The Great Gatsby - St. Barnabas High School

The Great Gatsby - St. Barnabas High School

THE GREAT GATSBY Guide to creating a successful response journal RESPONSE JOURNAL GUIDELINES Each entry must be numbered and titled with what the particular assignment is. You MUST thoroughly answer EACH part of the writing prompt or prompts. Spelling and grammar will not be graded; however, you are expected to present your entries in a formal, academic way. i.e. use proper vocabulary, legible writing, and intelligible thoughts and sentences. Each entry must be at least 6 sentences in length (unless otherwise

stated). All entries MUST BE your original work. If you plagiarize from any source (or copy from any classmate), your entry will be given a ZERO. As with all outcomes in life, YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE. If you put in minimal effort, you will get a minimal grade. Remember, this is going to be roughly 20% of your final grade for the fourth quarter! JOURNAL ENTRIES 1 & 2 APRIL 25, 2016 Objective: Gain a basic understanding of some of the main characters in The Great Gatsby. Understand what life was like for wealthy socialites living during the 20s. Understand the social

construction and ideologies of the wealthy during this time period. Entry 1: What are your first impressions of Nick Carraway, Tom Buchanan, and Daisy Buchanan? What is your impression of life during this time period in West/East Egg? Use at least one quote from each character that impacted your opinion of the character and explain WHY you chose it. Entry 2: Summarize chapter 1 and predict what you think will happen next in the book. JOURNAL ENTRIES 3 AND 4 Journal Entry 3 3 Quotes from Chapter 3: write and explain them. Journal Entry 4 Describe one conversation with Wolfsheim at lunch. How

does this conversation affect Nicks view of Gatsby? Hints (restaurant shooting, job, molars, World Series). Fitzgerald shifts the POV from Nick to Jordan. She explains how Daisy is connected to Gatsby in the past five years ago. Using these details explain Gatsbys relationship with Daisy. (Hints: officers in the white car, bathtub, letters, pearls, marriage) According to Jordan, what favor does Gatsby want from Nick? Do you think Nick should agree to it? Why or why not? JOURNAL ENTRY 5 MAY 3, 2016 Answer the following questions based on chapter IV

What is your opinion of Jay Gatsby? Do you believe him and his explanation of his past life? Whats your opinion of Nick? Has it changed from the beginning of the novel? If so, how? What part of chapter IV stood out to you the most? Why? JOURNAL ENTRY 6 MAY 9, 2016 Describe the meeting of Daisy and Gatsby. Do you think she will be able to live up to Gatsbys expectations of her? What request does Nick ask of Daisy? How does Gatsby prepare for Daisys arrival at both Nicks home and his own? (at least 2 sentences)

What was Nick thinking about when he left Daisy and Gatsby alone. (This is an example of the literary technique stream of consciousness). (2 sentences) Lastly, choose one of the following themes and explain how it is represented in chapter V. You may use a short quote to support your findings. o Social Class, Materialism, Unfulfilled Desire, or The American Dream. (5-6 sentences) JOURNAL ENTRY 7 Part I

Gatsby believes the past can be recreated. Is he right? How realistic is Gatsbys dream? Part II: Describe a time that you wanted to relive or change a moment from your past. Do you think it is possible to relive the past, or do you believe that things can never be the same, even if you try to repeat it? What lengths would you go to regain a lost moment or reunite with an JOURNAL 8 Gatsby and Daisys affair takes place outside the view of the audience

and narrator. Why do you think Fitzgerald chose to do this? (2-3 sentences) Reflect on the awkward luncheon at the Buchanan's home. Choose two moments from their gathering that stand out to you. Explain why they are important to you and how they contribute to the overall plot of the novel. (4-5 sentences) Lastly, explain the significance of Tom meeting Mr. Wilson in this chapter. What thoughts do you think are racing through Toms head? Why?(2-3 sentences) JOURNAL 9 Nick recalls that after Myrtles death he looks over at Tom and heard

the low husky sob and saw that the tears were overflowing down his face. What does this tell you about Toms state of mind? Why is he so upset about Myrtle? Tom calls Gatsby a God Damn coward! do you think his opinion would have been different if he knew that Daisy was really driving the car? What does Gatsbys decision to take the blame for Daisy tell us about him? Do you think he was wise or foolish to do this? JOURNAL 10 Reflect on the following quote: It was this night that he told me the strange story of his youth with Dan Cody told it to me because Jay Gatsby had broken like glass against Toms hard malice and the long secret

extravaganza was thrown out. 1. Why is this a significant quote in the novel? How does the figurative language give us heartbreaking imagery into the destruction of Gatsbys dream? Why does Daisy decide to not ever call Gatsby? 2. What is the mood (the feeling the reader gets) throughout chapter 8. Choose a quote that helps support the mood you felt throughout the reading of it. 3. Who is to blame for all the trouble that takes place in the novel? Why? Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, Nick, or Myrtle? Is any one innocent? Why or why not? JOURNAL 11 What is your reaction to Gatsbys funeral turnout? What is your opinion of Henry

Gatz? What did you like most and least about the ending of the novel? Are you surprised that Nick is moving back to the mid-west? Nick describes his, Daisy, Tom, Gatsby, and Jordan as a story of the west. What does he mean by this? Do you think there are major differences in morals and values based on the regions in which people live? Lastly, do you agree with metaphorical vision that peoples future dreams are like boats that struggle against the current that eventually brings them back to their past? Why or why not? Explain. JOURNAL 12 What is your first impression of the film version of The Great Gatsby?

What artistic changes did you notice that Baz Luhrmann (the director) made to the film version of the novel? Do you agree with them why or why not? Do you think the casting director chose the appropriate actors to play the roles of Gatsby, Tom, Daisy, and Jordan? Why or why not? Are there any changes you would make? JOURNAL 13 Review both options for your Gatsby final project and write at least 5-7 sentences brainstorming about which option you will choose and on what you will focus. Be sure to outline the characters and/or themes you plan to focus your

project on. What are you excited to work on with this project? Address any issues you have with the project. Is there something you are worried about completing or achieving with this project? JOURNAL 14 Create a list of the differences between the film version and the novel version of The Great Gatsby. Expand on 1-2 of the differences and explain why you think they were different in the film. What did you think of the film version? What did you like best about it? What did you like least about it? Were you disappointed about anything not being in the film?

JOURNAL 15 What main arguments are made in the film Blackfish? How did they defend and support their arguments? (Proof) What compelling reasoning did they use? Was the documentary only about morals and values or did it address other issues as well? What was the outcome of the documentary?

Could this film have been biased? What makes it a credible or uncredible source? What is your personal opinion of the documentary? What do you think was done especially well? Has your view of Seaworld changed after viewing the film? Explain.

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