New MT 12 Packet ISN p.96 = Reflection

New MT 12 Packet ISN p.96 = Reflection

New MT 12 Packet ISN p.96 = Reflection ISN p.97 = New packet Title Page ISN p. 98 = Blank ISN p.99 = packet page 2 ISN p.100 = Blank.. ISN p.101 = Blank ISN p. 102 = Blank. ISN p.103 = Blank ISN p. 104 = Blank.

ISN p.105 = packet page 3 ISN p.106 = Blank.. ISN p.107 = page 7 AND 8 = Flip page yes, 2 pages on one like a book ISN p.108 = Blank.. ISN p.109 = page 4 AND 5 (Flip page) ISN p.110 = Blank.. ISN p.111 = page 6 TOPIC: MT 12: Transport Fri

11/30/12 MY GOAL: I will understand the structure of the plasma membrane GET ON TASK ISN PAGE 96 Reflection of last Measurement Topics 10 & 11, Cell Theory & Cell Structure & Function: 1. I wish I had 2. I am getting better at 3. My goal is to

Review Yesterdays 1. If you did NOT take the summative yesterday, please MAJORSummative step outside now 2. If you did A. Copy of Summative B. Copy of your Report tells you which ones you missed. 1) Please find out WHY you missed the one you missed. 2) Turn Summative paper back in to me Did you know? 40,000 infectious and microscopic droplets

1. Sneezes can travel 100 mph & the wet spray can radiate 5 feet. 2. Flu virus can survive up to 72 hours on surfaces like doorknobs & desks. 3. People dont sneeze when they are asleep nerves involved are also resting. 4. Between 18 & 35% of the pop. sneezes when exposed to sudden bright light. 5. Some people sneeze when plucking their eyebrows nerve endings in face are irritated & fire an impulse to nasal nerve. Measurement Topic 12, Transport What does that mean??? We have looked at what types of cells living things are made

of: Prokaryotic cells = bacteria cells Eukaryotic cells = plant & animal cells NOW we will look at how molecules/STUFF gets in to and out of those cells: 1. Active Transport 2. Passive Transport a) Diffusion b) Osmosis It all starts with The Cell Membrane & its Structure Cholesterol v=S7CJ7xZOjm0&safety_mode=true&

Your 2 Job of the Use textbook, starting on p. 81 Day #1. Define CELL MEMBRANE: nd Cornell NOTES on ISN page 98 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. DRAW the Cell Membrane

What does the CM consist of? What is a phospholipid? What do the proteins do? What do the receptors do? How is the CM like bread? Explain where the two names Fluid & Mosaic got their names from in the Fluid Mosaic Model of the CM. #2. Define SELECTIVE PERMEABILITY: 1. DRAW Selective Permeability 2. What does selective permeability enable a cell to do? Your ISNLast Job of page 99 the Day 1.Read Article, Why is Studying the Cell

membrane So Important, in your ISN 2.Highlight or Underline to stay involved HOMEWORK 1.Read over your notes a few times this weekend. 2.Read the same information from Be the change you wish to see in the world

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