Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten! 2019-20 Your school staff

Lizi Aguilar-Nelson, Principal Deanne Gray, Office Manager Kathryn Lounsbury, School Office Specialist Rachael Hubbard, Kindergarten Teacher Megan Cowan, Kindergarten Teacher Kari Stanaway-Counselor Jaime Lee, Instructional Mentor & Behavior Specialist PTC INFORMATION [email protected]

School Hours The office is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Doors open for students who eat breakfast at 8:10 am; non breakfast eaters at 8:25 am Classes begin promptly at 8:40 am Lunch is served from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm Classes end at 3:00 pm Weekly Schedule (30 min each): Library- one time per week Music- two times per week Physical Education- four times per week

Guidance with Counselor- one time per week Visiting the School All visitors must enter and exit through the front main entrance. All visitors must sign in at the office (laptop on the front counter) and wear a badge while in the building. When the visit is over, all visitors sign out before leaving the building. Office staff may ask for picture identification if they dont know you. Please have it available. Visits during teaching times require pre-approval if you are not volunteering in the classroom. To pick up your child early, please come to the office and sign

them out. The office will call the classroom for you. Please, NO EARLY PICKUPS BETWEEN 2:30 & 3:00 PM. Communicating with School The school phone number is 503-399-3165. Please call whenever you have questions or concerns. Your calls will be routed to the appropriate teacher/person and returned as soon as staff is able to do so. Email staff: Last Name_First [email protected]

Information from School Friday Folders Blue folders sent home weekly with information about classroom activities and school events as well as homework. Liberty Web page: http://liberty.salemkeizer.net Salem Keizer web page: http://www.salemkeizer.org Occasionally you may receive phone calls and emails from our automated phone system with reminders and other important information. Liberty monthly newsletter sent via email (Hard copies available upon request)

Resources -Contact Mrs. Stanaway, School Counselor Does your student need help with School Clothes or School Supplies? Does your student have special accommodation needs? Do you have questions about special education eligibility or testing? Our daily schedule

8:10 am ~ Breakfast - Available before school 8:25 am ~ Doors open 8:40 am ~ School Begins: Choice/Attendance 9:00 am ~ Calendar & Story 9:30 am ~ Literacy block ~ ECRI, sounds, letters, reading & writing (90+ Min.) 11:30 am ~ Lunch and recess (30 min. lunch, 30 min recess) 12:30 pm ~ Math workshop (Number Corner) 1:00 pm ~ P.E. or Music 1:30 pm ~ P.E., Music or Library 2:00 pm ~ Snack, Science, Health/Social Studies/Art 3:00 pm ~ Dismissal

What Students Will Learn Reading: Letter identification/sounds, sight words, patterned and leveled texts Writing: Sounding out words/sentences Math: Counting, number recognition, addition/subtraction, place value Social Studies: School/friend behavior, history Science: Life, physical, earth P.E., Music, Library, Computer Lab Expectations for Parents

Your most important responsibility is to make sure your child comes to school every day; on time and ready to learn. Students should read nightly and practice their letter/sight word flashcards. Sign & return forms needed at school & prior to deadlines. Check your childs blue folders when they come home each week. Important classroom and school communications are there, as well as homework. Encourage positive attitudes toward school. Attend Parent Teacher conferences and other school functions. Contact teachers when questions or concerns arise. Update family information regularly with the school office.

Respect the personal rights of others. Changes in how a student goes home must be in writing, with a date and your signature. Parking Lot The north parking lot (by Circle K) is reserved for vehicle pickup. The front of the school is for buses and students walking or walking parents picking up their child. By law, no one without a permit may park in the Handicap spaces in the front of our school. Parents, for everyones safety, stay in your vehicle and follow the flow of traffic. We will bring your child to you.

Students should be able to buckle themselves. If they require assistance, please park and walk to pick up your child Students must check-out with their teacher Be sure to access the crosswalks at all times Kinder Assessments State Kindergarten Assessment Easy CBM- (Letter identification and sounds, sight words, math.) Assessments will be given on Sept. 4th, 5th & 6th We will get to know students and test individually

in groups of five. This will happen in 2 hour blocks The office will contact you to make an appointment There will be no full day kindergarten on assessment days Kinder Transition Draft Class List will be posted at the end of the day on September 6th. Smooth Start: (some students) Monday, September 9 for students with last names A-L Tuesday, September 10 for students with last names M-Z

September 11th- First day of school for all students. Official class list will be posted at the end of the day on Friday, September 13th * We do not take parent requests for classroom placement. Help Your Child Get Ready Video: Preparing for Kindergarten

https://vimeo.com/101453733 Bus Transportation Students who live more than one mile away from the school are eligible for bus service. Bus information is available on the Salem Keizer web site. The office is glad to provide you with bus information as well.(Eligibility, Bus stops, times, etc.) Bus riders will wear labels, identifying their name and bus stop the first month of school. Video:

http://www.salemkeizer.org/parents/kindergarten-rea diness

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