Unit.3 Culture Topic.5 Cultural Landscape Language Diffusion

Unit.3 Culture Topic.5 Cultural Landscape Language Diffusion

UNIT.3 CULTURE TOPIC.5 CULTURAL LANDSCAPE LANGUAGE DIFFUSION Mr. S. WNOROWSKI AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY DO NOW Enter Classroom Collect Assignment Prepare needed Resources: Pen/Pencil High Lighter Course Binder

DO NOW 5 Minutes INTRACTION WITH NEW MATERIAL (INM) 20 minutes GUIDED PRACTICE (GP) 15 Minutes INDEPENDENT PRACTICE (IP) 15 Minutes EXIT TICKET 10 Minutes COLLECT ASSIGNMENTS / EXIT CLASSROOM 5 Minutes WARM-UP Review the Stimulus Indicate the type of Map Set It Is

Record Your Answers and Analysis WORK INDEPENDENTLY @ V-0 / 6 Minutes AGENDA Define Language Review the Major Languages Trace Their Diffusion Complete Exit Ticket 1.INM - A Geography of Language Language is at the heart of culture, and culture is the glue of society language can unite a nation language can divide a nation

language, it is a systematic means of communicating ideas or feelings by the use of conventionalized signs, gestures, marks, or especially articulate vocal sounds. I there are between 5,000-6,000 languages spoken in the world today 2.INM - The Diffusion of Languages Language divergence contends that the basic process of language formation deals with differentiation over time and space. As groups of people diffused and moved away from each other, their languages branched into dialects, became isolated, and then new languages developed 2 Theories of Language Spread:

Conquest Theory One group moved into an area and took over imposing their language and culture on others Agriculture Theory As the development of agriculture spread so did the languages associated with its development 3.INM - The Diffusion of Languages The Diffusion of Languages The Lingua Franca of an area is the common language of the locals Developed through diffusion and necessity

Three Fundamental Forces Language Literacy Ability to read and write / leads to language stability Technology The ability to print texts / share text to increase level of interaction of distant peoples Political Organization impacts peoples access to areas in close contact with one another 4.INM CREOLIZATION Relocation diffusion sends speakers of a language far from their homeland, their language is likely to change. Contact with other languages, it can be simplified and

modified to become a pidgin A pidgin may become the mother tongue of a region, becoming a lingua franca, and is referred to as a creole language 5.INM - Language Language Family Major Language Location Indo-European English Sino-Tibetan

Chinese Americas, Europe, SW Asia, Australia, South Africa China, SE Asia Japanese-Korean Japanese Japan, Korea Afro-Asiatic Arabic

North Africa, Arabian Peninsula Dravidian Telugu India Malay-Polynesian Indonesian Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Madagascar Altaic

Turkish Russia, Northern Asia, Finland, Turkey Niger-Congo Bantu (language group) Sub-Saharan Africa IDP READING ACTIVITY DIRECTIONS: Working Independently Review the Reading Why Mandarin Wont Be a Lingua Franca

Review and Answer Each Question including completing the V-0 / Time 25 Minutes EXIT TICKET Multiple Choice DIRECTIONS: Review Each Question, Evaluate each answer choice and select the best one. Work Independently / V-0 3 MC Questions

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