The Coastal Plain - Thomas County School District

The Coastal Plain - Thomas County School District

The Coastal Plain The Lower Coastal Plain No fertile farmlands Marshy and swamplands Center of naval stores (products from pine sap like varnish, paint, soap, lubricants, etc.) and pulp production

The Coastal Plain Lower coastal Plain Wetland-low lying land where water lies close to the surface Salt marshes Barrier islands-protect the mainland by blocking wind, sand, and water that would

erode the mainland Jekyll Island and Cumberland Island are National Parks and seashores Barrier Islands The Fall Line Fall Line- the point where the hilly or mountainous land meets

the coastal plain Runs from Columbus on the west, through Macon, and into Augusta on the east Waterfalls formed from creeks and rivers flowing from the rocky hill country into the soft soil of the plains The steep and rushing waters of the falls stopped many settlers from crossing the Fall line These waters provided a source of power for early settlers and Native Americans and early traders

Fall Line Fall line is 20 miles wide 200 millions years ago the Fall line was the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean Has impacted settlement and transportation

Climate Climate is the type of weather a region experiences over a long period of time Weather refers to the day to day conditions Vertical climate- the higher the elevation the colder the temperature Drought-lack of precipitation that results in water shortages Precipitation- July is the wettest month and October is the

driest Georgia has an abundant supply of precipitation because it is so close to the ocean. Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Due to the shape of Georgias southeastern coast, we dont feel the full impact of hurricanes like the Carolinas and Florida do. When a cold front moves rapidly into a warm front a tornado can form. Hurricanes are most likely to occur in September (early Fall), and least likely in April, (early Spring). Georgia averages 19 tornadoes per year. Tornadoes are most likely to form in April, (early Spring), and least likely in October, (the Fall).

Trade Winds and Prevailing Westerlies Air is always moving on the Earth from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure = a balanced atmosphere. The act of this creates air currents on both the land and sea. When merchants and traders replaced explorers on the seas, theses winds became known as trade winds. Trade Winds allowed traders to sail from Europe to America. Prevailing westerlies are the winds that carried the merchants

back to Europe. Air Currents The importance of Georgias climate Georgia is at the same latitude as China, India, Persia, and Palestine. Because of this, Englands leaders thought crops they imported from these lands could grow in Georgia.

They wanted to produce wine, silk, rice, tea, olives, oranges, cotton, and indigo in the American colonies. Georgia was able to produce many of these, but not all. Importance of climate Georgias climate is so important because its what drives out economy. Cool summers in the North Georgia Mountains

Snow in the Blue Ridge during the winter Mild winters in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain is the reason for migration to Georgia from northern states. Attracts military installations (GA has 11 Army, USAF, Navy, and Marine bases). Waterways and Rivers

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