Spain, France, and England Lay Claim in the New World

Spain, France, and England Lay Claim in the New World

Spain, France, and England Lay Claim in the New World Competing Powers in North America Claim to Florida How did Spain obtain such wealth in the New World? This wealth quickly made others jealous France and England.

As early as 1523 C.E., French raiders were taking gold and silver from Cortess ships. Claim to Florida Hugenots went to Florida Why? 1562 C.E., Hugenots established a settlement at Port Royal Sound, close to Spains

route of treasure fleets. What did this cause the Spanish to think? Claim to Florida French continued to colonize Florida in 1564 C.E.; erected Fort Caroline (Jacksonville). Spain would react; King Philip II sent 300 soldiers and 700 colonists to

secure Florida. Pedro Menendez de Aviles; massacred hundreds of Hugenots. Claim to Florida Menendez built St. Augustine to discourage the French from returning. After defeating the French, Spain looked into the interior of Florida.

1570 C.E., eight missions to convert Native Americans. Went to Chesapeake Bay to look for an intrance into the mountains and on to China. Claim to Florida Spain failed to secure a foothold in Chesapeake Bay. By 1572 C.E., all the

missionaries had been killed. A new rival appeared on the scene almost overnight who? English Expansion Before he died, Henry VIII built a sizable navy. English were exporting wool and population was rising.

Landowners began pushing tenants off their land where would they go? English Expansion London pop. soared from 50,000 to 200,000 in only 100 years. Wool industry collapsed, so merchants looked elsewhere for money.

England began looking in Scandinavia, Arctic Ocean, China, Morocco, and Africa. England began buying slaves in Africa and selling them to the Spanish in the Caribbean. English Expansion King Philip II had enough of Protestants; he forced English sailors like Francis

Drake out of Mexican waters in 1568 C.E. With quiet support from Elizabeth I, English continued to challenge the Spanish on the high seas. Francis Drake was by far the most successful. English Expansion Drakes Voyage 1577 to 1580; plundered Peru,

claimed San Francisco Bay for England, sailed around the world. Sacked ports in the Caribbean, attacked St. Augustine, and sank 2 dozen Spanish ships in 1588. Drakes Voyage English Expansion

Englands anti-Catholic propagandists made Drake a national hero. England painted Spanish cruelties toward Native Americans in worst terms. Translated Las Casas writings into English Las Casas (Spain) wrote vivid accounts of Spanish cruelty. English Expansion

Hypocrisy England pointed out Spanish cruelty in the New World, but Englands conquest of Ireland was equally as bloody. Remember, its about land what is the next logical conquest for England. Lost Colony: Roanoke

1567 C.E., Englishman Sir Humphrey Gilbert proposed the idea of a northwestern passage to China. Wrote an essay called How Her Majesty May Annoy the King of Spain Proposed a colony in Newfoundland

Lost Colony: Roanoke Numerous shipwrecks and desertions doomed Gilbert; dies on the way back to England. Gilberts half-brother, Walter Raleigh, decides to plant a colony near Chesapeake Bay. 1584 C.E., learned about Roanoke Island and decided to settle there.

Lost Colony: Roanoke English saw it as a place of advantage against Spain why? Raleigh failed three times. 1. 1585 C.E. bad storms destroyed the ships. 2. 1586 C.E. ships diverted to the Caribbean to raid Spanish ships. 3. 1587 C.E. John White

w/110 settlers. Lost Colony: Roanoke May 1587 to August 1587 C.E., tough life. John White was sent back to England with supplies. When he got back, all the settlers were gone and the word Croatoan was carved

on a post. What happened?

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