Using Grades 7-12 Textbooks in University CBI Classrooms

Using Grades 7-12 Textbooks in University CBI Classrooms

Using Grades 7-12 Textbooks in University CBI Classrooms Jessica Davis Shannon Fitzsimmons-Doolan Jeannie Naasz Fredricka L. Stoller Presentation Overview I. II.

III. IV. V. VI. Background A rationale for using secondary school textbooks in universitybased CBI classes Textbook selection criteria to

meet CBI goals Scaffolding techniques Concluding remarks Q&A Background to Situate Our Discussion Program description Student description

Role of CBI class in program CBI Class Goals synthesize & extend content from multiple sources in a complex culminating task or project that reflects real academic outcomes understand extended input (from reading and listening) and respond (in speaking and

writing) appropriately summarize content in own words interpret extended input and make appropriate inferences critically evaluate information and use it appropriately CBI Class Goals (continued) find and appropriately use additional

relevant content develop and use language learning strategies for all language skills use appropriate self-learning and selfmonitoring skills and strategies build a large academic vocabulary Philosophical Underpinnings of CBI Class promote the integration of language,

content, and strategy learning. view language as a medium for learning content and content as a resource for learning and improving language. use content materials to drive most instructional decisions. endorse purposeful and meaningful language use in the classroom. hold students accountable for content learning to prepare them for the demands

of mainstream classes. Traditional EAP Textbooks Grades 7-12 Textbooks Textbook Selection Criteria Reading level Potential interest Thematic thread

Text features Extended input Recycled vocabulary Opportunities for academic activities (simulates aspects of university texts) Culminating project support Selection of Books Meeting Criteria

Global Resources. Parks, P. J. (2005). Lucent Overview Series. Political Corruption. Miller, D. A. (2007). Lucent Hot Topics. The Internet. Nasso, C. (Ed.) (2008). Greenhaven Opposing Viewpoints. Censorship. Steffens, B. (2004). Lucent Overview Series. Organic Foods. Miller, D. A. (2008).

Lucent Hot Topics. American Ways. Althen, G. (2003). Intercultural Press Scaffolding Techniques 1. Make Reading Accessible and Positive 2. Promote Vocabulary Building 3. Develop Skills & Strategies

4. Guide Culminating Projects Two types: Adaptable to many books Specific to a particular book Make Reading Accessible and Positive Reading packs with glosses Cornell notes Key people investigation

Science experiment Science Experiment The Greenhouse Effect In A Jar This simple experiment serves as an introduction to the greenhouse effect. You can see for yourself the effects of a greenhouse, and relate this understanding to what occurs in our atmosphere. Materials: 2 Small thermometers

1 Jar or other see-through container 1 Clock or watch 1 Copy of the worksheet Sunlamp or access to a sunny area to perform the experiment Roles: Timer: _______________________ Reader # 1: ____________________ Reader # 2: ____________________ Recorder: ______________________

Instructions: 1) Place the two thermometers in the sunlight for a few minutes to let them get warm. 2) Record the readings (write the temperatures) of both thermometers at the top of the columns. 3) Record the time next to the starting temperatures and place the jar over thermometer #1. 4) Every minute, record the readings of both thermometers without disturbing them. Promote Vocabulary Building

Clay or pipe-cleaner vocabulary Identifying word parts Word sort Mix and match Identifying Word Parts Undisclosed = un + dis

+close + ed Negation negation past-tense Anticorruption= cover

anti- + co + rupt +tion opposite/ joint to break

noun against or nullify Word Sort Directions: Sort the following words by forming

groups. You decide what groups to form (e.g., part of speech, theme/topic, color) Agriculture Genetic

Modification Sustainable Organic Genes Seeds Overgrazing Yield Crop Overplowing

Mix and Match Step 1 Mix Step 2 Match Step 3 Present and make corrections Step 4 Repeat Extension use the word in a sentence that shows knowledge of the definition

Develop Skills and Strategies Anticipation guide Know want to know learned chart Pre-reading Timeline graphic organizer Venn diagram Anticipation Guide KWL Chart

Know * Before reading Want to Know * Before reading Learned After reading

Pre-Reading Purpose Stimulate background knowledge Generate interest Set expectations Possibilities Give opinion about topic Skim Scan

Find definitions for key words in reading Pre-Reading Timeline Online Smart Art: Venn Diagram

Guide Culminating Projects Complete a project description dicto-comp Step 1: Listen Step 2: Take notes Step 3: Reconstruct Practice a debate with reading content Interview native or near-native speakers Use quotes effectively Follow a CBI class road map

Practice a Debate with Content Interview Native or NearNative Speakers Draft questions Engage in peer review of questions Learn interview procedures Practice (by listening to an interview) Integrate interview data into writing

Use Quotes Effectively Divide chapter into sections Outline Sort Justify by speaking Road Map Examples of Culminating

Projects Class newsletter Individual websites Group wikis Trial script and performances Persuasive essay & in-class debate Informational brochure Questions?

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