Welcome to the Matlab - Michigan Technological University

Welcome to the Matlab - Michigan Technological University

Introduction to Matlab II EE 2303 Lab Basic Matlab Review Data file input/output string, char, double, struct Types of variables load, save directory/workspace data file movement

Navigation/workspace commands clear clears workspace of all variables close all close all figure-windows Up-arrow scroll through recently used command Basic Matlab Review Fundamentals

of matrix computing [ ], Brackets are used to form vectors and matrices { }, Curly braces are used in cell array assignment ( ), Parentheses Enclose arguments of functions

Enclose subscripts of vectors and matrices Indicate precedence in arithmetic expressions Basic Matlab Review Plotting functions stem() 1-dimensional graphing mesh(), imagesc() 2-dimensional visualization plot(),

Creating Arrays cell(M,N) create M-by-N cell array of empty matrices Individual cells can be any matlab data type Enables matrices with mixed elements e.g.

Creating Arrays zeros(M,N) create M-by-N zeros matrix ones(M,N) create M-by-N ones matrix User Interface Commands

More user-friendly Looks slicker Principal UI commands uigetfile() retrieve files questdlg() input logical buttons

inputdlg() input values uigetfile() Retrieves file via browser window Ex: [audio_input, pathname] = uigetfile('*.wav', 'Please select a wavfile'); inputdlg() Parameter input dialog outputs cell array Ex: lpdlg = inputdlg({'Enter cutoff

frequency(in Hz)'},'Low Pass Filter Parameters',1,{'1000'}); questdlg() Asks question Yes-No-Cancel by default Ex: isdlg = questdlg('Would you like to listen to your input signal?', 'Input sound');

guide GUI Design Environment Alter .fig files

Design selfcontained guis Debug Mode Used for scripts Complex Numbers For a complex signal x of size N real() -- outputs real components imag() outputs imaginary components

abs() yields magnitude angle() yields phase of signal By default, i and j are both set to sqrt(-1) Z = x + j*y can also be written: Z = (x,y) essentially a 2d matrix Discrete Fourier Transform Used to find frequency response of digital

signals Discrete signal input DFT discrete frequency response Matrix form of DFT: N1 kn

X k x n W N n 0 W kn N j 2kn / N e

FFT Example Create an example signal: t = 0:0.001:0.6; x = sin(2*pi*50*t) + sin(2*pi*120*t); y = x + 2*randn(size(t)); plot(1000*t(1:50),y(1:50)) title('Signal Corrupted with Zero-Mean Random Noise') xlabel('time (milliseconds)') FFT Example

Now find the frequency response using the DFT Y = fft(y,512); Pyy = Y.* conj(Y) / 512; f = 1000*(0:256)/512; plot(f,Pyy(1:257)) title('Frequency content of y') xlabel('frequency (Hz)') Lab Exercise

The goal of this lab is to expand your Matlab repertoire through: Debugging a faulty script

Creating a user interface script Creating an audioInput script Approximating Reality EE 2303 Lab References: Oppenheim, Schafer. Discrete-Time Signal Processing. 2nd Edition, 1999, Prentice-Hall. Mathworks Home Page: www.mathworks.com

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