The State and Local Legislative Branch

The State and Local Legislative Branch

Warm-up 1. Collect the cut and paste activity worksheet. 2. Complete the activity on the bottom of the last warm-up sheet. HAVE OUT VOCAB HW FOR ME TO CHECK HAVE OUT VOCAB HW

FOR ME TO CHECK Warm-up (page 108) 1. Name the 3 branches of government Branches Legislative Executive

Judicial F of government 2. Name the 3 levels e d e r State al Local

Leader of the executive branch at the state level (similar to a president) (List of) powers that the Constitution does not give the national government that are kept b y the states (List of) powers that are shared by the state and federal governments Sharing powers between the central government and the states

System of government in which the federal government shares power with the state governments Governor Reserved Powers Concurrent Powers Federal System Federalism

Vocabulary Check- State Government Cpuirt that offer quick, informal and inexpensive ways of resolving civil cases, also called the Peoples Court State trial courts that hear criminal and civil cases A person not yet legally an adult

Legislative body of state government ( similar to Congress) Second in command of the executive branch at the state level (similar to a vice president) Small Claims Court Circuit Courts Juvenile General

Assembly Lt. Governor Document granting power to a local government Power of cities to choose their own type of government, manage their own affairs separate from state or local governments but still follow state rules A subdivision of a county that has its own government Large territory and political division of a state

A group of people who share the same interests and concerns City Charter Home Rule Town County Community Vocabulary Check- Local Government Local law for a city or county

Ordinance Board of Supervisors An elected legislative body for a county that is responsible for making decisions City/Town Council An elected legislative body for a city or town

government School Board An elected or appointed board that oversees the operations of the K-12 public schools Town within the county that serves as the center of government and is where the courthouse is located

County Seat Local magistrate in charge of performing minor legal actions An official entrusted to administer the laws (lower level judge) County police officer (often elected) who is in charge of maintain the law and order of the county Official employed by an elected council to direct the

administration of its government Executive leader of a town Justice of the Peace Magistrate Sheriff City Manager Mayor State Legislative Branch

Virginia Levels of the Legislative Branch You have learned about U.S.A. (national) Congress

Bicameral Senate (100) House of Reps (435) Levels of the Legislative Branch Today you will learned about VIRGINIA (state)

Virginia General Assembly The Virginia State Legislative Branch Your state government is Virginia 1. Gets power from the national government and Constitution 2. Exercises reserved powers according to the 10th Amendment 3. Has its own state constitution 4. Has 3 branches of government

5. Called the Commonwealth of Virginia What is a commonwealth ? A commonwealth is a state in which supreme power is vested (given) to the people. Government is a contract with the people who are created equally free and independent.

Pairs Reading Activity Pass out the reading material on Virginias legislative branch and the worksheet. Students should read through the material and complete the questions on the notes. VIRGINIA Virginias Legislature is called the General Assembly It has two houses, so it is bicameral It is located in Richmond, Virginia

(our state capital) It meets annually for a fixed number of days. STATE SENATE HOUSE OF DELEGATES 40 members

100 members Serve 4 year terms Serve 2 year term Your State Senator Your State Delegate Mark Herring (D) Salary $18,000 per year

David I. Ramadan (R) Salary $17, 640 Must be at least 18 years old Must be a resident of the state Must be a resident of the local district that the person represents Virginias Counties and cities W ar e

he e re The primary responsibilities of the Virginia General Assembly include: 1) Makes laws for the state of Virginia 2) The Assembly makes laws in response to problems or issues within the state 3) Just like Congress, the Assembly is influenced by individuals and interest groups.

Issues of Concern for the General Assembly Education promote informed and engaged citizens Example: Establish minimum standards for local schools (SOLS) Public Health promote and protect citizens health

Example: Fund health care benefits Environment protect natural resources Example: Improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay State Budget

Approve a biennial (2 year) budget Example: Prepared by the governor based on tax dollars Revenue Levy and collect taxes Example: Workers pay state income tax Watch the General Assembly live! Sorry !... The General Assembly is out o f session right now Click the mouse button or press the Space Bar to display the answer. How Laws are passed in the General

Assembly (lawmaking process) A bill must pass through both houses of the General Assembly. The two houses are State Senate and House of Delegates The Process. Introduce a bill Work on the bill in committees Debate on the bill on the floor of each house

Vote on the bill in each house Send the bill to the governor to sign into law Honors activity

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