The Globalization Debate - Michigan State University

The Globalization Debate - Michigan State University

Building an International Business Program Sarah Singer Assistant Director, MSU International Business Center [email protected]

Why an IB Program? 2014 U.S. Business Needs Survey 80% believe their business would increase if more staff had international expertise 39% have failed to fully exploit an international opportunity because of insufficient expertise on staff Most important skills: Appreciation for cross cultural differences

Understanding of country legal/govt requirements Understanding of local markets/business practices Understanding of global economic IB Is a Workforce Development Tool Daniel, S. J., Xie, F., & Kedia, B. 2014 U.S. Business Needs for Employees with International

Expertise. In Internationalization of U.S. Education in the 21 st Century: The Future of International and Foreign Language Studies Conference. The College of William and Mary, 2014. http:// Pathways for Students What do I do with IB degree? Export departments of local firms Logistics companies

Multinationals Common job titles* Import/export clerks, administrators, managers Customs officer

Supply chain manager Logistics analyst *The Austin Community College IB Program website provides comprehensive information on titles and salaries for IB-related positions: Program Components Courses Credentials

Study Abroad Courses Core Courses Most commonly offered, after IB: International International International

International Marketing (26%) Economics (18%) Trade (15%) Management (12%) Other Business Courses

Emerging Markets International Entrepreneurship Import/Export Regulations Globalization and Culture

Intercultural Communication Community College Course Syllabi Bank Globally-Focused Texts Interdisciplinary Component Will you have an interdisciplinary

and/or language requirement? Foreign Language Language for the professions Area Studies Country specific History of China; Mexico through the Ages Region specific

African Music; Europe during World War II Comparative courses Economics, history, religion, political science, etc. How to choose?

IBEX frequency Survey of local needs/interests Faculty expertise/interest Follow a model Take the R.o.a.D.* globalEDGE Program Bank

Listing of all community college IB certificate and degree programs (with online listings) *Rip-off and Duplicate! Credentials NASBITE CGBP

NASBITE International Member-based association committed to furthering international trade education. 1500 members from U.S., Canada, Latin America Academia and industry, including SBDCs, World Trade Centers, Chambers of Commerce Certified Global Business Professional

(CGBP) credential since 2005 NASBITE Partners U.S. Departments of Education, Commerce, Agriculture U.S. District Export Councils (DECs) US Small Business Administration ASBDC (Association of Small

Business Development Centers) USAID Ex-Im Bank What Does the CGBP Test? The exam tests the tasks and knowledge associated with a practitioner who has worked in global trade for two years.

The exam is broad, but not very deep. CGBP Domains of Knowledge Global Business Management

Global Marketing Supply Chain Management Trade Finance Knowledge threads within each domain: Documentation Legal and Regulatory Compliance Intercultural Awareness Technology

Resources Results Since 2005 National pass rate: 74% Nearly 1,500 credentials awarded Break-down by employer type: Trade Assistance Organizations 11% State Government 10%

Education/Training 25% Federal Government 22% Private Sector 32% Why credential? Proves competency.

Provides a professional development goal for employers. Raises the level of practice - the minimum bar. It is a differentiator! Impacts on Colleges and Universities Many are aligning their degree

programs with the CGBP. Colleges may see the CGBP as a way to enhance the current curriculum. Offers differentiation among peer schools. Program income is being generated through non-credit training programs. Interest at both two- and four-year institutions.

Study Abroad U.S. Study Abroad Trends 289,408 U.S. students received academic credit for study abroad in 2012-2013. 9% of undergraduates study abroad before graduating.

Institute of International Education: Open Doors 2014 Most Popular Destinations Who Studies Abroad Language students? Originally, yes. Currently

1. Social Science (22%) 2. Business (21%) 3. Humanities (11%) U.S. Study Abroad Trends, Cont. 60% 37%

3% Short-term: Summer, January term, or less than 8 weeks during AY Mid-length: One quarter, two quarters, or one semester Long-term: Academic year or calendar year Source: IIE 2013 Open Doors

Why do students study abroad? Personal and intellectual growth Cultural experiences/understanding Communicating with diverse audiences Enhancing self-awareness and understanding of own cultural beliefs

Enhance/build/differentiate resume Explore career possibilities Applied learning Travel Study Abroad Program Models

Faculty-led Faculty organized 3rd party provider Consortium Exchanges/direct enroll MSUs Office of Study Abroad has an excellent list of program types with examples.

Program Support Faculty Development Stakeholder Support Funding Mechanisms Faculty Development Faculty and Program

Development Resources NASBITE International trade training, credentialing, and resources NAFSA Professional development opportunities and connections with third-party providers

IBEX Report Available on MSUs website, CCID and MSU-CIBER Of course! Stakeholder Support

Internal & External Stakeholders Other campus units Languages, area studies International students office President & trustees Local business community Addressing area business needs Potential to partner with non-credit

programs Students If you build it, will they come?? Funding Opportunities Grants UISFL Grants

UISFL is very useful! 1/3 of applicants in 2014 were community colleges Competitive Priorities factor MSIs and especially community colleges UISFL program permits and even suggests proposals focusing on the development of international business programs that include foreign language/area studies

Thank you! [email protected]

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