Venerable Edel Quinn September 14, 1907 - May 12, 1944

Venerable Edel Quinn September 14, 1907 - May 12, 1944

Venerable Edel Quinn September 14, 1907 May 12, 1944 Edel Mary Quinn was born on September 14, 1907 in Kanturk, County Cork, Ireland

Kanturk (then and now) Family Background William Quinn Elizabeth Egan

Edmund Browne Louise Burke Browne Co. Clare 1871

Charles Quinn Co. Galway 1871 Edel Mary Quinn 1907

Elizabeth OReilly Edel was baptized on Sept. 18, 1907 in Castlemagner Edel, not Adele

The Edelweiss is a delicate looking flower that survives gallantly in the cold Alpine mountains. It comes from the German words edel, meaning noble, and weiss, meaning white: an appropriate name for one whose nobility of spirit and joyous radiance became proverbial.


Edel, born 1907 Leslie, born 1909 Ralph, born 1911 Mona, born 1914 Dorothy (known as John), born 1915 Family

Many Moves Clonmel (near Tipperary) 1907-1913 Cahir 1913-1917 Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford 1917-1921 Tralee 1921-1924

Monkstown (a suburb of Dublin) School Years Edel Mary Josephine Eucharia Quinn

Return to Monkstown Chegney Tile Works A Proposal` Pierre Landrin

The Legion of Mary Praesidia & Works Our Lady of Victories: visits to the poor Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners: rescue of street girls

The Poor Clares In January of 1932, Edel made plans to enter the Poor Clares. She was to leave for Belfast on the Feast of the Annunciation,

March 25th. A Change of Plans Edel became ill and was diagnosed with tuberculosis She entered Newcastle

Sanatorium on February 5, 1932 She remained there until December A Pilgrimage Extension

In the summer of 1936, Edel volunteered for a twoweeks extension assignment in Wales. After returning to Dublin, she asked permission of the Concilium to return

there to work for the Legion full-time. A Request Meanwhile, the Concilium received a request from Bishop Heffernan for someone to organize the

Legion of Mary in East Africa. When Edel was asked if she would accept the assignment in Africa instead of England, she replied, with all my heart.

Approval Edels appointment as envoy to East Africa was unanimously approved by the Concilium in

September of 1936. Departure The Llangibby Castle Her First Letter

Edels first correspondence to Dublin was a letter addressed to Frank Duff. She thanked him for having given her the opportunity of going, in spite of the fact that it caused sorrow to others.

Have no regrets, she wrote, the others will be glad later. The Voyage Along the Way 10/29/36: Departure

from London 11/12/36: Port Said, Egypt Edels first time on African soil 11/15/36: Port Sudan 11/23/36: Arrival in Mombasa

First Praesidium Edel arrived by train in Nairobi on November 28, 1936 On December 8th, she held the first information meeting of the Legion

The first praesidium was named Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Reception by the Natives Challenges

Racial Tension Europeans Goans Africans Language English Swahili

Kikuyu Edels Mission Territory: Kenya . . . . . . Uganda . . . . . . Tanzania . . .

. . . Zanzibar . . . . . . Nyasaland (now Malawi) . . . . . . Mauritius Early Results

Edel succeeded in having a mixed Acies at St. Peter Claver Church in Nairobi on April 4, 1937. The ceremony was held using English, Swahili, and Kikuyu The Priests

Edel received support and help from many of the priests she met. A particular friend was Fr. John Reidy who was from County Clare and knew many of Edels relatives on her mothers side. First Bout with Illness

On May 29, 1937 Edel moved on to Mombasa and began her work there She became ill on June 13th with malaria Hesitance to inform Concilium

Convalescence in Limuru Archbishop Riberi Apostolic Delegate to Africa In a letter of introduction for Edel to his 33 Bishops, dated 6/25/37, Archbishop Riberi writes of the Legion:

I like to think that it is the nearest approach to the ideal of Catholic Action as fostered by the Holy Father. . . .Hence,

my recommendation is an earnest one. 1937/1938 Highlights A Curia is established in Nairobi The handbook is being translated into Kiswahili and Kikuyu A Curia is established in Zanzibar

The tessera is translated into five languages: Swahili, Kikuyu, Luo, Bantu, and Kesii Transportation Troubles On May 9, 1938 Edel purchased a 1932 Ford for 65 pounds and named it Rolls Royce

Uganda 7/22/38: Edel arrived in Uganda Initially, it was the most difficult of all her mission fields At the end of September, a new Vicar arrived and he was strongly in favor of the Legion By mid-October most of the missions in

the Upper Nile area had the Legion CHURCH TWO PRAESIDIA PRIESTS HOUSE

One Example of Results Dublin received numerous letters and reports from people touched by Edel. For example, one Spiritual Director wrote: Within a period of three months my Legionaries

helped to bring in for instruction 100 male and 40 female adult Catechumens. Second Bout with Illness Edel intended to sail to Mauritius on December 31, 1938

12/7/38: a second attack of malaria She was forced to recuperate until after Christmas She continued her work in Upper Nile until the end of February Report in June 1939 Maria Legionis

Upper Nile vicariate work completed: 23 senior and 9 junior praesidia established Return to Kisumu vicariate: five new praesidia were formed since her last visit Vocations from junior praesidia: 9 entered the convent and 2 entered the seminary 250 attended the Acies in Nairobi

1939 Acies in Nairobi Some 1939 Highlights One spiritual director reported: A praesidium with 20 active members 93% attendance although the president had to walk 10 miles and others 6 miles to get to the meeting

112 returns to the Sacraments 13 infants baptized 14 marriages validated 23 pagans under instruction 7 junior members entered the seminary War 9/1/39: Hitler invaded

Poland Edels travel was limited Correspondence was delayed Gas was scarce Edel got official recognition as a missionary which gave

her the right to a gas ration for her work 1940 Mauritius postponed until French edition of the handbook is available 4 months in Bagamoyo

and Dar-es-Salaam Started 8 praesidia in Bagamoyo Started 11 praesidia in Dar-es-Salaam Mauritius

Archbishop Leen asked Edel to come to his diocese. She spent the summer there and left him with 30 praesidia and a curia. Archbishop Leen wrote to Dublin: Your thanking me for having welcomed your envoy seems to me like offering somebody 1,000 and

thanking him for accepting the present. All the gratitude should be on our side. I am ever so happy to see the Legion started here. Miss Quinn has succeeded in putting it on a solid foundation. She has the gift of quiet and effective organization. Miss Quinn is about to leave for Africa; her

courage is unabated. Nyasaland Edel initially started 7 praesidia including a seminary praesidium The tessera is translated into Chinanja Soon a curia was formed with 8 senior and 2 junior praesidia

Later, two curia and a leper praesidium Death? A rumor of Edels death spread through the area Masses were said for the repose of her soul Dublin received letters of condolence

Several priests wrote me since, congratulating me on the Resurrection. Edel wrote: Third Bout with Illness

In January 1941, Edel came down with dysentery and malaria. Although she was very weak, she travelled to Shir to establish a curia.

Her weight dropped to 75 pounds. Ruby Roberts Dublin sent a telegram to Ruby Roberts, envoy to South Africa

Ruby took Edel to Johannesburg Edel was admitted to a government-run sanatorium named Springkell for tuberculosis treatment

Umlamli Blessed Louis Marie de Montfort On page 1 of the March 1942 issue of Maria Legionis, we read: This moment, when the Canonization of Blessed Grignion de Montfort has reached final

stages, is opportune for asking that every Legionary will make a Novena to him for the vital intention that Edel Quinn, our Envoy to Central Africa, be given sufficient health to enable her to resume her mission....We are sure that if Legionaries unite at this

notable juncture to ask the Blessed Grignion de Montfort for this favour so near to their hearts, and so necessary for the Legion and for Africa, he will secure it for them. Result

Maria Legionis, December 1942: STOP PRESS A little while ago we heard that Edel Quinn had uprisen from bed and was setting off for her former envoy district in Central Africa....We are led to wonder if we are not looking on at that response to prayer for which we have been hoping.

Back in Nairobi A missionary priest wrote to Dublin: Miss Edel Quinn, the Legion Envoy to Central Africa, is back with us again. Last we heard of her she was near deaths door down South,

and then she comes by plane, as lively and full of beans as ever. Extension work has gone off with a bang since her arrival. All are glad to have her here again. . . The Acies in Nairobi was attended by 15

spiritual directors and 350 active legionaries Bishop Heffernan presided Sermons were preached in Kiswahili and English

A new army praesidium was formed. (This was the last photo sent by Edel Quinn to Concilium.) Fourth Bout with Illness Edel came down with malaria again in February

Bishop Heffernan arranged for Edel to be able to live inside the enclosure of the Carmelite community Continued Work Letters

Visits to curiae and praesidia Comitium in Nairobi Curiae in Kilimanjaro Curia and Comitium in Nyeri First one-day retreat for male legionaries

Final Bout with Illness Edel formed a Curia in Kisumu She was too weak to establish the one in Kakamega She asked Sr.

Dickson, president of the Nairobi Comitium to take her place there Death of a Heroine In April 1944 Edel returned to Nairobi

more dead than alive, hardly able to walk. She was confined to the summer house in the garden. It was here that she was found unconscious on the evening of May

12, 1944. Maria Legionis: July, 1944 She received the last Sacraments there in the garden now conscious of everything. She was taken in to the Convent. She sank to rest in the pillows of her bed. She called on the Holy Name of Jesus three

times, and then that of Mary three times also. O the valiant missionaries that have cried out those words from the depths of African forests and marshes! . . . . . . They must have answered her call as the soldiers of many an earthly army have gathered to their dying comrade. The

dying legionary then turned on her side it is the posture that for some strange reason the countless thousands of early martyred virgins made before death. She called once again the name of the Lover of us all and then her spirit went forth to meet Him.

A Dream Realized Edel was laid out in the habit of the Sisters of the Precious Blood. Thus her dream of a religious vocation was symbolically realized

in death. Maria Legionis: July, 1944 Miss Quinns death was a landmark in the conquest of Africa to Christianity. Her funeral, which was a triumph, gave proof of this. An immense concourse of people many of them her own

children legionaries assisted at it with twenty priests and the Bishop of the Vicariate, Dr. Heffernan . . . . . . She was laid to rest in the mission cemetery ordinarily reserved to priests and religious. . . . The gift of the Legion to its beloved Africa the

original flesh of a first and lay apostle to be the seed of unending grace and glory in that great continent. Her Legacy Edel Quinns legacy was not only to the Church of Africa, it was to the Church in China as well. Four years after her death, a Columban

priest by the name of Fr. Aedan McGrath was commisioned by Archbishop Riberi to accomplish in China what Edel Quinn had accomplished in East Africa. Well Known to Legionaries . . . . . . and to the World

A Legion Saint Edels Cause for Canonization was begun in 1963 She was declared Venerable on December 31st, 1994 by Pope John Paul II

Her Shrine Edels Words of Life continue to inspire legionaries Mary in me will love her Son. I could assist at Mass the whole day long. With Mary, I must be a channel of grace to

every soul or rather, Mary through me. Our Mothers most precious gift to her children is the Cross. It is the will, the will, the will that matters. For me the Legion comes before everything.

1907-2007: A Blessed Century Venerable Edel Quinn September 14, 1907 May 12, 1944 Happy 100th Birthday!

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