Welcome to 2nd Grade Back to School Night! Believing is ...

Welcome to 2nd Grade Back to School Night! Believing is ...

Welcome to nd Grade 2nd Back to School Night! Believing is Achieving! 2 nd

Grade Classrooms Ms. Boucher Mrs. Glanzmann Ms. McCeney Ms. Murphy Mrs. Watt Mrs. Harrison, English for Speakers of Other Languages Teacher

Mrs. Redmon, Special Education Teacher Mrs. Joseph-Butler, Para Professional Mrs. Silva, Para Professional Falmouths Mission Learn with passion Lead with confidence Live with character

Believing is Achieving! Parent Communication Grade Level Newsletters Class Webpage: www.staffordschools.net Conferences in the beginning of November Required to get your childs 1st report card

Email Notes in Agendas Parent Involvement Security Sign in and out through office Parents are invited for lunch You must inform the teacher if you plan to come into the classroom All parent volunteers must complete the

parent volunteer brochure and get finger printed for field trips Volunteers Volunteers are welcomed in our classrooms. We could always use a helping hand with small group instruction, one-on-one reading, and special projects. If you are unable to visit our classrooms, you can still help by contacting the teacher for things to do at

home and send in. Please complete the parent volunteer brochure Field Trips We are planning at least two field trips this year. If you would like to chaperone, there will be a place on the permission slip to indicate your preference. You must fill out the Parent Volunteer Form and get finger printed to attend the field trip

Responsive Classroom Belonging + Significance + Fun = Positive Classroom Climate Morning Meeting Greeting, Share, Activity, Message Logical Consequences Take A Break Area

Energizers Birthday Treats Nut-free Smaller and healthier is better Store bought Please inform your childs teacher before sending in a treat

Un-Homework Second grade will participate in Un-Homework. This is a friendly homework alternative that offers the following: Student Choice (Un-Homework is not graded or mandatory) Incentives (Students are not punished for not doing homework; in fact, they earn chances for reward by choosing to do the work) Saved Time (Choices offered are brief, hands-on,

explorations that will eliminate frustration and encourage empowered learning!) Family Participation (Many choices encourage students to discuss or collaborate with others). Ultimate Genre Challenge The challenge begins now and goes throughout the entire year. This challenge requires that children read frequently and choose a variety of texts to

read over the school year. The genres will be listed on the recording sheet found in your childs binder. Each time your child finishes one book, they will mark it off on their Ultimate Genre Challenge Tracker. Every 10 books, the students will earn an award, and again when they finish the challenge! Please support your child through this challenge by helping them select a variety of books to read. You should also encourage your child to read every day!

Homework Teacher Discretion Homework may include: Read for Genre Challenge Read books for AR

Word study task Un-Homework Math Websites Programs for Home Clever = Platform for all programs Schoolwires, Students, Quick Links, First In Math Spelling City

Raz Kids Edutyping Report Card Based on 4 point rubric, the student consistently: 4 = exceeds the standard, application of knowledge 3 = meets the second grade standard 2 = works toward the second grade standard 1 = works below the second grade standard 2+, 3+: indicates progress toward next standard

Like Riding a Bike Grading 4 Way to go! You have exceeded the standard. 3 Good job! You have met the standard. 2 Keep practicing. You are working toward

the standard. 1- You need to work harder. Lets work together to get you closer to the standard. Core Extension Daily Rotation Utilized for reinforcement and enrichment of various topics/skills. Data driven Pre- and Post- assessments used to show growth

and progress. Groups are based upon individual student needs. Phonics (Word Study) Words Their Way Letter Name Within Word Syllable Juncture

Differentiated in small group Readers Workshop Mini-lesson (15 minutes with whole group) Comprehension Strategies Metacognitive Strategies Activity Time Guided Reading

Daily 5 Stations: Read to Self, Computers, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, Word Work Sharing Time Whole group, small group or partner Guided Reading Small Group Differentiated

Apply Reading Strategies Fluency Comprehension Vocabulary

Fix-Up Monitoring Literacy Stations Daily 5 Stations: Read to Self, Computers, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, Word Work Writers Workshop Students choose topic Writing Process: prewrite, rough draft, revise, edit, publish Writers workshop creates independent, confident and creative

writers Mini-lesson Independent writing time While students are writing, teachers will hold individual conferences Sharing Time Math AMC (Assessing Math Concepts)

EnVisions Math Virginia Investigations in Number, Data, and Space Exemplars Exemplars Math Topics

Place Value Ordinal Numbers Money and Time

Measurement Geometry Patterns Number Facts Fractions Probability

Science Magnets

Living/ Non-living Animals (Life Cycles) Animals (Classifications and attributes) Animal Habitats Natural Resources States of Matter Weather Cycles Water Cycle Social Studies

Citizenship First Americans: Powhatan, Lakota, Pueblo Famous Americans: Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Carver, Helen Keller, Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Cesar Chaves, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Globe and Map Skills Natural Resources, human resources, and capital resources Economics: Bartering and exchanging money People of the United States of America Symbols and traditions of the United States of America Family Life Opt Out Form

Adults that provide care for them Appropriate ways to show Physical Expression Identify appropriate physical touch The Power of Yet I am excited to work with you this year!

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