Project Overview Geospatial Technician Education Through Virginias Community

Project Overview Geospatial Technician Education Through Virginias Community

Project Overview Geospatial Technician Education Through Virginias Community Colleges (GTEVCC) VCCS Geospatial Institute July 24-30, 2010 NSF DUE-0903270 The VCCS Geospatial Workshop This workshop is one component of a much larger project

This larger effort (Geospatial Technician Education Through Virginias Community Colleges [GTEVCC]) is funded through the NSF/ ATE The NSF / ATE Advanced Technological Education grants are administered under the National Science Foundations undergraduate education division. The ATE program focuses on the education of

technicians for the high-technology fields that drive our nation's economy. Emphasizes partnerships between academic institutions and employers Emphasis on 2-year colleges Background of this project (The abridged version...) 2003 - VGEP and Bob Bailey (CVCC) established a VCCS / GIS focus group:

challenges and needs established 2007 - VSGC, VCCS, TCC, JTCC, VWCC, and VGEP submitted full a NSF / ATE proposal Denied 2007 - VSGC, VCCS, TCC, JTCC, VWCC, and VGEP submitted planning proposal to the NSF/ ATE - Accepted GTEVCC-Results from Planning Grant GST Workforce Needs Survey Completed (more on this later!)

Virginia DACUM Created (more on this later!) Pilot Workshops Conducted TCC Established Certificate in GIS Webportal Planned Background (continued, abridged version...) Planning grant work set the framework for the 2008 full proposal

Fall 2008 Full proposal submitted to the NSF/ ATE (if at first you dont succeed...) Spring 2009 Full proposal accepted 3 year grant GTEVCC Vision Establish and grow three unique academic pathways in geospatial technology (GST) at partnering VCCS colleges to provide employers in Virginia with a larger pool of skilled geospatial technicians.

Pathways will serve as academic models for other VCCS community colleges. GTEVCC Overarching Project Goal Continue to build a network of partnerships among community colleges, college faculty, business/industry and public sector (employers), universities, and national organizations to improve communication among all geospatial technology (GST)

stakeholders across the state. GTEVCC-Partners VSGC managing and administering on behalf of VCCS John Tyler Community College Tidewater Community College Virginia Western Community College Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Virginia Geospatial Extension Program at Virginia Tech

GTEVCC-Steering Committee Rodney Clayton-TCC, Co-I

Dr. John McGee-VT, Co-I David Webb-VWCC, Co-I Dr. William Wyatt-JTCC, Co-I George McLeod-TCC Adjunct, GIS Systems Engineer-ODU Inez Farrell-VCCS, Director of Instructional Technology Stephanie Baird Wilkerson-Magnolia Consulting, External Evaluation Chris Carter-VSGC, PI GTEVCC Advisory Committee

NASA Langley Michael Baker, Inc. Timmons R&K Engineering James Madison University

Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN) Mountain Empire CC Faculty Emeritus from Virginia Tech Virginia Department of Education ESRI

GTEVCC-Goals (Community College Faculty) Goal 1 Build academic pathways in GST at three geographically dispersed community colleges that can serve as models for other community colleges. Well hear more about this throughout the week, as well as on Wednesday! Goal 2 Provide professional development for community college faculty and precollege teachers in Virginia to increase use of GST and to disseminate resources. This is

why you are here. I think that it is the most important component of the entire project! GTEVCC-Goals (Community College Faculty) Goal 3 Build the GST workforce pipeline by increasing enrollment in geospatial programs. Awareness efforts, GIS course offerings, and integration in other courses Goal 4 Create and sustain a GST web portal to serve as a

repository for GST pathway models, curriculum, professional development materials, and other resources. We will provide you with a guided tour of the VCCS Geospatial Portal tomorrow! GTEVCC-Goals (Community College Faculty) Goal 5 Ensure project participants represent diversity in gender and ethnicity.

GTEVCC High-School Teacher Workshop Goal Raise the level of GST knowledge and skills among high school teachers (CTE, science, computer) from service region of partnering colleges Increase integration of GST into the classroom Activities Conduct one summer workshop for 15 teachers from each service region (3 day + 1 day followup) VWCC and TCC (2010) JTCC (2011)

Understanding Industry Needs The Geospatial State of the State! Virginia supports the 3rd largest geospatial industry in the U.S. (behind California, & Colorado) Virginias geospatial industry often hires geospatial technicians from outside the state! We want to make sure that the students are being provided with the skills that are most required by

Virginias industry. Well have guest speakers throughout the week that will discuss business and industry needs, and geospatial career opportunities! Virginia Geospatial DACUM Back in 2007, we assessed GIS technician level skills required by VA employers Interviewed ~25 industry representatives Compared the response to a DACUM that was previously conducted in San Diego Mesa, CA

Tweaked the CA DACUM to better reflect GIS skillsets for entry level technicians in VA This DACUM is the foundation for the content in our workshop (it is in your notebook) More about DACUMs Ann Johnson, from the National GeoTech Center will be on hand later this week to discuss more extensive (and recent) DACUM research and work! The good news, is that the more recent

DACUM assessment closely parallels Virginias technician level DACUM. Youll hear all about this later in the week!

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