Vocabulary Preview - Shelby County Schools

Vocabulary Preview - Shelby County Schools

Vocabulary Preview Physical Features Physical Features

A physical feature is a type of land or waterway.

Waterway Waterway A waterway is a river, canal, or

another body of water that boats or barges can go through.

Region Region A region is a large area in

which places share common characteristics. Alabama is in the southeast

region. Landform Landform

A landform is a physical feature on Earths surface. Climate

Climate Climate is the kind of weather a place has year after year. Fall Line

Fall Line A fall line is an area where there are waterfalls

and rapids because of a drop in elevation.

Coastal Plain Coastal Plain The coastal plain is low, fat

land along the Gulf Coast. Delta

Delta A delta is a triangle-shaped area of land at the mouth of a

river. tributary Tributary

A tributary is a stream or river that flows into a larger river.

Human features Human Features A human feature is something

that is built or made by people. County

County A county is the largest unit of local government within a state

Interstate Highways Interstate Highways An interstate

highway is a major transportation route in our state. Interstates connect states


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