SM Health Communications, LLC Our Company, Offerings, and

SM Health Communications, LLC Our Company, Offerings, and

SM Health Communications, LLC Our Company, Offerings, and Capabilities 2-1-2017 Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved SM Health Communications, LLC A full-service editorial services and consulting company, with special expertise in health care writing, editing, consulting, market research, and project management.

Payer markets Pharmaceuticals, including biosimilars Hospitals and long-term care Clinical issues Health policy research Stanton Mehr Experience & Expertise Founded SM Health Communications LLC in 2006, serving health care agencies, publishers, biopharmaceutical industry, offering highly customized project and market research services. Written and presented on topics that include biosimilars, Medicare (& Medicare Advantage), disease management, formulary decision making, consumer-directed health care, value-based benefit design, Medicare part D, longterm care financing, health policy, the uninsured, the history of managed care, and many clinical issues.

Communications, LLC SM Health 30 Years Exp in Health Care Publishing and Project Management Founder, Biosimilars Review and Report ( Co-founder, Patient Journeys ( 20 years as Executive Vice President and Editorial Director of Medicom International Inc. The Founding Editor of Managed Care Interface, the first monthly, peer-reviewed journal for the managed care industry, and its sister publication Long-Term Care Interface 5 years as President of TPG Communications & Research, Health Communications, LLC a market research organization focused on theSM payer SM Health Communications,

LLC Payer Markets Consulting, and Health Care Writing, Editing, and Project Management Produce highly technical, clinical manuscripts, health policy research and reviews, and news features geared to the lay public Work with your clinical and health policy key opinion leaders to craft manuscripts that maximize the opportunities for publication. Writing projects undertaken include academic papers to brochures and primers for lay audiences. Write reports based on attendance at advisory boards, satellite symposia, roundtables, for publication as an article or monograph to a recognized publication with managed care and/or long-term care distribution Research and write supplements and white papers on clinical or policy topics Produce and manage blog commentaries

Communications, LLC SM Health SM Health Communications, LLC Consulting, Writing, Editing, and Project Management (contd) Edit articles and manuscripts, develop concepts to weave a program into an integrated whole Consult to get a new publication or editorial project from the white board to print and/or the Web Work on pharma industry presentations and educational projects Consult with publishers on content, commerce, and new business

opportunities in the health care and payer markets Hold mock P&T Committees for payer business intelligence through best-in-class, proprietary process Hold payer ad boards (live and Web-enabled) Communications, LLC SM Health Biosimilars Activity and Market Research Blog posts Biosimilars Review and Report Market The Center for Biosimilars (

Four-part article series on biosimilars in American Health and Drug Benefits research 12 payer programs since Aug 2015 Biosimilar Multistakeholder Summit Held Dec 1-2, 2016 Initial concept, content, recruitment

Communications, LLC SM Health The Virtual P&T Committee P&T InsightTM gives pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to present their drug products before a virtual formulary committeein the most authentic formulary review environment possibleto gain a comprehensive insight into how a real Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee will react to: Product positioning Clinical efficacy Pharmacoeconomic and outcomes data Product dosage and formulations Pricing/contracting Adverse effects Communications, LLC SM Health The Virtual P&T Committee

Review biologics, biosimilars, & small molecules to prepare for launch (pre-FDA approval), to discuss new indications, or to position older products threatened by new competitive pressures P&T InsightTM is a turn-key market research project Experience in presenting: Payer P&T Committeesplan, insurer, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid Hospital P&T Committees Technology Assessment Committees Value Assessment Committees Communications, LLC SM Health

Powerful Market Research From turn-key operations to providing help where and when you need it Everything from developing the proposal to writing the final report Recruitment only (clinicians, payers, providers) Conducting one-to-one phone interviews Web surveys Report generation based on previous interviews/surveys Rapid turnarounds with our InstaSurveyprogram

In some cases, 48-hour results Communications, LLC SM Health The PayerWise Qualitative Research Advantage Client convenience and comprehensive services Broad payer network All preparation, recruitment, analysis, and reporting services in a single package Yielding excellent sample sizes Conversations in a Web community setting Excellent value

Access to the payers and managed care opinion leaders who count Fast turnaround times, results fully analyzed Communications, LLC SM Health A Patient-Centric View of the Health Delivery System Patient journey mapping Disease category focus Physician-targeted newsletter Covers patient cost sharing, disability,

treatment options, payer policies A Portfolio of Clients, Past and Present Academy for International Health Studies Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy/AMCP Foundation Advanstar Dental Media Advantage Point Solutions Alkermes Allergan American Journal of Managed Care American Medical Communications Catalyst Communications The Ashfield Group Beacon Health Care Biovid The Center for Biosimilars Gates Pharmaceutical Consulting

The Hobart Group The Kinetix Group The Lewis Education Group The Lynx Group Intellisphere JCP Group JeSTARx Communications Janssen Biotech Manchester Square Group Maxcess Managed Markets Merrill Lynch Novartis Novo Nordisk National Managed Care (Payer) Roundtable PAN Foundation Payer Sciences Protected Harbor RADical Group Recon Marketing Solutions Roger Green & Associates Rxperience Strategix

Takeda TPG Educational Resources Tris Pharmaceuticals UCB Pharma Valeritas Communications, LLC SM Health Contact Information Stanton R. Mehr President SM Health Communications, LLC E-mail: [email protected] Phone 845.641.7011 Fax 845.267.2744 SM Health Communications, LLC

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