The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby Characters Nick Carraway narrator of the book honest and tolerant Daisy Buchanans

cousin born in Minnesota served in WWI moves to West Egg (outside of NYC) parents have money

Nicks House described as a weather beaten cardboard bungalow $80 a month the Finn is his maid next door to Gatsby

Daisy Buchanan married to Tom Buchanan beautiful socialite Nick Carraways cousin

grew up in Kentucky lives in East Egg (outside of NYC) parents have money Tom Buchanan married to Daisy

has old money racist and sexist arrogant bully lives in his glory days lives in East Egg (outside of NYC)

Pammy Buchanan

Tom and Daisys daughter rarely mentioned in the book The Buchanans House enormous; Tom is certainly proud of it

Jordan Baker Daisys childhood friend competitive golfer reputation of dishonesty

East Egg and West Egg EAST (OLD $): WEST (NEW $):

Daisy and Tom Buchanan Nick Carraway Jay Gatsby Jay Gatsby

protagonist of the book man of mystery; many rumors about him served in WWI lives in West Egg

(outside of NYC) Gatsbys House enormous; rents for $12-15 thousand a season a place for many parties Gatsbys Car

Valley of Ashes DR. TJ ECKLEBURG Wilson Garage George Wilson described as a

lifeless, run-down man owns a run-down mechanic shop lives in the Valley of Ashes has no money

Myrtle Wilson Georges wife described as a voluptuous woman lives in the Valley of Ashes

wants better things in her life having an affair with Tom Buchanan The New York Apartment apartment for Tom

and Myrtle rendezvous notice how people react at their party Catherine Myrtle Wilsons sister

attends one of Myrtles parties and tells Nick information The McKees live in a New York apartment building attend one of Myrtles parties

Owl Eyes one of many Gatsby party attendees surprised that Gatsbys books in his library are real

Klipspringer one of many Gatsby party attendees Stays at Gatsbys house so often they call him the boarder Meyer Wolfsheim

Jay Gatsbys business associate supposedly fixed the World Series of 1919 has human molars as cuff links

Dan Cody employer and mentor to Jay Gatsby Taught Gatsby lessons on ladies and money

Henry Gatz James Gatzs (Jay Gatsby) father poor farmer from North Dakota

The Green Light Gatsby can see it across the water on the Buchanans dock across the bay

The Plaza Hotel Location of the fight between Tom and Gatsby

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