User Case Study: QXtend Implementation At Visteon

User Case Study: QXtend Implementation At Visteon

Case Study Connecting QAD To MES And 3PL Using QAD QXtend and Dell Boomi Luke Laliberte, West Contract Manufacturing Gary Yang, Roundview Technologies West Contract Manufacturing Profile Tech Group founded in 1967 Acquired by West Pharmaceutical Services in 2005 Rebranded West Contract Manufacturing in 2016 Annual sales approximately $300 MM Operates 7 plants in North America (6) and Europe (1) QAD customer since 1987 Currently running 2011SE on Red Hat Linux Single server, six production QAD databases, each its own domain Single QXtend/Boomi Atom server Supporting 4 environments (Development, Test, QA & Production) About Roundview Technologies

Founded in 2010 ( QAD Service Partner Dell Partner (Boomi) Specializes In QAD Consulting Services Extensive Experiences In QAD Services Including QXtend, Dell Boomi, .Net UI, CSS, System Administration & Performance Tuning, Enterprise Financials, Advanced Customizations, etc.

Global Resources in QAD Technologies, .Net, J2EE Custom Developments About The MES / 3PL Integration With QAD ERP Intouch SFOL Geodis 3PL

Timeline Spring 2013 Initial proposal to integrate Intouch Monitoring with QAD Summer 2013 QAD Browse to Excel, csv delivered to Intouch Fall 2013 Integration Project kick-off, QXtend training @ MWUG Winter 2013 to Fall 2014 Develop and test integration solution February 2015 Go-Live

May 2015 Boomi middleware concept introduced September 2015 Boomi project kick-off December 2015 Boomi Go-Live January 2016 Monthly patch update issue, quickly resolved March 2016 Roll-out Project (to all other plants) kick-off

April 2016 Project kick-off for integration with LZ Lifescience (Shopfloor Online) November 2016 Final plant (Dublin) enabled Initial Intouch Messages Work Orders (routing, BOM, inventory) Labor Feedback by Work Order Outbound

Inbound Subsequent Messages Work Order Backflush (delayed due to work with Shopfloor Online) Shopfloor Online Messages (in testing) Item Master Outbound

Location Master Outbound Inventory Work Orders Production Reporting Outbound Outbound Inbound

Proposed Altesse Messages Inventory Status updates Transfers (to and from 3PL) Purchase Order Receipts Transfer with reference update Sales Shipments

Cycle Counts Challenges Need timely two-way communication between QAD ERP and 3rd party systems Business should be notified in case of any exception, and business can act upon them, completing RCA and resolution in short time Need to scale in volume and business processes

To Meet The Requirements And Address The Challenges QXtend, as the SOA based adapter to QAD ERP, is the choice of solution over file based approach After initial successful implementation of asynchronous QXtend / Intouch integration, West CM decided to implement Boomi iPaaS to compliment QXtend for a more robust solution Engaged Logan Consulting and Roundview Technologies to provide business and integration consulting services due to the experiences they have and the partnership QAD QXtend Integration Framework And Dell Boomi

QXtend is the integration framework from QAD QXtend is the adapter to QAD EA that allows QAD to communicate with 3rd party applications using standard Web Service protocols QXtend is NOT a middleware, so the request/response model does have some rigidity for inbound transaction processing After evaluating 56 or so middleware solutions, QAD has partnered with Dell and recommend Boomi as the middleware to work in conjunction with QXtend Messaging Middleware Why We Need It?

QXtend Web Service Is Synchronous - SOAP over HTTP(s) Need For Queuing Mechanism QXtend Is Only An Adapter Failed Message Retry And Exception Handling Can Be A Challenge For Third Party Caller Transformation And Message Orchestration Dealing With Text Files, For Example

Need For Data Encryption Enterprise Service Bus Is Becoming A Standard In Corporate IT Messaging Middleware QAD EA MES 3PL QXtend PLM Payroll

ESB / EAI (WebSphere MQ, Oracle Fusion, MuleSoft, Boomi, BizTalk, etc) QMS Banks Workflow Web Portal Corporat e Systems Dell Boomi ( A Cloud Based Messaging Middleware Solution

Configuration And Developed Objects Are Stored in Boomi Cloud Runtime Environment (Atoms) Can Be Deployed In The Dell Cloud, QAD Cloud Or On Premise Queuing Feature Assures Message Delivery More Flexible XML Structure (examples) Customizable email alerts

Various Adapters That Covers All Common Connection Protocols Development Of Boomi Is Done Via the Graphical User Interface, Almost All Done Via Drag/ Drop And Configurations We Have Several Experienced And Certified Boomi Consultants On Our Team Dell Boomi Integration Platform As A Service (iPaaS) Integration PaaS Apps

Social Network s Cloud Services SaaS Apps Dell Boomi Market Leader For iPaaS (Gartner) Dell Boomi Intuitive User Interface User Can Review Inbound & Outbound Message Processing Status Via Message

Monitor SI QXtend Calls To Populate Intermediate Table QDo c SOAP Intoch MES UI API QXtend Inbound SOAP


Geodis (3PL) QXtend Outbound Becomes The Repository For Asynchronous Inbound Transaction Processing QXtend Outbound Even t DDP MES Inbound To QAD Interfaces Intouch To QAD Labor Feedback By Work Order Interface

SFOL To QAD Composite Production Reporting Interface (Multiple QAD programs grouped into a single transaction via custom program ad custom QDoc): Labor Feedback By Work Order Work Order Receipt if necessary, Inventory Detail Maintenance (for Expire Date) Work Order Component Issue

Custom Label Printing Routine QAD To MES Outbound Interfaces QAD to MES Work Order Update Interface Use Event Based Approach For Real Time Delivery of a Single Work Order Message QAD to MES Daily Work Order Refresh Interface Use Direct Data Publishing (DDP) Approach For Batched Or On Demand

with Large Number of Work Orders In A Single Message QXtend Message Monitor One Of The Most Important Aspects That Defines Successful Interface Project And Failure Is The VISIBILITY Of Message Processing State Message Monitor Is A QAD .Net UI Plug-In User-Friendly Tool To Check For Message Processing Status And Data: Browse Widget Can Retrieve Large Set Of Data Workbench Type User Interface Provide Rich Data Content

User Can Re-Process Failed Message From Here If Needed Key For Our Effort To Enable Business To Take Control Of THEIR Data QAD QXtend Message Monitor WebSpeed QXtend Message Monitor Intouch Monitoring Mimic Conclusion The Boomi / QXtend Integration Framework Delivered All The Promises Of A Robust and Transparent System:

Message Monitor Empowers The Business To Handle Status Check, Root Cause Analysis And Issue Resolution Email Alerts Provides Prompt Notifications When Exception Occurs Boomi Message Queuing Ensures Message Delivery Decoupling Of Message Processing From Boomi To QXtend Dramatically Reduced The Failure Rate

Common Interface Structure Makes The System Easier To Maintain And Trouble Shoot Open The Doors For More Boomi / QXtend Based Integration Initiatives: 3PL Solution Do Not Get Used To Be A Firefighter. Questions? Luke Laliberte At [email protected] Gary Yang At [email protected] / LinkedIn

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