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Unless otherwise noted, the content of this course

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Deep Blue at Michigan Preservation perspectives Metadata Auditing Incentives Institutional content Thirteen Ways Preservation Themes Deep Blue Perspectives Metadata

Auditing Incentives Content Lavoie/Dempsey Thirteen Ways an ongoing activity a set of agreed outcomes an understood responsibility a selection process

an economically sustainable activity a cooperative effort an innocuous activity an aggregated or disaggregated service a complement to other library services a well understood process an arms length transaction one of many options a public good Rusbridge Excuse me fallacies Themes Deep Blue Perspectives Metadata Auditing

Incentives Content Digital preservation is very expensive [because] File formats become obsolete very rapidly [which means that] Interventions must occur frequently, ensuring that continuing costs remain high. Digital preservation repositories should have very long timescale aspirations, 'Internet-age' expectations are such that the preserved object must be easily and instantly accessible in the format de jour, and the preserved object must be faithful to the original in all respects. Keller, Reich, Herkovic What is a library, anyway?

Themes Deep Blue Perspectives Metadata Auditing Incentives Content That libraries may be becoming obsolete is, to some degree, plausible, not because they are losing some kind of competition with the Internet for eyeballs or compellingly superior content, but rather because libraries may be in the process of abandoning their role as collection builders and managers. RLG/NARA Audit Checklist Auditing Archives Themes Deep Blue Perspectives

Metadata Auditing Incentives Content Organization Repository functions, processes, and procedures Designated community and useability of information Technologies and technical infrastructure TRAC http://www.crl.edu/content.asp?l1=13&l2=58&l3=162 Content Landscape Blackboard objects E-Reserve docs

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Other Total = 119 Research Center Outputs Preliminary Website Analysis 90 88 80 Available on the Web 70 60 50 40 55 32 Total = 119

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