Welcome to Chemistry - Berkeley Heights Public Schools

Welcome to Chemistry - Berkeley Heights Public Schools

Welcome to Chemistry Honors Dr. Morgan About you Please fill in self intro sheet About me. Back of intro sheet!

About Chemistry Honors.

Objectives Book Course structure Classwork/homework Grading Extra Help Class Rules Materials

Objectives Preparation for Introductory College and/or AP Chemistry SATII exam (June 4) Understand the basics of chemistry so you can Understand news/current events Vote with confidence

Make knowledgeable decisions about food, medicine, purchases, transportation Be prepared for Biology etc. Start on the road to being a Chemist! Apply the scientific method Book Glencoe: Chemistry Matter and Change

Dont bring to class unless asked (we have classroom copies) READ IT!!!! Course Structure Eightish units of 2-3 chapters One unit every 4-5 weeks Quiz to go with each chapter, test to go with each unit

Final exam is cumulative (Chapters 1-22) Homework packet with each chapter, turned in on day of chapter quiz Classwork Work on the hard parts together Experience and discover chemistry in the lab Minimize homework time!

Materials to help you The Packet Timeline of expected due dates for the chapter Reading guide for the chapter Anticipated worksheets and lab instructions Online Calendar indicating day homework is assigned (not due

dates!), and test and quiz dates ChemFiesta (extra worksheets with answers) Glencoe resources (practice quizzes etc.) Khan Academy, other help websites Homework Turn in packet on day of quiz/test Homework check day before quiz/test Everything completed or at least attempted so that

ALL your questions are identified up to 15 point penalty for incomplete Answers to end of section questions posted after homework check. Occasional check that previous nights homework is done Grading

All assignments graded on 0-100 scale Weighted average of: Homework packet (x1 x2) Quizzes (x3) Tests (x6) Separate labs and other assignments (x1 - x4) Extra Help I am available to provide extra help most days

in 208 after school except Fridays or days where there are meeting conflicts. Let me know ahead of time so I will be in 208 rather than working elsewhere in the building. First half of lunch on Day 1 Second half of lunch on Day 2, 3 and 4 Other times as determined by duty schedule Class Rules

Be safe Be respectful of yourself, your classmates, your teacher, your classroom, and the learning process Clean up after yourself and your classmates Come, come on time, ready to think and learn for the entire class period Exercise your brain Have fun

Materials youll need 3-ring binder (1 or section of larger) Calculator Spiral or other bound notebook to use to record lab data Return to Me Textbook signout sheet Cover (actually back) sheet of

student/parent information packet

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