Sterilization Methods -

Sterilization Methods -

Sterilization Methods Microbiology Biology II Mrs. Hieneman Terminology Sterilization complete elimination of microbial viability Sterilant chemical agent that sterilizes Disinfection killing, inhibition or removal of diseasecausing microbes. Disinfectant chemical agent that disinfects Antiseptic chemical agents applied to tissues which

prevent sepsis Sanitation establishment of environmental conditions favorable to health. Terminology -cide: to kill Germacide Bactericide Fungicide

-static: to inhibit growth Bacteriostatic Fungistatic Oxygen Requirements for Microbes Obligate aerobes grow only in the presence of oxygen. Strict anaerobes grow only in the absence of oxygen. Facultative anaerobe can grow in presence (best) or

absence of oxygen. Microaerophilic require small amount of oxygen (about 5%), inhibited by normal (oxygen) of atmosphere. Aerotolerant oxygen?? Who cares!!!! Oxygen Requirements For Microbes Chemical Agents

Work by disrupting cellular membranes, oxidizing macromolecules, denaturing proteins. Include disinfectants and antiseptics Classified base upon effectiveness: High Level effective against all life Intermediate Level defined as tuberculocidal, as well as more resistant viruses (hepatitis C virus) Low Level kill vegetative cells of bacteria and fungi and enveloped viruses.

Chemical Agents Phenolics contain phenol or its derivatives Disinfectant; intermediate to low level Aldehydes Formaldehyde Disinfectant: high to intermediate level Alcohols Antiseptics and disinfectants; intermediate level

Chemical Agents Halogens Disinfectant and antiseptic; intermediate level Heavy Metals Disinfectant and antiseptic; low level Soaps Detergents derived from lipids

Antiseptic and disinfectants; low level Gases Disinfectant; high level What Can Be Used In Our Lab????

Soap Disinfectant Antiseptic Sterile filtration Bunsen Burner

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