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Earth Science Rocks! Warm Up January28 What causes waves? Wind Waves also occur in rivers, lakes, and puddles. MYP Unit Question:

How do we use water? Area of Interaction: Health and Social Education

Learner Profile: Thinker and Balanced Standard: Recognize

the significant role of water in the Earths processes. Learning Standard: Im learning Earth Science Rocks!

Opening: Survivor IMMUNITY Challenge Work Session: Notes over Tides Closing: Tide Simulation TIDES !! ! If its written in yellow, write it So what

causes tides? The word "tides" is a basic term used to define the alternating rise and fall in sea level with respect to the land. Tides are produced by the

gravitational pull of the moon and the sun. ay of known for Fundy having the highest tidal range in the

Atlantic Ocean world. Gulf of Maine, U.S. High Tide Low Tide

Tidal Bulges... LOW TIDE HIGH TIDE HIGH TIDE LOW TIDE The water bulges toward the moon

because of the moons gravitational pull. Draw this image on your foldable under TIDES. The moon at work... The water is pulled toward the moon at point A.

The water is pulled AWAY from the sides perpendicular to point A. How often do we have high tides and low tides? Lets figure it out

Did you figure it out? there are 2 high tides and two low tides each day. In general, Because the Earth rotates more quickly than the moon revolves around the Earth, tides do not occur

at the same time each day. So why are tides not exactly 12 hours apart? Since the moon moves around the Earth, it is not always in

the same place at the same time each day. So, each day, the times for high and low tides change by 50 minutes. O.K. Lets make it

simple We get one high tide every 12 hours and 24 minutes . . Spring & Neap Tides The Moon doesnt work alone. Remember the Suns gravity also

affects tides. SPRING TIDES The Sun & Moon may work together to produce higher than normal tides. NEAP TIDES The Sun & Moon may work against each other to produce lower than normal tides. NEAP TIDE

Lower than normal tides SPRING TIDES Higher than normal

tides Notice Spring & Neap tides only occur at certain phases of the moon. How often do Spring & Neap tides occur? UhI need to see that picture again

before I can answe r that! I know the answer. Lets move on. Why are ocean tides so different everywhere? "Because they depend on many factors including the topography of

your local coastline, and exactly where the Sun and Moon are located. Closing: Tide Simulation Get in a circle and hold hands. As the moon walks around behind you, lean toward it.

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