Basic need-to-know for Advantex AX-20 pretreatment systems. Specific

Basic need-to-know for Advantex AX-20 pretreatment systems. Specific

Basic need-to-know for Advantex AX-20 pretreatment systems. Specific requirements for MN applications. Advantex Basics The Advantex is a recirculating treatment system similar to a recirculating sand filter.

Each Advantex AX-20 unit is Minnesota registered to 600 gpd with residential strength waste. The unit will achieve treatment Level A with a UV lite. Treatment level A only requires 12 of separation to the seasonal high water table and receives an average 25% reduction in the drainfield square footage requirement. Check the treatment level A soil loading rates for your specific soil. The Advantex system typically has a higher up front cost, but tends to cost

less over time. This is due to a long lifespan of the equipment and the low monthly electrical bill. The power cost is often less than $3 dollars a month versus $25 or more for an ATU with a constantly running blower motor. The manufacturer requires maintenance once a year. The Advantex filter is 7 long by 3 wide by 2 tall. It weighs about 350 lbs dry, and is typically set right on top of the recirc tank.

The basic layout of the Advantex system is the same as a recirculating sand filter, or any other recirculating treatment system. To better understand the concept, start with a standard pressure bed layout. Standard pressure bed layout Drain field

Septic Drawing #1 Lift Now simply insert a recirc tank and the Advantex filter between the septic and lift tanks.

Additional pretreatment components Advantex Drain field Septic

Drawing #1 Recirc Lift The septic and recirc tanks can be separate tanks, however it is often more efficient to use a combination septic/recirc tank (2000 gal combo works best).

Treatment The recirc pump doses the filter by spraying the effluent over the top of the hanging sheets using a miniature lateral network. The effluent trickles down through the sheets to obtain treatment. The effluent then drips off the bottom of the sheet and drains back to the recirc tank. The Advantex unit is never full of water, nor does it maintain any level of

water, it is simply a box full of dripping wet towels that has a drain pipe at the bottom. Water flow As the effluent drains back to the recirc tank, part of the water is diverted to the lift tank (drain line shown in red). The ball cage is the component that diverts the flow and also provides for our recirculation, giving us our desired 3:1, 4:1 recirc ratios.

The ball cage assembly is shown In the middle of the photo. The ball cage assembly works similar to a trench drop box. The effluent comes in one end of the T at the top of the ball cage, and when the water level in the recirc tank is high, the balls in the ball cage are up and seated, this causes the effluent to back up and flow out the other end of

the T which leads to the lift tank. Just like a trench drop box, when the first trench is full, it diverts the water to the next trench. In this case, when the recirc tank is full it diverts the water to the lift tank. Low water level : High water level : water returns to the

water moves on to recirc tank the lift tank The component shown in black is the T at the top of the ball cage Inside the recirc tank there will also be a pump vault which contains the pump filter, floats, and a well style recirc pump (also shown is the RSV ball

cage). It takes at least 44 of water height for this stack of components, so low profile tanks wont work. These components are also shown on the following page. A recirculating system must time dose all effluent through the filter, so the recirc tank must also perform surge control (DO NOT UNDERSIZE IT) as such it does not have a fixed water level. Using a combo tank with a mole hole allows the septic to provide surge capacity as well. The dark gray level shows the normal operating range.

The light gray level shows the surge capacity range. The standard design has 3 of soil cover over the tank (and thus 3 of tank riser). Each Advantex system is designed so that the top of the unit will be flush with final grade. This provides easy access to the unit for maintenance. For treatment level A, the Advantex must be followed with a UV light.

The UV light is required to be inspected and cleaned twice a year. The bulb is recommended to be replaced every 2 years. MN7080 does not require lab sampling on any registered Type IV pretreatment system, but some local operating permits may require at least a fecal test to confirm treatment is occurring as intended. Check with your local unit of government for their specific requirements.

Salcor UV lite MN7080 requires treatment level A effluent to be: - time dosed and - uniformly distributed. This typically results in using a standard pressure bed or pressure trenches. You must be at least an Intermediate designer to design a residential strength

Type IV pretreatment system < 2500 gpd. An operating permit and a management plan are also required. Install tips During the installer site visit, it is a good time to confirm the placement of the control panel. It is best to place it near the risers which contain the recirc and lift pumps. The UV light has a cord 20 feet long, this also needs to be considered when

determining the placement of the control panel. FYI: It will typically take one man 4 hours to assemble the various Advantex components. During back fill, keep a mild slope away from the unit lid and riser lids to avoid any future water runoff from getting into the unit or tanks. Make sure the unit lid is bolted down prior to backfilling.

The unit is typically bolted to 6 Timbers perpendicular to the unit. This provides the proper height above the tank for pipe connections, and also provides antifloatation measures. This unit is sitting on a 2000 gal combo tank with a mole hole. Picture of unit parallel and perpendicular This is the riser to the lift tank. The UV lite is shown with an angled pipe fitting. This helps makes room for the float tree and lift pump.

Review system flow Sewage enters the septic/recirc combo. The effluent is pumped up to the Advantex filter. As it drains back to the recirc tank the ball cage will divert some of it toward the lift tank. The water goes through the UV light as it enters the lift tank. The lift pump then pumps the effluent to the drainfield. Design worksheet

When designing any system, the simplest method is to find the appropriate design worksheet at and fill it in with the basic field data you obtained from your site evaluation. The design worksheet for a pretreatment system will still only take a couple of minutes to complete. The design sheet will produce an installer summary list, a system elevation template, and a recirc & lift tank float setting document. (Recirc tank float drawing - side view)

(Dose tank float drawing - side view) System elevation template Advantex SHWT

Pump up Gravity down. Gravity down. House Advantex septic / recirc

Dosing Tank Absorption Area _ 100_ Grade _ 100 _ Grade

_ 100 _ Grade Outlet __98 __ _ 96__ RSV outlet __97.3__ inlet __96_

__92 __ Tank bottom inlet outlet __96 __ __ 92__ Tank bottom

__ 99__ laterals _ 98.5 bottom rock

_ 97.5 SHWT System summary - Each Advantex unit is registered at 600 gpd. - The septic tank is sized at approximately 2 times design flow.

- The recirc tank is sized for a minimum of 1 days design flow, with a minimum water height of 44. - Recirc settings are based on estimated actual use. - The Recirc pump doses approximately 10 gallons every 20 minutes, depending on actual flow and the desired recirc ratio. - Water must gravity flow from the ball cage T to the lift tank. - Floatation measures must be taken to keep the Advantex unit from lifting out of the ground.

System summary - continued - The UV lite is typically set in the lift tank riser. - The system currently requires a phone landline for the onsite control panel. - The Maintainer will need an internet connection to set and adjust the alarm settings and receive calls from the panel. - The recirc tank needs to be filled with water at system start-up. - The unit requires yearly maintenance: clean pump vault filter, check floats

and ball cage. Check synthetic sheets, verify tank scum & sludge levels, etc. - Avoid water softener backwash to the system. Typical beneficial applications Often a small lake lot does not have room for a standard system or even a down sized type III mound. In this situation you may have around 18 to SHWT. With a level A pretreatment system you can eliminate the need for a mound

and reduce the size of the required drainfield footprint. With 12 of soil for treatment and roughly 6 of distribution rock, the top of rock elevation is basically back to grade. When the additional 12 of cover above grade is blended in to the existing grade, you often cant tell where the drainfield is. This can be achieved with a pressure bed or using pressure trenches down a slope. With the Advantex unit over the combo tank, this and the lift tank do not require a lot of additional yard space. Since these components are all at grade, the

owners often simply landscape around the lids. The end result is a minimal impact to the yard which is quite a contrast to putting in a 3 high (minimum) finished grade mound. If you have room for a combo tank, a lift tank and a small drainfield, this system will work well. Components landscaped with rock and bushes, or flush with lawn

For detailed step by step instructions of the design or installation of an Advantex AX-20 system, review the training modules on the website. For further information contact your local distributor or the manufacturer at This concludes the basic Advantex need to know training.

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