The Passive Voice - Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

The Passive Voice - Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

The Passive Voice Lesson 27 Being Acted Upon Learning Target Understand the difference between the active and passive voices. Learn to use and understand the passive voice personal endings in the 4 tenses we know so far. You will need a quarter sheet of paper that will be turned in. Tear and share,

then write name and class period on paper now. What voice have we learned? The definition of subject that we have learned is: The subject is the noun ______ the ______. This applies to the active voice, which is the only voice we have learned to this point. On a small piece of paper, write a sentence in Latin that shows the subject is doing the action. (Some share)

Active VS Passive Voice A sentence is in the active voice when the verb shows that the subject is doing the action. Puella portat. The girl carries. When the passive voice is being used, the verb shows that the subject is being acted upon. NOTE this definition!: Passive Voice Subject the noun that is being acted upon. Puella portatur. The girl is being carried or The girl is carried.

Passive Voice Verb Endings how to recognize the passive voice -r -ris -tur -mur -min -ntur

Word Stems Are the Same! The Passive Voice endings are added to the same stems that were used in Active Voice There are a few exceptions: any form that ends in o in the active voice (ex. amo, amabo) These forms keep the original o ending. The passive r ending is added after the o. amor, amabor 2nd person singular in several tenses is also an exception. Please mark these exceptions in your conjugating booklet!

There are charts for all tenses for each conjugation on pp 505 509. Write them out for all 4 tenses weve had & all conjugations Present Passive (1st Conj.) portor portmur portris portmin porttur portantur

Present Passive 3rd Conj. Notice the exception* here! ponor ponimur poneris* ponimin

ponitur ponuntur Be Sure to.. Write out Charts pp 505-509 Organize your charts by conjugation. Clearly label the tenses. We will create a passive voice conjugation booklet. CAVEAT - Active Progressive Form vs Passive Verb Phrase

Specto can mean I watch, I do watch or I am watching. I am watching is the active progressive form (in English). It uses a form of the to be verb as a helper. Vocabant they were calling is also active progressive (in imperfect tense). What is the helper word? In passive voice, we would use the word spector, which means I am being watched or vocabatur, which means he was being called. In English, both use a form of the to be verb, but these sets of words have different functions in a sentence. Continued..

Active Progressive vs Passive Verb Phrase, cont. The use of the to be word can create confusion in English, as we use it to represent state of being, AND as a helping verb. However, it is NOT confusing in Latin. State of being is shown by forms of the word sum and helping words are shown by verb endings, so it is very easy to distinguish between the two. Learn the Passive Personal Endings (on the

chart on board!) Also, make charts in your notebook from pp. 188-189. Also, check the Grammar Section on pp. 505 509. Ticket Out the Door Using the same small paper, conjugate a verb from the first conjugation in present tense, passive voice, writing the English meaning beside each word. Be sure your name is on the paper! Passive Voice Conjugation Booklet

1st Conjugation Porto, portare, portavi, portatus Present Tense I am (being) carried, etc. portor portamur Portaris portamini Portatur

portantur Imperfect Tense I was (being) carried, etc.

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