Theme (Main Idea) vs. Summary

Theme (Main Idea) vs. Summary

Theme (Main Idea) vs. Summary Theme: The theme of a story is the moral message or lesson of the story It is an overarching idea Hard work pays off Education Friendship Family Cultural legacies Societies affect change Similarities vs. Differences Summary: The summary of the story tells what it is mostly about (Usually one sentence and can be the thesis) Ponyboy knew that fighting was

wrong. Darry wanted to keep the family together. Steve Jobs had a vision about the future of computers. Cities have local dialects and local vocabularies. Items from Home Make a list of items in, or around, your home An everyday item in your home A product that you or your family used every day A description of something special in or around your house A detail about your house using

smell, taste, or feel A plant that is in your yard A family tradition and a family trait Special family members A habit of someone in your family Sayings your mom would say A song that you learned as a child Favorite food Where your family is from I am from Gain from the laundry room, the lemony scent of Pledge on Saturday mornings, and White Rain in my mothers hair.

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