Travel Guidance - Jefferson Lab

Travel Guidance - Jefferson Lab

Travel Guidance Cost Comparison 14-Hour Rule Seat Upgrades June 5, 2017 Cost Comparison When is a comparison necessary? Personal days in conjunction with Business Extending the duration of a trip for personal days; Prior, During or After, Same location as business, or Adding new destination (countries, states, localities) Business only

Multi-destination trip with non-workdays between business destinations, Departing from airport other than PHF, ORF, or RIC, Rental Car vs Privately Owned Vehicle, Do not extend even if cost savings will be recognized; See slide Travel Days to Meet Business Need Who completes the comparison? Travel Coordinator, Traveler if making their own travel arrangements 02/12/2020 2 Comparison Continued When is the cost comparison to be completed? After Travel Services has released the TA, At the same time as booking / purchasing the ticket What is included in the comparison? Airline ticket itineraries for both business & personal, Date comparisons are completed,

A search for the lowest available flight to meet the business need; Print or Save the itineraries and ensure current date is on document, Attach both itineraries to the TA Traveler will be responsible for ALL expenses relating to the personal portion of the trip. It is recommend that you get the travelers concurrence in writing before booking personal flight 02/12/2020 3 Cost Comparison Continued What happens if a cost comparison is not completed at time of ticketing? Travel Coordinator will recreate the trip using future dates for both itineraries; Use the same length of time from the original purchase date to departure date (i.e. booked 14 days prior to departure), Recreate the itinerary on the same day of the week as originally booked,

Use the same days of the week as the flights Travel Services will calculate the prorated variance to determine if there is a personal portion due from the traveler; The personal portion is not calculated in the same manner had the comparison been completed when tickets were originally booked 02/12/2020 4 Travel Days to Meet Business Need All travel plans going forward should be made to meet the dates of the business need only. Should an employee plan in advance to take an outgoing or return flight requiring extra days before or after the days needed to meet the business needs including normal flight times, these days are attributable to personal time and the employee is responsible for all additional costs for the additional day(s) (e.g. lodging, per diem, rental car, etc.). These costs are not netted against any cost savings from the airline ticket cost. Any exceptions must be pre-approved by

the Accounting Manager. Exceptions may include unplanned travel changes beyond the control of the traveler during the planned trip, which will be coordinated with Travel Services / Omega Travel consistent with policy., Joe Scarcello, CFO 02/12/2020 5 Cost Comparison Demonstration Christine Fragapane 02/12/2020 6 14 Hour Rule Federal Acquisition Regulation 31.205-46 Travel Costs (b) Airfare costs in excess of the lowest priced airfare available to the contractor during normal business hours are unallowable except when such accommodations require circuitous routing, require travel during

unreasonable hours, excessively prolong travel, result in increased cost that would offset transportation savings, are not reasonably adequate for the physical or medical needs of the traveler, or are not reasonably available to meet mission requirements. However, in order for airfare costs in excess of the above airfare to be allowable, the applicable condition(s) set forth above must be documented and justified Federal Travel Regulation 301-10.125 You may use the 14-hour rule to travel via other than coach-class when: The origin and/or destination are OCONUS; and The scheduled flight time, including non-overnight stopovers and change of planes, is in excess of 14 hours; and You are required to report to duty the following day or sooner. Scheduled flight time is the flight time between the originating departure point and the ultimate arrival point including scheduled non-overnight time spent at airports during plane changes. Scheduled nonovernight time does not include time spent at the originating or ultimate arrival airports. If other than coach-class accommodation is authorized based on the 14-hour rule then you will not be eligible for a rest stop en route or a rest period upon arrival at your duty site, in accordance with internal agency procedures pursuant to 301-70.102(j) Countries that do not qualify; Canada, Cost Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and United Kingdom

Current Jlab Policy Lowest available coach class airfare to meet the business objective, 02/12/2020 7 14 Hour Rule Continued Guidance in applying the 14 hour Rule Upgrade & Rest Period Options Identify the Start of Business and Work Back to Identify Business Travel Day No Upgrade - Rest Period Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Dep 6pm Arr 8am Rest Period

Business Starts Earns 3/4 per diem Earns 1 day per diem and nights lodging and CANNOT incur lodging expense for Friday night. Earns 1 day per diem and nights lodging Earns 1 day per diem and nights lodging No Upgrade - No Rest Period Saturday Dep 6pm Sunday Arr 8am Monday Business Starts Earns 3/4 day per diem and nights lodging Earns 1 day per diem and nights lodging and CAN incur lodging for Saturday night. Earns 1 day per diem and nights lodging Flight Upgrade - Rest Period not permitted Saturday Dep

6pm Sunday Arr 8am Monday Business Starts Earns 3/4 per diem Earns 1 day per diem and nights lodging and CANNOT incur lodging expense for Saturday night. Earns 1 day per diem and nights lodging 02/12/2020 8 Seat Upgrades Jlab Policy Seat upgrades are considered personal preference and not reimbursed with contract funds, If no seat is assigned prior to arriving at airport, go to the airline counter, they must give you a seat at no additional cost Trend has been that seats are being assigned

prior to boarding pass availability Concur system will continue to pre-assign seats as airlines release inventory 02/12/2020 9 Questions? 02/12/2020 10

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