Types of Characters

Types of Characters

Types of Characters These are the common types of characters we see in literature. Round characters Flat characters Dynamic characters Static characters

Round characters have various characteristics or traits. A round character can change or grow. Readers see more than one side of a

round character. Readers see one side of a flat character. Flat characters are usually minor characters and reveal one or two traits. Flat characters may

be used as a contrast to a major character. Characters who develop and change are not only round characters, but often dynamic. Scrooge changes from a tightfisted, greedy unhappy man to one who was generous and loved life. Gru changes

from a villain set on destroying the world to a loving father. Static characters are one dimensionalreaders see only one side. Static characters stay the

same and do not develop. Readers learn little about this character. Static characters are flat characters. The Protagonist is central to the action of a story and moves against the antagonist. (The Main Character)

The antagonist is the villain or a force which opposes the the protagonist. Can you figure out what kind of character these are?

Meet Megamind! His nemesis is Metro Man (the citys big hero and defender) He wants to ruin Metro City and defeat Metro Man. He falls in love with

Roxanne. He stops Tighten from destroying Metro City. He becomes the new hero of Metro City. A) B) C)

D) Flat Character Static Character Stereotype Dynamic Character Dynamic Character!

Meet Mother Gothel Gothel kidnaps baby Rapunzel so she can use her magic hair to stay young. Gothel keeps the truth from Rapunzel about her real parents. Gothel wont let Rapunzel

out of the tower. Gothel stabs Flynn, the man Rapunzel loves. A) B) C) D)

Round Character Protagonist Antagonist Dynamic Character Antagonist! Meet Katniss! She is strong, independent

and able to provide for herself, but can also feel vulnerable. She can be snarly but she can also be kind. She is tough but gets scared. She is smart, but can make mistakes when shes impulsive. She loves her family but finds

it hard to open herself to romantic love. A) Stereotype B) Flat character C) Round character D) Static character Round Character!

Meet Mrs Weasly! Shes a mother to 7 children. She washes their clothes and takes care of the house. She fusses over her children and wants them

safe. Shes a great cook. Shes proud of her childrens achievements. A) Flat Character B) Round Character C) Dynamic Character D) Protagonist

Flat Character! Meet Percy Jackson! Hes a hero. His friends look up to him. He goes on a lot of quests.

Its up to him to save the world. He has to fight monsters. A) Antagonist B) Stereotype C)Static Character D)Protagonist

Protagonist! Meet Snow White! Shes sweet and kind. Shes good and loving. Her Step-mother is cruel to her. She helps out some

dwarves. She almost dies. When she awakens, shes good, sweet, kind and loving. A) Stereotype B) Static Character C) Round Character

D) Dynamic Character Static Character! Meet Anakin/Darth Vader He was a precocious boy who had the force in him. He fought with the Jedis

for good. Because of jealousy and fear, he went over to the Dark Side He sacrifices his own life to save his sons life. A) Static Character B) Stereotype

C) Flat Character D) Dynamic Character Dynamic Character!

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