Team Management of Patients - St. Joseph's Health Care London

Team Management of Patients - St. Joseph's Health Care London

Team Management of Patients Janet Pope MD MPH FRCPC Objectives 1. To determine how patient care is enhanced with a team approach and which patients would benefit from a team approach 2. To be comfortable with the resources available in your area for team care

3. To understand what patients may be comanaged with rheumatology What is desired in Chronic Disease Management? The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) has several goals for chronic disease management: patient education and enablement, a chronic disease model to improve quality of

care, identify a best practice chronic disease model and test it There are Regional Barriers to Best Practices In Ontario Thus we need co-management Facts

In Southwestern Ontario, we see 3X more RA than the average in Ontario The mean age of rheumatologists is increasing Nearly 55 years old All suspected RA patients should be seen within weeks of referral A delay of even 3 months of initiating DMARDs

decreases remission rate from 25% to 10% Facts Targeting outcomes makes better disease control Similar to HTN DM Lipids

Thus we need novel ways to care for our area Solutions Education Easy problems to be managed without consultation Co-management by

nurses, allied health professionals, family physicians Triage Get the right patient seen by the right professional at the right time

Lobbying for regional care linkages Solutions Successful pilot of NP education Education of rheumatologists Trial of targeted CME vs no

CME to improve practice Measuring more outcomes systematically Making changes if a low disease state is not met Results showed a difference! Triage

CART referral Canadian Arthritis Referral Tool Co-management The Arthritis Society is training therapists to work with specialists to improve inflammatory arthritis care

Case 1 49 year old man who works in construction Complaining of back pain, worse with activity, radiating down his right posterior leg What is this? What would you do? Mechanical back pain

If less than 6 weeks of duration and no red flags No investigations are necessary If back pain persists, there may be a role for team management Case 1 Your patient returns, he now has 3 months of

back pain and is missing work. He has a job for the next year at one apartment building which is being completed. What would you do? Treatment Usual medications Analgesics (NSAIDs, pregabalin, narcotics, etc)

Physiotherapy Pain management (in an ideal world) is multidisciplinary Pain clinic / anesthesia for epidural steroids Imaging such as CT scan and MRI are still often not indicated ?Work place assessment with The Arthritis Society (TAS)

Discussion What resources have you got available in your community to help co-manage chronic back pain? Case 2 33 year old woman who just had her second (healthy) baby She has swollen knuckles of both hands, feet feel

in the morning like she is walking on pebbles It has been going on now for 11 weeks She has problems holding her baby and carpel tunnel at night so she cant sleep You do labs and she is RF negative, ESR 66 What is the most likely diagnosis? Case 2 She likely has RA

What would you do? Case 2 Urgent consult to rheumatology State: I suspect early RA Refer to OT/PT or TAS for education, splinting, orthodics Consider starting prednisone and/or NSAIDs

(still OK if breast feeding) Consider DMARDs Resources TAS has free therapy services and can see patients quickly and also do joint counts We have a social worker for patients who need help with disability, Trillium drug awards, needing ODSP, etc.

Case 2 The patient is seen quickly and is diagnosed with early RA She has stopped breast feeding and is started on Methotrexate 20mg/wk Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg BID Sulfasalazine 500mg BID

Celebrex 200mg BID Co-management strategies It is difficult for her to drive to London frequently You are asked to see her in 6 weeks and the rheumatologist again in 3 months Labs are done monthly at first Do you feel comfortable following the patient

with the rheumatologist for efficacy of medication, side effects, symptom control, ongoing education? RA patients need a rheumatologist for appropriate care Case 3 42 year old woman who complains of joint

pain and total body pain She has no swollen joints and says her fingers feel puffy and hurt all over She has poor sleep, she is a bit depressed Her CBC, ESR, TSH are normal You refer her to rheumatology and they reject the referral Case 3

What is the most likely diagnosis? What can you do to manage her? Case 3

Fibromyalgia Education Exercise Amitryptylline,Gabapentin / Pregabalin, Duloxetine Who can you refer her to? Case 3

Therapists Hospital, private, TAS Websites for education Some pain specialists, phys med rehab, others

have an interest in chronic pain Multiple referrals do not help the patient Teams Multidisciplinary care in chronic disease results in better outcomes Multidisciplinary Inflammatory Arthritis Education Day

SJHC Rheumatology patients 288 consecutive patients with confirmed rheumatic diseases were surveyed Half said they would attend a one-day multidisciplinary information session about their rheumatic disease. A quarter indicated that they would be willing to attend a daily two-week multi-disciplinary program to help in disease management

Rheumatology Education Days 30% who attend an education day, sign up for an intensive 2-week program A key reason for their attendance is that it was recommended by their rheumatologist. This is in keeping with other research where the physician or health practitioner is instrumental in the patient making a decision

about their disease. Education Day: London (Broadcast to Owen Sound) Education day consists of physician, psychologist, OT, PT, a pharmacist, and a nurse Eligible patients include RA OA

Seronegative arthritis CTD Fibromyalgia Two to Four Week Programs We have programs that are evidence based for improving self management in OA RA

SLE Scleroderma Seronegative arthritis Fibromyalgia Referral Tool CART Canadian Arthritis Referral Tool Something that the patient completes and the

person who is referring the patient This allows us to triage more appropriately Pain Diagrams used on a Referral Tool Future We are doing a televised testimonial from health care providers about the Education Day interspersed in the DVD of an actual

education day and will play it in random blocks to see if it increases attendance We will also randomize those awaiting the two or four week programs to sooner vs. later to see if long term outcomes are maintained Conclusions Team care is better care There are many valuable members of the

health care team for different problems Quality of team care is being evaluated to determine if there are sustained benefits for patients with MSK diseases Questions, Discussion

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