Telecommunication networks: role of an engineer

Telecommunication networks: role of an engineer

Presented by: Mohammad Shajib Khadem Network Operations, NBN Co Limited, Australia. Email: [email protected] Date: 19 May Source: Internet Source: Internet

Source: Internet New cost-effective delivery technologies Increasing demand of image, video etc. Source: NBN Co website

Online Health, Education, Business Solutions Teleworking, Phone service, Entertainment Source: NBN Co website

The fastest mobile internet through 4G LTE technology IP Backbone, Microwave Backhaul, Cloud Networks.

Five main technologies being used to deliver broadband to residential consumers in Australia: Telstra's copper network (ADSL; ADSL 2+), Telstra and Optus HFC networks, Fibre, Wireless and Satellite. NBN Co: Fibre Networks, Fixed Wireless, Satellite

Layer 2, Layer 3 communication systems Install, test and commission voice and data communications networks in medium to large enterprises using Next Generation Networks (NGN) technologies

Cover local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN), IP based protocol networks, 3G/4G cellular mobile networks, microwave systems, wireless and wired line networks, databases, routers, switches and servers Network Equipment Vendors: Ericsson, NSN, Alcatel Lucent, Huawei, IBM, Cisco, ZTE etc.

Planning & Design Integration of new technology Operations ( BAU) Network Monitoring Centre Optimisation and QoS

R&D for product and network improvement

Latest technology excavation: Wireless & Wired network Fault analysis and solution in different levels Software skills with routing & switching technologies, AutoCAD, SpatialNet etc. Hardware skills of rollout, integration and operations with different vendors Well-organizing power and coordination among

internal and external customers Good leading capability of people and projects with successful mentoring and resolving complex Work in groups maintaining punctuality, selfmotivation & multiple tasking Strong communication skills in both oral and written Questions & Answer

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