Wednesday January 28, 2015

Wednesday January 28, 2015

Leader of the House and chosen by the House of Representatives. John Boehner Second highest ranking official in the Senate. This is the most

senior senator (been a senator the longest) Orrin Hatch ( R) Utah One of the first four Executive Departments set up by George Washington

Plans and carries out the nations foreign policy Foreign policy- a nations plan for dealing with other nations Secretary of StateJohn Kerry

One of the original four departments. Collects, borrows, spends, and prints money. This includes taxes Secretary of Treasury- Jack Lew One of the original four departments as well. Manages the Armed Forces

Secretary of Defense- Chuck Hagel Largest employer in the world with 2.13 million active-duty soldiers Responsible for all aspects of law

enforcement Attorney General Eric Holder Manages and protects nations public lands and natural resources Also handles Native Americans, Hawaiians and Alaskans

Secretary of InteriorSally Jewell Sometimes called the Department of Everything else because of how much it covers. Sally Jewell isnt allowed to become president.

Why? She was born in England! Assists farmers and consumers of farm products. Promote

agricultural trade, food safety, protect natural resources, foster rural communities and end hunger in the US and abroad Secretary of Agriculture- Thomas Vilsack Supervises

trade, promotes U.S. business, tourism promote job creation and improved living standards for all Americans by creating an infrastructure that promotes economic growth, technological competitiveness, and

sustainable development. Secretary of Commerce- Penny Pritzker Deals with working conditions and wages of U.S. Workers

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez Works for the well being and health of all Americans Improving the health,

safety, and well-being of America Secretary of Health and Human ServicesSylvia Mathews Burwell Deals with the special needs and problems of cities

Create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development- Julian Castro

Manages nations highways, railroads, airlines, and sea traffic Serve the United States by ensuring a fast, safe, efficient, accessible, and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality

of life of the American people, today and into the future Secretary of Transportation- Anthony Foxx Directs overall energy plan for the nation

Makes policies concerning energy and safety in handling nuclear material Secretary of EnergyErnest Moniz Provides

advice and funding for schools Smallest cabinet level department with only 5,000 employees. Promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by

fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access Secretary of EducationArne Duncan Directs services for armed forces veterans, their families and survivors.

Employees nearly 280,000 people in hospitals and clinics. Secretary of Veteran Affairs Robert McDonald Oversees Americas

defenses against terrorists attacks, man made accidents and natural disasters Absorbed Immigration and Naturalization Service Created in response to

9/11 Third largest department of 200,000 people Secretary of Homeland Security- Jeh Johnson

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