The Eye

The Eye

The Eye THE EYE There are 4 cranial nerves: Optic (II), Oculomotor (III), Trochlear (IV), and Abducens (VI). People of Asian descent have an EPICANTHIC FOLD in the upper eyelid; no functional difference.

Eyelid Covers and protects the eye, thin skin Skin will not protect you from intense radiation, thats why we use special goggles in a tanning bed

CONJUNCTIVA is a covering around the eye and under the eyelids. PINK EYE - also known as CONJUNCTIVITIS (from bacteria, very contagious)

Pink Eye Slide Show from Web MD Extrinsic Eye Muscles 5 1

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GLANDS OF THE EYE LACRIMAL GLANDS are the largest set. They are on the superior lateral eyelid and they produce tears, which drain into the nasal cavity via the LACRIMAL DUCT. The function is to moisten and lubricate the eye surface, and it has enzymes to kill bacteria

(which thrive in warm, moist conditions). Figure 16.5b Outer Tunic Cornea - transparent, focuses light rays Sclera continuation of cornea, going toward the back of

the eye (white of the eye) Optic Nerve exits at the optic disk and transmits visual information from the eye to the brain. Keratoconus is an eye condition in which the normally round cornea thins, causing a cone-like bulge to develop. Source: NPR

Middle Tunic Choroid Coat contains blood vessels Ciliary Body holds the lens in place Lens focusing Iris colored portion of the eye Aqueous humor liquid surrounding

the lens Pupil opening for light to enter Inner Tunic Retina - visual receptor cells Fovea Centralis - region of the sharpest vision (aka, macula) Optic Disc where nerve fibers leave the

eye, creating the blind spot Vitreous Humor supports internal parts, fluid Retina The retina is made up of PHOTORECEPTORS, which are sensors for light.

Rods = monochromatic (b&w) Cones = color vision Light Refraction Light bends around objects Images viewed by the

eye are upside down

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