Statewide Contract Webinar PowerPoint Template

Statewide Contract Webinar PowerPoint Template

Office Supplies Statewide Contract Webinar Your Presenter Title: Associate Category Manager Experience: 20+ years of Procurement/Contracting Experience Carl A. Hall Contact Information: [email protected] 404-657-4254 Page 2 AGENDA Contract Overview Carl A. Hall, DOAS Team Georgia Marketplace Ordering Ed Macey and Marcus Britton, DOAS Paper & Toner Ordering - Lamar Huff, Staples General Office Supplies Terone Harris and

Andy Braselton, OfficeMax Closing Page 3 Purpose of this Webinar The purpose of this webinar is to: ts ontrac C e d i Statew Explain the purpose of the Statewide

Contract Review the benefits of the Statewide Contract Highlight specific details related to the Statewide Contract List the steps you follow to find the Statewide Contract on the SPD website Introduce the suppliers selected to provide products and service under this statewide contract Discuss FAQs related to the Statewide Contract Describe the procedures for obtaining more information about the Statewide Contract. Page 4 Purpose The purpose of the Statewide Contract for Office Supplies is to: Provide Provideaabroad broadproduct productrange rangeof

ofPaper, Paper, Toner Toner&&General GeneralOffice OfficeSupplies Suppliesto toState State Agencies, Agencies,Universities/Colleges Universities/Collegesand and Municipal MunicipalUsers Usersat atthe theoverall overallmost most competitive competitiveprice price&&terms. terms. Statewi

de Contrac t s Page 5 Statewide Contract Details About the Statewide Contract 99999-SPD0000065-001 (Paper/Toner) What is the Contract Number? 99999-SPD0000065-002 (Gen. Office Supplies) Is it a Renewal? No Does it Replace an Existing Contract? Yes (99999-SPD-G20100809-001) What is the Contract Term?

04/01/2012 03/31/2014 Implementation Go-Live Date Estimated: June 18, 2012 Does it Allow the Use of the P-Card? Yes Dr. Carl A. Hall Who is the Person to Contact with Questions: [email protected] 404-657-4254 Page 6 Key Benefits The Office Supplies Contract provides the following benefits: Deep Discounts on approximately 900 Core and thousands of Non-Core Items Next-Day Delivery & No Shipping Charges Accepts P-Card Offers Remanufactured & Original Equipment Manufacturers

Toners Custom State of Georgia Information Portal Accepts Phone and Fax Orders On-Line Ordering available on Team Georgia Marketplace and Suppliers Customized Micro Site Access to Retail Stores (Same Contracted Pricing) Efficient returns & warranty process Dedicated Account Management and Customer Service Team Access to numerous environmentally friendly green-based product offerings No Minimum Order Requirements Page 7 TEAM GEORGIA MARKETPLACE ORDERING PROCESS MR. ED MACEY MR. MARCUS BRITTON Page 8 TEAM GEORGIA MARKETPLACE ORDERING Page 9 STAPLES CUSTOMER ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT HIGHLIGHTS

Mr. Lamar Huff Senior Account Manager Staples Business Advantage Page 10 New Contract Highlights 1. 1. Staples StaplesAdvantage Advantageisisexcited excitedto tocontinue continueour ourpartnership partnershipwith withthe the State Stateof ofGA. GA. 2. 2. Seamless Seamlesstransition

transitionfor forState Stateentities entitiescurrently currentlydoing doingbusiness businesswith with Staples StaplesAdvantage. Advantage. 3. 3. Customers Customersmay mayplace placeorders ordersutilizing utilizingany anyof ofthe thefollowing followingmethods: methods: st

SciQuest SciQuest(Team (TeamGA GAMarketplace, Marketplace,GA GA11st,,UGA UGAMart, Mart,etc..) etc..) On-line On-linevia Phone Phoneorders ordersmay maybe beplaced placedby bydialing

dialing1-888-593-0146 1-888-593-0146 Purchase PurchaseOrders Ordersmay maybe befaxed faxedto to1-888-222-8618 1-888-222-8618 Page 11 New Contract Highlights 4. 4. IfIfyou youdo donot notcurrently currentlyhave havean anaccount accountwith

withStaples StaplesAdvantage Advantageyou you need needto toestablish establishan anaccount accountprior priorto toordering. ordering. 5. 5. For Formore moreinformation informationabout aboutthe theState Stateof ofGA GAprogram programor orto toregister

registerfor for an anaccount accountplease pleasevisit visitthe theState Stateof ofGA GAmicro microsite. site. The Theweb webaddress address for forthe themicro-site micro-siteis: is: Please PleaseNote:

Note:Some Someinformation informationfound foundon onthe themicro microsite sitetoday todaymakes makes reference to the existing contract details All information on the reference to the existing contract details All information on themicro microsite site will willbe beupdated

updatedby bythe thecontract contractconversion conversiondate. date. Page 12 Page 13 CUSTOMER ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT HIGHLIGHTS Mr. Terone Harris and Mr. Andrew Brasselton OfficeMax, Inc. Page 14 For More Information If you have questions about this Statewide Contract: Submit Questions to: Email Address: [email protected] Person to Contact: Dr. Carl A. Hall, Ph.D, JD, C.P.M.

Phone Number: 404-657-4254 Vendor Contact Information: STAPLES Email Address: Lamar [email protected] Person to Contact: Mr. Lamar Huff OFFICEMAX Email Address: [email protected] Person to Contact: Mr. Terone Harris Page 15 Questions? ? Page 16

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