The HMO Research Network - OAICs "AGING" Initiative Advancing ...

The HMO Research Network - OAICs "AGING" Initiative Advancing ...

OAICs AGING Initiative HMORN-OAICs AGING Initiative Pilot Projects Program Co-Chairs: Pilot Projects Informational Webinar Rebecca A. Silliman MD PhD Boston Pepper Center June 1, 2015 Mark C. Hornbrook PhD Kaiser Permanente Northwest Center for

Health Research OAICs AGING Initiative Find your Attendee ID Your attendee ID helps the host interact and manage your attendance in the webinar. It can be found in two places: 1. Event info Tab: 2. Quick Start tab I Will Call In Button OAICs AGING Initiative How to ask a question

When you would like to interact with the presenter raise your hand by clicking on this: Or type your questions in the Q & A: Hosts will acknowledge questions in order OAICs AGING Initiative How to mute/unmute After you have asked a question, we request you place yourself back on mute. The mute button is found here: Attendee Name

OAICs AGING Initiative Pilot Projects Solicitation Pilot Project RFAreleased May 18, 2015 Specific Requirements for the Letter of Intent Specific Aims (One Page) Biosketch of PI (new NIH format) Full specification of the study team is not required for the LOI Full applications must be a collaborative effort between HMORN and OAIC investigators

Pilot Projects Program can assist in finding a collaborative partner if needed 5 BS OAICs AGING Initiative LOI Guidelines Include: Project title at the top of the page Paragraph summarizing the significance of the research problem and expected contributions Format: 1-page, single-spaced

1 margins 11- or 12-point type Specific aims are likely to be reviewed more favorably if they are well-developed (i.e., not vague intentions) Name of the PI is shown by the included biosketch 6 MH OAICs AGING Initiative Research Priorities--Pilots Methodological issues relevant to analyses of the health impact or treatment of MCCs including the validity of empirical measures Methods to address inferential issues in observational data on treatment

effects Novel methods to use information contained in electronic health records to construct new measures relevant to chronic conditions, their treatments, and outcomes Public health and health care cost impacts of specific combinations of two or more chronic conditions in defined older populations Effectiveness and safety of different therapeutic options for patients with specific combinations of two or more conditions Alterations in safety or effectiveness of a treatment for one condition related to the presence of one or more coexisting conditions Understanding health and access disparities related to MCCs 7 MH OAICs AGING Initiative

LOI Review Criteria In addition to the standard NIH criteria: (1) Study relevance to older adults with MCCs; (2) Leveraging OAIC-related data and/or the unique features of the HMORN and its data; (3) Likelihood that the project team will reflect a new collaboration between OAIC and HMORN investigators; and (4) Likelihood that the proposed study will be completed within one year. 8 MH OAICs AGING Initiative

# of LOIs Accepted Target number of accepted LOIs 10 To maintain a manageable proposal review load To reduce unnecessary expenditure of effort to develop too many Pilot Project proposals 9 MH

OAICs AGING Initiative Review & Award Schedule LOI Submission Due Date: Invitations for Full Applications: 07/20/2015 Full Applications Due:

Announcement of Awards: 06/23/2015 09/15/2015 11/01/2015 10 MH OAICs AGING Initiative

Discussion Questions? Suggestions? 11 MH [email protected]

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