Welcome to primary 2

Welcome to primary 2

Welcome to primary 3 Primary 3B Mrs Saunders Bankhead Motto Working together to achieve our best.

The 4 Capacities Classroom ethos We encourage all children to remember and follow the Golden Rules. These are reinforced by all adults who work with your children. They are reinforced on a daily basis in class and at weekly assemblies.

Classroom ethos Both table points and House points are awarded for following the Golden Rules. The children have also worked together on creating Classroom Rules. Golden Time is on Fridays to reward children for their hard work and good behaviour. Classroom ethos

Working hard PATHs/Circle time 3 step plan Sharing Resources Asking for help Class jobs Homework Homework is given out on a Monday and due in on the Friday.

Shared learning 1 activity each week focusing on our topic. Maths worksheet Spelling phoneme/task (currently it has been revision of sounds.) Book banded book home soon Spelling Spelling in primary 3 is phonics based. Your child will learn spelling actively

with different games, dictation, passages and whiteboards practices etc. Spelling is being taught in class. Literacy Reading We are focussing on the skills of reading (predictions, making connections, visualising) We are focussing on the strategies of reading (sound out, chunking etc)

Asking questions VCOP P6 paired reading Writing

VCOP Basic sentence writing. Writing questions Instructional Writing/Imaginative text Numeracy Numbers Place value of numbers to 1000 Working with numbers to 1000 Addition and subtraction within 100

Shape 2D/3D Measure Time clock, days Patterns creating and completing patterns explaining rules

Health and Wellbeing Social Friendships Rules and routines

Values fair, kind etc SHANARRI Food and Health Basic food knowledge Healthy eating (food plate linked to Romans) Social Studies Topics this year include:

Romans (term 1) World of Work (term 2) Scotland after New Year (term 3) Rivers and Lochs life cycle (term 4) Expressive Arts

Art: explore different media, techniques, artist work, making mosaics, pottery, Christmas art and Mackintosh focus. Drama: miming and improvisation/ Hot seating/ acting out roles Dance: dance coaching on Friday after lunch Music: Charanga lessons House Keeping Gym is on a Wednesday,

Thursday for P3b Dance Lunch Time Club is on Friday before October break. Gym kits are shorts, polo shirt and indoor gym shoes. Preferably leave kits in school. House Keeping Please write names on all school clothing.

If clothing is lost, ask myself or check lost property. Attendance really important. Toys only on Friday at Golden Time no electronic/ expensive items please. Thank you Thank you for coming to visit P3b today. You can discuss with your child what they

have been learning and look at our wonderful wall displays. We also have a small feedback form 2 stars (what you have enjoyed about the visit) 1 wish for the school, if you could please complete. If taking your child home, please let me know.

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