Company Profile Ergoman 2017 1 ERGOMAN AT

Company Profile  Ergoman 2017 1 ERGOMAN AT

Company Profile Ergoman 2017 1 ERGOMAN AT A GLANCE Your Partner for ICT Solutions and your Digital Business More than 15 years of operation and growth National & International Presence Extensive portfolio of services (24x7) Support Specialized &

certified personnel 2 SUCCEED WITH US IN THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ERA! 3 STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS Telecommunication Networking Information & Technology Management

Unified Communications Data Management & Analytics Digital Customer Experience 4 DATA MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS ANALYTICS Make the decisions that achieve better business outcomes Data Acquisition (ETL), Data Warehouses & Data Marts Solutions Reporting & Analytical Solutions Balanced Scorecards & Executive Dashboards Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions Cognitive Analytics Planning Analytics

Enterprise Disclosure Management 5 COMPLETE ENTERPRISE MOBILITY MANAGEMENT Mobile security for the way people work Easily manage your devices See all your devices in one place and remotely manage right over-the-air (OTA) Quickly deploy private and public apps Promote, distribute and update approved apps using an interactive catalog

Collaborate with content on-the-go Mobilize content and files to stay productive anytime, anywhere Keep apps and data secure Simply connect to business systems Help users get the information they need without risk of data leakage Integrate with enterprise systems so you can use existing infrastructure & data repositories 6 DOCUMENT ORIENTED BUSINESS PROCESSES Digitization and automation of your corporate processes 7 LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT OF TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT Manage and Support the whole lifecycle of technical environment, facilities or networks. OSS (telecommunication industry) Network Management Data Center management Asset management - Facility Management Cable Management - SCADA Billing/ Accounting Workflow/ Problem management Status management 8 DIGITAL AGENT EXPERIENCE Say goodbye to Cut & Paste, Alt-Tab and click, click, click

Deliver a desktop tailored to your needs and to any agent, anywhere, anytime No modification or replacement of existing systems required Connects to back end data sources and to desktop applications Drawing data from multiple sources in real-time 10 to 25% Average Handle time Reduction 20 to 50% Training Time Reduction Improved CSAT & Agent Experience 9 DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Engage Voice & Digital Visitors with an improved Self Service Experience Engage voice callers with Visual IVR Engage digital customers with Intelligent Assistant Proactively engage Engagement customers

with Outbound Enhance your existing IVR Platform Reduce inbound calls & call volume by at least 10% while delivering a superior Customer Experience Lower handle time and increased customer satisfaction Save a min of 60 seconds on every call tions lu o s h c e e p Unlike s

onths m t o n , s k e ation in we t n e m le p , im 10

UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS & COLLABORATION Working together, people can achieve extraordinary things. Improve collaboration with technology that empowers people to engage and innovate -- anywhere, on any device Video Cloud and Hybrid Collaboration Solutions Midsize Collaboration Solutions Mobile Collaboration anywhere on any device 11 COMPLETE COLLABORATION MADE SIMPLE & SEAMLESS Our Solution : Complete Collaboration made Simple & Seamless Messaging & Content Sharing Meetings Cloud

Platform Calling Bots & Integrations Devices & Rooms Mobile Desk Small Group Spaces Larger Spaces Conference Room 12 MEETING ROOM SOLUTIONS


Advertising Campaigns All WiFi Apps SLA 24 h 14 NETWORK PLANNING & LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Our Solutions offers you, as operator of telecommunication networks, a broad range of application on modular basis. Supports planning and documentation of fix networks like core networks, access networks, transmission networks and mobile radio networks on the basis of all established transmission technologies (IP, Ethernet, MPLS, SDH, PDH, ATM, FR etc.) as well as mobile technologies from 2G (DCS/GSM) to 4G (LTE-Advanced)

The graphical user interface NETx Design displays data schematically or geographically It guarantees an optimized support of different workflows in your company The intuitive approach eases the usability especially for complex tasks like for instance connection routing Grows constantly to fit to the permanent growing demands of our customers and to new technologies 15 E-SURVEY APPLICATION FOR TELECOM OPERATORS Move to a digital, people-based support Survey model Digitalization of Survey processes Direct communication of Survey results in back office for on time evaluation. Capability for online/offline Survey Capability for remote office Survey Minimize the Work Order preparation & back office overheads

Optimization of preparation & evaluation survey process 16 VOICE & DATA ROUTERS ALL IP SOLUTION Multi-service Data Routers and EADs Small Multi-service Voice and Data Routers Business & Branch Office, Medium-Size Businesses & Regional Offices, Headquarters & Campus Smart, powerful, all-in-one Cloud-ready IP-Ethernet routers for SMBs and Enterprises, delivered by service providers. Small Businesses & Branch Offices Medium-Size Businesses & Regional Offices Flexible and high-performance, integrated

IP communications platforms for SMBs and Enterprise branch offices, delivered by service providers. WAN Optimization Platforms Service Delivery Software Platforms Flexible, integrated business and branch office network appliances delivering improved Cloud and data application performance for an improved end-user experience. Delivered by service providers. Flexible, multi-service deployment and management suite for more profitable managed services. Service Assurance and Performance Suite

Premium Support Services WAN optimization suite for a higher- quality managed services user experience. Dedicated, professional support and services adding value to your OneAccess investment. 17 STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS 18 THEY TRUST US INDICATIVE CUSTOMERS

Telecom Sector Enterprise Sector Financial Sector 19 CONTACT US German Office Greek Office In den Fritzenstcker 2 65549 Limburg a.d. Lahn / Germany

T: +49 643128079 - 0 F: +49 643128079 - 99 E: [email protected] 71 , Grammou st. Maroussi, Athens,15124 T: + 30 210 8056 - 826 F: + 30 210 8056 - 828 E: [email protected] 20

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