Title = What is Lively Writing?

Title = What is Lively Writing?

1/28/20 Title = What is Lively Writing? There's nothing women hate more than other women succeeding: That's why they keep stabbing me in the back, says Katie Hopkins As I walked into my office early one morning, the frosty atmosphere hit me as surely as if I'd opened a freezer door. Conversations stopped. Eyes swivelled away. I swear even the wall clock stopped ticking and the printer ceased humming. Obviously, everyone had been talking about me. I'd barely got one arm out of my jacket before the barbed comments began: 'That's a nice NEW suit Katie,' sniffed a secretary. 'I wish I could afford to buy clothes like that.' 'Lunching out again today, Katie?' snapped another, pointedly stalking past me with her home-made sandwiches into the fridge. 'I hear that new restaurant by the river is nice . . . not that I could afford to eat there, of course. Not like you.' Exploring Real Writing Choose an opinion article on a topical issue. Glue it across a double page; highlight and annotate the impact of the following features: Personal opinion -Different types of pronouns Use of exaggerated adjectives, verbs, adverbs

Sentence types imperatives, rhetorical questions, declaratives; simple and/or complex Use of pun, humour or sarcasm -Specific example/anecdote How to annotate: Explain what the writer is suggesting/saying about the topic in your own words. Explain impact the feature has on the tone of the article. 3. Experiment with the Conventions Respond to one of these questions: What grinds your gears? What makes you happy? What makes you laugh? What do you love? What makes me, me? Heres mine - Babies! Babies make me chuckle to no end. Fat babies, cute babies, curly haired babies, toothless

babies; the list goes on and on. Show me a baby and I will find something so adorably cute and squishy about it that it will make me smile from ear to ear. Now, show me a video of a baby falling over or doing a hilarious dance, or even just giggling uncontrollably (like the ones on the Cow and Mate advert) and you have hit the jackpot! I may just double over and clutch my stomach and laugh until I die. I cant put my finger on it. I dont know why. A baby is just baby after all. Maybe it is their innocence; their lack of inhibitions or, maybe its just because they are so unbelievably adorable. I suppose we all need something to make us chuckle at the end of a long hard day my medicine is funny babies. Peer Assessment Task: Did you create your own distinct voice in your writing? Highlight evidence of any of the following below from your partners work and write a small commentary on what effect you think your language will have on a reader and why. 1. Details and examples are selected and developed to support ideas using a wide range of vocabulary for comic effect 2. Vocabulary is chosen for an exaggerated purpose and has some variety 3. Using specific details and examples to support ideas focusing

on structuring (connectives) them in a sensible order Lively Writing BIG QUESTION: How can the conventions associated with lively articles be manipulated to create a confident and convincing voice? Option 1 Change the sentence structure and the word choices in this statement to make it more lively for your audience. It really is a terrible thing to see these celebrities from reality TV shows as role models for young people. They look bad, they are superficial and they teach young people nothing about what real life is like. Option 2 Make specific suggestions (with examples) of what a student could change to make this statement more lively and entertaining. Explain the impact of your choices. It really is a terrible thing to see these celebrities from reality

TV shows as role models for young people. They look bad, they are superficial and they teach young people nothing about what real life is like. Would you wear one? Ex pla i rea your n son ap so ost n i no te t Which of these pieces is more entertaining to read? Why? This is the fashion worlds twofingered salute to square fingered salute to square bears such as me who choose to wear a jacket and tie to work. There is no other way to describe it but as a romper suit for grownfingered salute to square ups. Designed for those for whom buttons

are a struggle and tying laces is a challenge, the onesie is an item of clothing perfectly suited to our infantile age, where adults suck milky coffee out of beaker-like cups and prime ministers play Angry Birds. And it has exploded in popularity. The Telegraph - 2012 I am not an anti-onesie fanatic. My six-year-old looks adorable in hers. But. Think of 1957, and you picture Cary Grant in a dinner jacket. Think of 2012, and it's the cast of TOWIE in their onesies. Don't blame me. As I mentioned, this particular sartorial mistake is most definitely not fashion's fault. The Guardian - 2012 BIG QUESTION: How can the conventions associated with lively articles be manipulated to create a confident and convincing voice?

Debate The onesie Love them or hate them the onesie seems to be the perfect Christmas gift to make your loved ones look truly idiotic. Task: Make a list of reasons for and against anyone over the age of 6 wearing a onesie (in private and public) Reasons For Reasons Against They are a comfy alternative to pjs to cosy up in front of the fire. They are useless at protecting you from the inevitable wet, British weather. Write a lively article for your school magazine expressing your views on the new fashion trend the onesie. TAP

Practise the opening Is the onesie the perfect gift this Christmas? December has arrived and in true Christmas fashion, the onesies have taken over the supermarkets. Will you buy one this Christmas? Maybe your dad will rock a Batman onesie, or your nan will adorn a sassy sheep onesie. Are they really the best gift idea? Engage or 'grab your reader's attention straight away - involve and interest them at the outset. Welcome your audience show the examiner you know this is an article with the correct phrasing good evening, welcome ladies and gentlemen etc. Involve your reader by using 'you', 'we - if appropriate!

State why you have the authority to write on this topic and that you are reasonable and trustworthy. Forge common ground between you and your reader - mention an outcome both of you would endorse. Use a rhetorical question to hook them into your topic. The onesie Option 1 Practising the style Decide upon your view on onesies and produce one paragraph that could appear in your article. Your paragraph must: 1. Start with a clear topic sentence introducing your main point: The main problem with/the best thing about onesies is 2. Develop your paragraph by explaining your idea in more detail.

Theres nothing cosier than Picture the scene Imagine how ridiculous youd feel if I once saw 3. Try finishing your paragraph with a short, clear sentence that repeats/emphasises this idea: Surely Next step: Use a linking word/phrase to start your next paragraph and repeat steps 1-3 again with a new reason. Option 2 developing your own style and voice Pick one of the examples to continue. Develop it with another idea Experiment with the same techniques the writer has used to engage the reader: First person/personal style humour, sarcasm anecdote/personal experiences funny images/imagery

Punctuation/sentence variety for deliberate effect Next step: A/A* challenge read the additional extracts and consider how the writer takes a frivolous subject and considers wider significance. Look at your P+NS grid which skill is this? Self assessment Turn the most appropriate phrases into Praise/Next step statements 1. State my ideas clearly 2. Include examples/evidence/details to develop and explain my ideas 3. Experiment with more personal style 4. Use humour/more light hearted examples 5. Experiment with imagery 6. Experiment with vocabulary choice 7. Vary sentence length/punctuation for deliberate effect 8. Establish a maintain a clear voice Stick this in your book and annotate it! Make a to do list! What do you have to do to get in the top level?

Creating a Great One Go back to your onesie article Work in a group to produce a full lively article that you think would hit the top levels for writing Each member of the group is responsible for creating at least one paragraph of the response. Piece it together on the large paper for display. Remember to include the conventions from the checklist Assess it! What are the features you have used to make your article excellent? What impact does each feature have on the overall tone and meaning of the article? Right them on the post it notes and glue

around your article. Writing in a Lively Manner BIG QUESTION: How can the conventions associated with lively articles be manipulated to create a confident and convincing voice? Change this bland unbiased statement into one that best suits the form and tone of an editorial. You should be making changes that show you are moving towards your next step target from last lesson. Cats will often bring home animals such as birds, mice or voles to their owners and trophies or gifts. Sometimes the animals are still alive in the You co cats mouth. ul e te a b You could o changing t uit a vocab to s ed/ more bias

d exaggerate tone. You could shake up the se ntence structure to more varie add ty an pace to th d e statemen t. crea You could nctive ti s i d

e r o m dding voice by a age ngu emotive la sm to and sarca the bias e c n a h n e nature. d add specifi c to the evidence

st like an atement an to dev ecdote elop t opinio he n. Group Task String Discussion You will be in groups of 5 You will have to discuss the topic of TV talent shows. Step 1 start the discussion with your group. Rule - You may only speak if you hold the string once someone else wants to speak you must pass them the string while you hold your piece of it. Step 2 Once the discussion has finished continue to hold the string and feedback to the teacher your ideas. Step 3 Move discussion topics as directed by the teacher and complete steps 1-3 again.

What will on task look like? Being motivated in the discussion for 9minutes Add details and ideas to the discussion leading your learning by backing up ideas with evidence Listening to others and being a major part of the discussion by challenging and asking questions. Task: Write an editorial in a newspaper giving your views on TV talent shows. Read the range of articles on this issue and mind map your own ideas Group similar ideas together (paragraphs) Sequence them logically and cohesively Whats this an example of?

I'm sure we've all vegetated on the sofa eating rubbish and downing gallons of fizzy drinks for hours on end at the weekends or during the school holidays. I know that my imprint is a permanent fixture of the settee in my living room (and no its not because Im tubby) . In this article I plan to tell you how you can avoid being a couch-potato, outlining some of the ways I've become fitter and more active. Notice its not too long AND it links directly in to what the writing is actually about. Using Bathos Robbie Williams. A man of exceptional talent and charisma; a man who came from nothing to become one of the world's biggest pop stars; a man who inspires millions of people all over the world. A man who is a total pleb. Based on this example, what do you think bathos is? A sudden change from a serious, educated, articulate tone, to a ridiculous, silly, less educated tone. Other Examples They came They saw They did a bit of shopping. The answer: Blood, Sweat and Tears The question: What are the three least popular ice-cream flavours at Baskin Robbins? ... he ran up the stairs, thunder rolling around the house. A sense

of dread built like black smoke in his mind. In haste he sped along the landing, breathless. He kicked open the door, ran into the room and slipped on the banana skin in the doorway. Try one yourself Create a lively introduction that outlines your opinion of TV talent shows. Try to ensure that your introduction includes: Exaggeration of emotions/actions Personal pronouns Use of sarcasm or humour Challenge yourself to use bathos. Are you reaching your target? shapes audience response with subtlety, with sophisticated and sustained use of tone, style and register. manipulates complex ideas, utilising a range of structural and grammatical features to support coherence and cohesion.

uses an extensive vocabulary strategically; rare spelling errors do not detract from overall meaning. punctuates writing with accuracy to aid emphasis and precision, using a range of sentence structures accurately and selectively to achieve particular effects. Now tell me what you think of TV talent showsAFOREST? Build your point: 1. Make a basic statement of opinion 2. Discuss why it affects you 3. Discuss the impact on other people 4. Give an example/anecdote 5. Discuss what this example demonstrates about the issue and why it backs up your opinion

6. Include a point or two about why the issue is morally, ethically or socially right or wrong On Task: Engage in the activity for 15mins in silence Completing the extension (green) task to develop your learning further Writing a full paragraph with correct use of punctuation. Use a range of vocabulary to effectively show your emotions and connect your ideas. Use effective tools to exaggerate your emotions and descriptions, and

engage your reader. Experiment with using punctuation for deliberate effect Humour as appropriate Use the connectives chart to select from Create comparisons by using similes or an anecdote Sarcasm/Humour /Anger!!! Have an emotional link to the writing by using over exaggeration Engage your reader with pronouns. Look at the model response Use asides to add witty/sarcastic/related points to the main thread of

your argument. effectively use a semi colon, exclamation mark or a comma. Self Assessment Task: Did you create your own lively voice in your writing? Highlight evidence from your work that you think shows you have successfully met your target and made that next step. Make sure to clearly label your work with HOW you have met it. Whats the next, next step for you? Use your target grid to find it.

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