UNDP CIRDA Country Program Managers Workshop 25-27August 2015 ...

UNDP CIRDA Country Program Managers Workshop 25-27August 2015 ...

Country Name Presenter Name So Tome and Principe Cosme Dias Country Name Presenter Name So Tome and Principe Cosme Dias

Introduction Progress and key activities Challenges and Opportunities Next steps Progress and Key Success Implementing Partner - NIM NIM National Institute of Meteorologie Has the national leadership of the implementation It is the institution responsible to collecte and

disseminate all the meteorologial information in the country. Its coordinating implementation of activities together with the Hydrological department, the National council for preparation and responses to disasters and the Environment Observatory. Implementation Progress and Key Success Meteorological stations 14 meteorological stations

2 synpotics System sadis 3 Lightning detectors 1 data mamangement centre Implementing Progress and Key Success Partner - NIM Launch of international tender in 2014 To acquire hydromet equipments in order to increase the country coverage up to 60%

26 hydrometeorological stations were acquired: 14 meteorological and 12 hydrological stations Direct implementation of activities with partners institutions (NIM and GDNRE) National led process for site building and equipment installation Implementing Progress and Key Success - Implementing Partner NIM Ongoing Installation process

9 meteorological Stations installed, 8 in So Tome Island and 1 ongoing in Principe Island. All the station are already producing information to the data collection centrer also installed in the NIM Four Students are doing a Bsc in Meteorology now at the University of Aveiro, Portugal for 3 years. Progress and Key Success Implementing Partner - GDRNE

GDNRE General directorate of Natural resources and Energie The actual Capacity of GDNRE to produce hydrological information is at the initiation point. When the projet started there only one broken hydrological station existed Now the project has acquired 12 Hydrological stations To cover also 60% of the country with hydrological information 40 hydrological instrument for rivers 1 data management centre

Implementing Progress and Key Success Hydrological stations Ongoing Sites building Relocation and recalibration of hydrological equyipments for rivers. Cabling work ongoing Data management centre installation ongoing Implementing Progress and Key Success - Partner - GDRNE

This is a new service which is being created in the country A really meaningful intervention of the CIRDA project in the country. Training of data management center technician This imply training of staff Training of observers Assistance is required to have a team fit for the purpose Implementing Progress and Key Successes - CONPREC

National Council for the Prevention and disaster response Created in 2011 but rendered operationnal through EWS STP Goal: CONPREC is the institution responsible for management and responses in case of natural disasters at national level. National Institutions Partners: Red Cross, Coast Guard, National Service of Civil Protection and Firefighters, National Institute of Meteorology General Directorate of Natural Resources and Energy, Local Government, Health care Management, National Police, Military Forces, Media, Directorate of Agriculture, Directorate of livestock Directorate general Environment

Implementing Progress and Key Successes - CONPREC They are responsible to manage the 24 local committee created in the context of the EWS. Training of Local committees on DRR good practices A total of 192 members among all the country benefited of it. Realized sensitization of LC members in their respective communities They do act as a first aid for they own communities in situations of disasters. Ews Project created the opportunity to operationalize the CONPREC

giving them the means for them to work (Training, soft and hardware equipements-communication equipment, office, car ) Implementing Progress and Key Successes - CONPREC For each 24 local committee was given also communication equipment to allowed them to communicate with the EWS platforms in disasters situation or to give alert on sea level rise, inundation , etc-Now CONPREC has a full network in the country that will allow them to work properly with platform and other national institutions

Two platforms one for monitoring and alert and other for dissemination an response were created to work together with CONPREC in order to help the country in situation related with risk prevention, reduction and management Progress and Key Successes and Opportunities CIRDA MISSION create a huge opportunity for each country on this projeto because all of us have the opportiny to learn with other

experience, to see how the other country his dealing with the same problema we are facing in outr country Mozambique it's another portuguese speaking country in Africa who have a lot experience with risk reduction of disaster. Through this project we manage to create a south south cooperation with National institute of risk reduction (INGC) where the coordinator of platforms and one meteorologist went there to see how they work and how can use their experience in the country Implementing Progress and Key Successes


Last Mile Next Steps Finalization and operationalization of the hydrometeorological stations Full Operationalization of the two Platforms National Simulation exercise through the National contingence Plan Acquisition of Emergency kits for local Committee. Training in first aid for Local Committees

Last Mile Next Steps PPPi with Community Radio for the dissemination of EWS bulletins Formulation of an Exit strategy Identification and defining the needs of our end-users and stakeholders Operationalization of Community Radio in Ribeira Afonso and second training of Journalists Establishment of the 321 communication system in the country with telecom companies

Last Mile - Challenges Training to NIM and GDNRE technicians for strategic management of all system acquired through EWS project Creation of mechanism of national appropriation and sustainability through activity consolidation and additional fund mobilization for EWS 2. Partnership PPPi Conclusion

Desire to continue with EWS 2 Create mechanism of national appropriation Sustainability of EWS is a must. It is a common responsibility. Obrigad o Thank you Merci

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