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Inspiring Compassion and Loving Kindness Staff Nurse Caritas Classes East Bay Caritas Coaches KP East Bay Vision Purpose Provide Education to all Registered Nurses on the Core Concepts of the Science of Human Caring: Provide the Moral and Ethical foundation based on the core values of Human Caring for all of nursing practice Provide the Human Caring Theory as the Theoretical Framework for Nursing Practice Provide a Common language for the Professional Practice of Nursing Transform the Care Environment through integration of the Science of Caring ; restoring the Heart of Caring Inspire us to change and create CaringHealing modalities and systems for our patients and for our staff. Create an environment which promotes Project Description Self-Care, thorough reflective practice, were designed to create reflective, humane Each Registered Nurse will receive 8 Caritas practitionersq1 Every nurse will create a healing environment centered on the patient as a human being; with a compassionate understanding of their personal needs for comfort, safety, dignity and respect. It is the priority of each nurse to provide a personal care experience for each patient through an authentic relationship; providing compassionate care with thoughtful consideration of the patients perspective. (seeing care through the patients eyes) Each Patient will experience loving kindness, nurturing and compassion, honoring the whole patient, mind, body and

spirit by practicing the 10 Caritas Processes. hours of Caritas Training, 900 RNs in the East Bay Class size is 12-15 RNs with 2 Caritas Coach Facilitators The Staff Nurse Caritas Class Curriculum is both didactic and experiential including: 1.Core Concepts of the Science of Human Caring: Ten Caritas Processes Caring Moments , the Heart of Caring Science Caring as consciousness- energyintentionality- human presence Caring Healing modalities: The importance of creating a caring-healing environment for each patient. 2. Appreciative Inquiry Exercise: RNs identify evidence of the Ten Caritas Processes in their current practice 3. Forgiveness Exercise; Consequences to Caring & Non-Caring, Choosing to Care 4. The importance of choosing to take part in caring moments, creating authentic and Project Outcomes Over One-third , 387 PCS Staff Received Education on the Science of Caring; 262 Registered Nurses and 125 Nurse Managers Education provided an opportunity to learn a common Professional Language Established commitment to Pause and Center, prior to entering each patients Caring/Healing environment, to bring loving kindness and equanimity to every patients bedside Established commitment to implement Caring-Healing Modalities on their units; integrating the Science of Human Caring into their daily practice, using one or more of the Ten Caritas Processes East Bay Caritas Coaches

East Bay CARING Model An Open Heart is A CARING Heart Compassionate , Honorable Care Understood the importance of Juana Gonzalez, Nurse Manager, Oncology practicing Self-Care, the first Karen Carter, Nurse Manager Med/Tele Caritas Process in order to bring a Nancy Pope-Angulo, ANM, PICU Caring environment Ruth Adedeji, ANM, NICU to our patients Esther Kearn-Frolich, East Bay Culture Change Leader Authentic Presence Relentless Pursuit of creating Caring Moments Insightful Intention Nurturing Relationships Greater Good Extraordinary Care, Every Patient..Every Time Acknowledgements Appreciation and thanks to Kaiser Permanente East Bay Leadership for their vision and support of the implementation of the Science of Human Caring . With each deep breath..I fill my heart and mind with a sense of calm..prepared to enter into the world of another who needs a healing spirit. Centering Exercise The Practice of Self Care is Key to the Effective Practice of Human Caring, you cant give if you are not caring for self The Importance of Pause; Provides an opportunity to quiet the Mind..the Chatter Centers our being on the moment Creates Intentionality, to be fully & authentically present

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