Sustainability Strategies in Accelerated Programs

Sustainability Strategies in Accelerated Programs

SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGIES IN ACCELERATED PROGRAMS 2013 Summit, New Careers in Nursing October 11, 2013 Cheryl L. Brandt, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC Lisa, 2010 ASBSN graduate

Context of This Presentation Experience as an ASBSN faculty member and program coordinator The literature on ASBSN education ASBSN class of 2012 Resources That Must Be Sustained Human resources Students

Recruitment of qualified students (Fang, Bednash, & DeWitty, 2012; Sharp & Sharp, 2012) Faculty Faculty shortage (Rideout, 2012) Administrators and administrative support staff Importance of a leadership vision (Zhan, Finch, Lee, & Dapremont, 2012)

Clinical sites and staff Settings for ongoing clinical placements (Caldwell & LaRocco, 2012) Welcoming to students Effective nurse role models Future employers of the ASBSN graduates Fiscal resources Start-up expenses (e.g., curriculum development, program accreditation, student recruitment) (Lindsey, 2009)

Ongoing expenses (e.g., faculty and support staff salary/benefits, office and lab equipment and supplies, testing, evaluation, and much more) (Caldwell & LaRocco, 2012) Suspending Admissions One ASBSN Programs Story Christin & Caitlin, 2011 ASBSN graduates

ASBSN class of 2010 Strategies for Sustainability Students Sensitivity to adult learners (Sharp & Sharp, 2012) Financial support (e.g., scholarships) Academic support (Sharp & Sharp, 2012) Faculty Sensitive scheduling (Lindsey, 2009)

Seasoned instructors Sarah & Lydia, 2012 ASBSN graduates Curriculum and pedagogy Accelerated, not abbreviated (Meyer, Hoover, & Maposa, 2006) Careful scheduling Attention to scheduling for multiple programs (Caldwell & LaRocco, 2012)

Classroom innovation (Kaddoura, Williams, & Jabaley, 2012) Experiential, interactive learning strategies Technology-rich classroom Course delivery models Hybrid and online (Allen, VanDyke, & Armstrong, 2010) Clinical teaching models ASBSN and traditional nursing education

Simulation-rich (Patillo, Hewett, McCarthy, & Molinari, 2010) Clinical immersion (Kaddoura, Jabeley, & Williams, 2012) Clinical teaching fellows (Mannix, Faga, Beale, & Jackson, 2006) Strategic partnerships Academic-clinical partnerships in ASBSN (Allen, et al., 2010) Academic-clinical partnerships from nursing education in general (Mannix, et al., 2006; Murray & James, 2012)

Funding Grant support for initial funding (Stuenkel, Nelson, Malloy, & Cohen, 2011) Scholarship support Cost-recovery tuition model Concluding Thought Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (2013) Instead of perfection sustainability and fulfillment

ASBSN Class of 2007 ASBSN class of 2011 DISCUSSION Discussion Questions Strategy- & Solution-Focused What questions would you like to raise?

How have educators managed/addressed key barriers to ASBSN program sustainability? Sarah, 2012 ASBSN graduate Discussion Questions - Strategy-Focused In light of human and fiscal constraints, what is the best

balance among programs a college/university might offer (e.g., traditional BSN, ASBSN, RN to BSN)? How might ASBSN alumni, along with their nurse administrator colleagues, support ASBSN programs? Amanda & Barbie, 2011 ASBSN grads

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