Slide Title - Forsyth County Schools

Slide Title - Forsyth County Schools

Class of 2020 Night Planning for College and Career Presented by NFHS Counseling Team NFHS Counseling Department Counseling Administrator: Tracey Winkler Raider U (9th & 10th Grade): Whitney Adams: A-Gq Josh Owens: Gr-O Kenya Mattie: P-Z

The Raider Nation (11th & 12th Grade): Kathy Wigley: Lead Counselor; A-C & ESOL Sarah Kate Marshall: D-Mn Kim Haynes: Mo-Z Counseling Secretary: Ranita Christopher Registrar: Kim Grogan Ongoing Communication Follow us on Twitter @NFHSCounseling NFHS School Messenger (update portal info if not receiving communication from school) NFHS Facebook/Twitter Counseling Webpage Itslearning e-mail

School Video Announcements Graduation Requirements (Minimum) 4 - English 4 - Math 4 - Science 3 Social Studies 3 - Language/Career Tech/Fine Arts Health & Personal Fitness/3 JROTC 4 - Additional Electives 23 total credits *check with college admissions to be sure you meet those requirements

GPA Calculation Cumulative GPA weight given for on-level coursework is as follows: A=4.0 (4 points) B=3.0 (3 points) C=2.0 (2 points) Cumulative GPA weight given for AP and Dual Enrollment courses add 1 quality point: A=5.0 (5 points) B=4.0 (4 points) C=3.0 (3 points) HOPE GPA: AP courses and Dual Enrollment courses add .5 quality points, but nothing extra for earning an A. A=4 B=3.5 C=2.5 *Anything below a 70 is weighted as a zero (0). Raider Academic Assistance

In an effort to teach students to self-advocate, we encourage students to meet with teachers first to discuss their academic progress and develop a student success plan. Throughout the school year, we also encourage parents and students to consistently check their student's progress via parent portal. However, if your student needs additional help in a class, there are several options available to him or her: Raider Academic Assistance 1) Extra Tutoring Time w/ a Teacher Each teacher has a tutoring schedule. Teachers post schedules in classroom or itsLearning 2) Peer Tutoring Our Peer Tutoring Center is available on Wednesdays during Instructional Focus (IF). 3) Instructional Focus (IF)

Instructional Focus (IF) occurs every Wednesday from 10:11 am to 11:51 am. Students are able to visit up to two teachers during the IF rotation times for additional help in a class. 4) The Raider Connection Center Available for student assistance on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-5:00. This program has both peers and teachers available for tutoring. Students also have access to the computer lab and space to work on group projects. 5) Raider Ride The Raider Ride is an after school bus that will provide transportation to students' home bus stop. This after school bus runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and departs the NFHS bus lane @ 5:00. Students can stay after for clubs, activities, study sessions, tutoring, etc... Junior Year Course Options

On-level Advanced Placement (AP) Dual Enrollment Core classes/tech classes Work Based Learning Honors Mentorship Junior Scheduling Options Advanced On -Level

American Lit/Comp Algebra II Environmental Science, Earth Systems, Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics US History Language/CTAE/Fine Arts Pathway Electives AP American

Lit/Comp Accelerated Math options AP Chemistry, AP Bio, AP Environmental, AP Physics AP US History Language/CTAE/Fine Arts Pathway AP Electives Work Based Learning Honors Mentorship Advanced Placement (AP) Classes Earn college credit with

certain AP exam scores (depends on university) Experience college rigor Shorten the amount of time to earn a degree 1 Extra Quality Point added to Cumulative GPA, .5 for HOPE Needed for selective university admissionnationally recognized How do I get in? Teacher recommendations or waivers for core classes. Some AP

classes are electives (AP Psych) Balance your course load!!!!! Advanced Placement Options

AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP American Lit Lang/Comp

Biology Calculus AB Calculus BC Chemistry Computer Science A Computer Science Principles Environmental Science Government/Politics: US Human Geography Literature/Composition Macroeconomics Microeconomics AP Music Theory AP Physics 1 AP Physics C: Mechanics AP Psychology AP Spanish/Language

AP Statistics AP Studio: 2D Design Portfolio AP Studio: 3D Design Portfolio AP US History AP World History Characteristics of Successful AP Students Motivated Possesses time management skills Can read critically and understand deeper concepts and ideas Has the ability to express ideas (written and verbally)

Dual Enrollment Provides opportunities to earn credit at BOTH the high school and at the postsecondary institution Attend class on college campus Shorten the amount of time to earn a degree Paid for by funds that do not count toward HOPE hours 1 Extra Quality point added to Cumulative GPA, .5 for HOPE Must apply to the college and meet admission requirements Must abide by FCS and college calendar (do not align) No communication between parents and professors due to FERPA UNG Cumming Dual Enrollment High

School Required Core GPA of 3.25 480 Critical Reading and 440 Math on the SAT with at least a combined 970, OR 20 English and 18 Mathematics on the ACT with composite score of at least 20 DE Funds pay for tuition/fees/books You will pay any course-specific fees, such as lab fees. Deadline: March 15th UNG Cumming Campus Informational Night January 30th or February 1st at 6pm Lanier Tech Dual Enrollment Earn CTAE course credit and Technical Certificate or Associate Degree Graduate from high school with employable skill and certification

Students do NOT need the SAT or ACT but must take the Accuplacer Funds pay for tuition/fees/books Informational Night: February 7th 6pm Lanier Tech Sample Course Offerings Nurse Assisting Criminal Justice Design and Media Production Interior Design Horticulture Child Development Accounting

Welding Shampoo Tech (Cosmetology) Residential Wiring Design and Media Production Automotive PC and Network Tech

College Admission Tips for Sophomores Do well in your classes and seek help when needed Explore interests, strengths for careers Take the PSAT (qualifying exam for NMSQT)

Consider extra prep for SAT/ACT Attempt SAT/ACT by spring of Junior year Participate in extracurricular activities Seek leadership opportunities Start a resume to track involvement Consider rigorous courses Research funding for college Explore colleges through open houses, fairs, and online Consider summer activities for enrichment College Visitations A campus visit is the best way to get a feel for what it is like to attend NFHS Juniors and Seniors are permitted to take 4 days to visit colleges (permission slip required prior to visiting) Typically you can sign up on the schools website Ask questions list on NFHS Counseling website

Do Your Research Attend PROBE Fair Atlanta National College Fair Georgia International Convention Center: Sunday, March 25th: 12:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Meet with college/military representatives when they come to visit (lunch and IF) College Considerations

Type of school 2 year, 4 year or Technical Geographical Location Public or Private Size Living Facilities Co$t - $$$$ Away or Stay Home Majors offered Clubs/Sports/Activities

How Do I Choose? How does the BIG 3 affect my admissions? GPA, SAT/ACT, curriculum strength Have I narrowed my list down to 5 7 schools? 1-2 Dream/Reach, 2-3 Moderate level, 2-3 Safety/Fall Back Factors In Admissions

Helpful College Admissions Links College Visits - What to ask. College visitation form for excused absence. Finding the best colleges for YOU! Map of Technical College System of Georgia Map

of University System of Georgia Institutions High School Curriculum Requirements for the University System of Georgia Georgia School Averages School GPA

SAT ACT UGA 3.91-4.17 1344 Georgia Tech A average 1360-1490 30-34

Emory 3.7-3.97 1360-1490 31-34 Mercer 3.81 1210 28 UNG (4 year)

3.63 1117 24 Kennesaw State 3.22 1070 22 GCSU 3.26-3.37

1100-1240 23-27 Georgia Southern 3.24 1113 24 Georgia State 3.34 1053

22 Valdosta State 3.15 1050 22 30 UGA and Georgia Tech Technical and 2 Year Colleges Lanier Tech Dawsonville, Cumming,

Oakwood Gwinnett Tech Alpharetta, Lawrencville Chattahoochee Tech Canton, Jasper, Woodstock Georgia Perimeter College (Georgia State) Alpharetta University of North Georgia (2 year)

Cumming, Oakwood, Oconee Most Tech programs require a HS diploma and Accuplacer 2 year colleges typically have lower average scores for admission Military Options Speak with a recruiter to learn about options Take the ASVAB

College Admissions Testing Sign up for SAT at Sign up for ACT at

You can attempt each test multiple times Most colleges will accept either test Most colleges will super score Check with colleges of interest to see if they require the Writing Section when in doubt sign up for it Send up to 4 free scores directly from the testing agency to the colleges NFHS High School Code: 110921 Some Technical Schools do not require SAT/ACT but want Accuplacer (Lanier Tech) Most students should take SAT/ACT by spring of Junior year Test Prep Best prep: rigorous courses There are a variety of test prep options Free, online classes, in person classes, small groups, and individual Fees go up for more individualized

PSAT score report is a great place to start Qualifying exam if taken as a Junior for National Merit Scholar Program Juniors must register and pay to take the PSAT. You will receive a detailed score report that analyzes your strengths, areas of growth, and AP class potential. Online scores are available Dec. 11. Create a free account by signing onto to access your PSAT scores and individual score report in December! Test Prep Resources ACT College Board Kaplan Princeton Review Method Khan Academy

C2 Education Sycamore Learnin g Huntington The David Acade my Financial Aid Planning Determine the cost of a college Don't let the cost of a particular college keep you from applying Investigate all resources for funding Resources NFHS Counseling Website Financing Aid Planning Hope Program College Scholarships Local Scholarships National Merit Scholarships Government Financial Aid Loans, Grants HOPE Program HOPE Scholarship 3.0 Core GPA (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language) Must meet Rigor Requirements Covers a portion of standard tuition for public and some private institutions

For a tuition award chart visit Check your HOPE GPA progress report at HOPE Program Zell Miller Scholarship 3.7 Core GPA Must meet Rigor Requirements Test Component (no super score) 1200 SAT combined score (Critical Reading & Math) 26 ACT composite score Covers Full Standard Tuition For a tuition award chart visit HOPE Rigor Requirements

The Class of 2020 must pass four courses from the approved list Math Examples: Algebra II, Precalculus, AMDM, Statistical Reasoning Science Examples: Chemistry, Physics, Human Anatomy, Forensic Science Language examples: Spanish II, French II, German II, Russian II, Latin II, or higher Any AP or dual enrollment CORE course For a complete list visit HOPE Program HOPE & Zell Miller Grant Georgia's HOPE Grant is available to Georgia residents who are working towards a certificate or diploma at a technical school Full-time enrollment is not required and students are not required to graduate from

high school with a specific GPA, however, they are required to have a postsecondary cumulative 2.0 GPA, at certain checkpoints, in order to maintain eligibility HOPE Program HOPE Career Grant The HOPE Career Grant is available to HOPE Grant-qualified students who enroll in select majors specifically aligned with one of 12 industries in which there are more jobs available in Georgia than there are skilled workers to fill them. These industries have been identified as strategically important to the states economic growth. Career Exploration The question is not What am I going to do?

Instead ask What are my strengths and interests and how can I explore those? What do I value? What do I know about my personality? Talk to friends and family: learn from what others have done Consider job shadowing or apprenticeships North Forsyth CTAE Pathways Dual Enrollment Lanier Tech Online resources take interest inventories or aptitude tests Georgia's Hot Careers to 2020 Raider Pathways Advanced Academic Pathways

Fine Arts Pathways World Language Pathways Career Tech Pathways Students are encouraged to complete a pathway A sequence of 3 courses is needed to be a Pathway Completer Students can complete multiple pathways. Some pathways require an End of Pathway Assessment Advanced Academic Pathways English, Math, Science Earn 4 required credits

1 credit needs to be AP/MOWR Earn 2 sequential credits in a world language Social Studies Earn 3 required credits 1 credit needs to be AP/MOWR Earn 2 sequential credits in a world language Fine Arts Pathways Music Earn 3 Band credits or 3 Chorus credits Drama

Earn 3 Acting, Tech Theatre, or Musical Theatre credits Visual Arts Earn 3 Visual Arts, Drawing, Painting, Photography, or Ceramics credits Journalism Earn 3 Journalism credits (Yearbook or Newspaper) World Language Pathways Spanish French Russian German Latin Earn 3 credits in the same World

Language AP/MOWR can also count Career Tech Pathways Agriculture Leadership in Horticulture Audio-Video Technology and Film Computer Science Food and Nutrition Engineering and Technology Healthcare Sports Medicine Animations and Digital Media

Information Support and Service Marketing and Management Sports and

Entertainment Marketing Teaching as a Profession Marine Corps JROTC Business and Technology FCS Pathway Recognitions Seal of Completion (Level I) Award: Seal of Completion on Diploma Seal of Distinction (Level II) Award: Seal of Distinction on Diploma, Pin at Graduation Medallion (Level III - Highest) Award: Seal of Distinction on Diploma, Medallion & Pin at Graduation


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