The Romantic Period - Chiles Theatre

The Romantic Period - Chiles Theatre

The Romantic Period 1770 -1848 Major influence in France, Germany, England and Russia The Age of Independence The rise of the middle class was occurring trading and manufacturing joined agriculture as major sources of

wealth. Concentration of people in towns and cities increased The American Revolution (1770) and the French Revolution (1791) further asserted that men had freedom to act on their own consciences. Allowed for artistic freedom and selfexpression importance of the individual

Put an emphasis on using original ideas rather than using traditional ideas Writers used their personal feelings as a basis for their writings

Romantic plays, old and new, tended to appeal to emotions rather than intellect Wanderer Above the Sea Fog by Caspar David A relationship between man and nature was reestablished

Nature was something to honor. God had created nature, and we must know as much about it as possible. Nature is Truth. Johann Wolfgang von

Goethe 1749 1832 Germany Educated as a lawyer. He was also a philosopher and a scientist. Major Plays Egmont -1788 Faust - 1832

Excerpt from Faust You cant, if you cant feel it, if it never Rises from the soul, and sways The heart of every single hearer, With deepest power, in simple ways. Youll sit forever, gluing things together, Cooking up a stew from others scraps, Blowing on a miserable fire, Made from your heap of dying ash.

Let apes and children praise your art, If their admirations to your taste, But youll never speak from heart to heart, Unless it rises up from your hearts space. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust: First Part Victor Hugo 1802 1885 French Major Plays Hernani 1830 romantic tragedy

Hunchback of Notre Dame - 1831 Les Miserables - 1862 Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870) Romantic dramas: Henri III - 1829 The Count of Monte Cristo - 1848 Edmund Rostand

(1868-1918) Crossover between Romantic and Realism Major Plays Cyrano de Bergerac - 1897 Excerpt from Cyrano de Bergerac CYRANO: Ah no! young blade! That was a trifle short! You might have said at least a hundred things

By varying the tone. . .like this, suppose,. . . Aggressive: 'Sir, if I had such a nose I'd amputate it!' Friendly: 'When you sup It must annoy you, dipping in your cup; You need a drinking-bowl of special shape!' Descriptive: ''Tis a rock!. . .a peak!. . .a cape! -A cape, forsooth! 'Tis a peninsular!' Curious: 'How serves that oblong capsular? For scissor-sheath? Or pot to hold your ink?' Gracious: 'You love the little birds, I think? I see you've managed with a fond research To find their tiny claws a roomy perch!' George Bernard Shaw

Irish 1856-1950 1870 he moved to London to begin a career in literature Crossover between Romantic and Realism Major Plays Candida-1898 Arms and the Man - 1898 Mrs. Warrens Profession -1898 Pygmalion-1913

Rise of the Actor John Phillip Kemble (1757-1823) Mrs. Sarah Siddons, his sister (1755-1831) English Their acting was idealized with grace, dignity, a "classical style.

Edmund Kean 1787-1833 Considered to have "perfected" the romantic style Usually played villainous roles sacrificed dignity for emotion. William Charles Macready

1793-1873 A compromise between the Kembles and Kean careful rehearsals, detailed characterizations. He popularized historical accuracy in settings and costumes Sarah Bernhardt French actress 1845-1923

Specialized in "breeches roles" (women playing men) Edwin Booth American actor 1833-1893 Brother of John Wilkes Booth Famous for interpretations of

Shakespearean roles. Theatre Structure Similar to baroque opera-house style Theatre Structure

A wedge-shaped amphitheater was used instead of private boxes to allow equal viewing for all Similar to Neoclassic proscenium theatre with seating in front of stage Candle light/oil lamps in the seating area were dimmed to enhance viewing and also to decrease distractions

Types of Theatres Independent theatres are small theaters that began appearing during the romantic period. Focused on the artistic aspect of drama rather than commercial

success. Audience size increased Former cheap seats Theatre Structure

Box set (a setting depicting three walls of a room around a proscenium arch stage) became common & realistically painted Scenery included drops, flats, ground rows (cutaway flats standing free of stage floor) The stage was to present an illusion of reality, with many details, and was to be historically and geographically Womens Costumes of the Era House Dress: tight

long sleeves and poofy shoulders Hats and bonnets Ball Dress: low necklines, short or no sleeves, and tight bodices Mens Costumes of the Era Morning Suits: midthigh tail, slope from waist front, and a tie

Hats: Bowler top hats Overcoats: doublebreasted jackets with double breasted vest Costumes attempted to be Realistic Significance of The Romantic Era While Romanticism was not at all realistic in its acting, drama, or direction, in set, costume, and lighting it attempted to be as realistic as possible.

Romanticism inadvertently paved the way for easier acceptance of Realism in the late 19th century Bibliography Titles and dates of plays for each playwright -Basic info about period Info about Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and plays -Info about Shaw and his

plays -Info about Victor Hugo Info about types of theaters Info about theaters

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