Subhead in Arial - Marine Claims Conference

Subhead in Arial - Marine Claims Conference

25 October 2007 ECF A GLOBAL SOLUTION? Gordon Street TPE2.19 TOPICS Current volumes

Status & developments to date Next steps Benefits Challenges Your role ? Marsh 2

CURRENT VOLUMES AT LLOYDS First week October 2007 (All business categories) 45% of In-Scope 35% of all claims 44 Live Brokers (79% total claims volume) 49 Brokers to implement by end of 2007 (Potential total 98% total claims volume).

Marsh 4 INSURERS PARTICIPATION TO DATE 39 out of 43 Managing Agents 12 IUA companies live or implementation 32 IUA companies demo or discussion Marsh Marine approx 80% of In-Scope

Marsh 5 OBJECTIVE Global trading Desktop to Desktop delivery Changed method of delivery of claims information Marsh

6 FIRST PHASE Brokers (some) Lloyds Xchanging repository ACCORD Global standard Marsh

7 SECOND PHASE Lessons learned & developments needed Broker take-up IUA companies Marsh

8 FUTURE Remaining Brokers All IUA companies Other improvements/developments Insurers outside London Market Experts/service providers Marsh

9 BENEFITS Speed of delivery of information Easy access to file for all parties Structured data Audit trails Claims management opportunities Easier communication between everyone

Marsh 10 CHALLENGES Cultural issues Use of face to face discussions Reduce paper Manage inboxes/set priorities

Service levels & resourcing Time taken to process Training Followers questions : delays & problems? Marsh 11 THE OPPORTUNITY

All marine claims practitioners Brokers Lloyds underwriters IUA companies Other insurers Experts Marsh 12


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