazz and Improvisation Christmas Performing and Carol Competition Expression in Music - Musical Characters and creating Impressions

Performing in a band Music in context - Adverts, Music for special events World Beat - Caribbean Music Yr 7 Curriculum PE Health related fitness Rugby, netball, basketball, football, hockey, handball, rounders, cricket, Athletics

Homework U:\Year Team\HW.Tt.2015-2016.doc Clubs

Art Badminton Basketball Football-girls and boys

Ossies Cake Company Chess Conservation Gardening Kindness Clubs

Overcoming injustice Pizza Rugby Running

Table tennis Eco Schools Veggie Club Warhammer +Yu-Gi-oh Yr 7 TRIPS

Scotland (Easter and May) Bude (May) Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door (June/July) Bowling (March/April) French Trip (2016-17) TUTORS 7Be Mr Bourne

7Cr Mrs Ford 7Lv Mr van der Leij 7Sr Mrs Skinner 7Tn Mr Tutton

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