Weather Coder III: Fast Dissemination of Manual Observations

Weather Coder III: Fast Dissemination of Manual Observations

Weather Coder III: Fast Dissemination of Manual Observations Kelly Redmond*, Greg McCurdy*, Grant Kelly*, Michael Brewer#, Timothy [email protected] * Western Regional Climate Center, DRI, Reno NV

# NWS HQ Washington DC, @ NCDC, Asheville NC

6th Annual Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 2008 March 3-7 Weather Coder III Joint project and partnership between National Weather Service, NCDC, and NOAA Regional Climate Centers Web based entry of NWS Cooperative Observer measurements Direct and immediate input through NWS Gateway to national distribution system

Modeled after NWS Weather Coder II, CoCoRAHS, Canadian COOLTAP Paperless electronic submission of daily COOP data to NCDC and climate community Administrative tools for use by Weather Forecast Offices Data into Applied Climate Information System (ACIS) for climate monitoring Failover to other RCCs First steps toward eventual paperless environment Ability to print local copies of traditional B-91 observer forms

Will integrate data from IV-ROCS telephone-based system Immediate quality control to directly prevent many of the most common errors Weather Coder III Designed to honor these basic principles: 1) Provide efficient, easy-to-use data entry system for participating COOP

observers, 2) Ensure timely availability of COOP data for all customers, 3) Improve data quality through automated near-real-time QA/QC, 4) Achieve a paperless electronic data collection, transmission, and archiving system, 5) Allow system flexibility to meet demands of integrating data from future observing systems. Opening page

demo / demo Welcome to Observer Named Demo Observer Demo selects Grants Second Test Station, NV Temp/Mx/Mn At Obs

Hydro Precip/snow Precip Times River Info Form presented to station

Grants Test Site Now enter observations River info Soil Temps Tmax / Tmin

Weather Occurrence Remarks Calendar showing days that have observations Form ready for observer entry (numbers deliberately faint)

Form with 2 days opened, precip times, remarks Download a B-91 form from a past month in various formats Printable copy for local storage Observer error, logical inconsistency, TMIN > TOBS

Just prior to submission: Does everything look right? Then submit Temperature traces are not always sinusoids. Max and min temperatures not always set in afternoon and morning.

9 am 9 am 6 pm 6 pm Mid-mid Strange day, definite and uncertain precip times, remarks. Lost? Mixed up? Cant understand ? Press the help button.

Bad Snow Depth Observer entered 1.0 inch Whole inches only Made the correction Now confirm before submittal

Hmmmm This is a monthly extreme temperature. Are you sure ?? Please confirm. Email sent to site administrator Monthly extreme exceeded

This may merit further attention. Remarks are great, but SRUS53 KLOT 012038 RR3LOT WxCoder .A CNNI2 20080201 C DH0800/DC0802010829/PPK 0.70/SFK 6.1/SDK 10

.A1 : Total snow accumulation since snow began early morning yesterday is now at 10.4 .A2 : inches as of 8::03am As of 8::03 am...snow is continuing to fall at a light to .A3 : moderate intensity. Streets are EXTREMELY bad! Side streets here are very .A4 : dangerous. Many motorists are having poor control on the side streets. Of most

.A5 : concern to me is many CPS kids are going to school and it is difficult for them. .A6 : Observing a CPS school on the northwest side some kids are slipping and falling .A7 : in this snow! People have to be careful. I did not understand why CPS did not .A8 : close today. Overall, the biggest storm this year and very difficult with

.A9 : driving and kids getting to school >099 >SRUS51 KRLX 190820 >RR3RLX >WxCoder >.A CLWV2 080217 E DH0700/XW 03/PPM 1.87/SD 0/SF 0.0/PP 0.00 >.A1 TA 50/TN 32/TX 54/DC0802190317

>.A2 : An early overnight minimum of 33 degrees at Clintwood 1 W gave way >to dramatic >.A3 : temperature rises as strong, downsloping winds displaced the >nocturnal cold air >.A4 : drainage temperature inversion amid the deep valleys. ROARing >southerly winds >.A5 : dominated the daylight hours, with enhanced speeds being observed >at ground >.A6 : level in some locations as partial clearing and sunshine leeward

>of the High >.A7 : Knob massif contributed to turbulent mixing and the downward >transfer of high >.A8 : momentum air ( with possible mountain lee waves also acting to aid >downward >.A9 : transfer amid their axial troughs north of the High Knob >highcountry ). >.A10 : Structural wind damage occurred on the campus of the University

>of Virginia's >.A11 : College in Wise, when the metal roof of Cantrell Hall was ripped >apart. >.A12 : Although peak gusts remained generally under 40 mph on the LNP >20-minute obs, a >.A13 : 51 mph gust was clocked at L.F. Addington Middle School in Wise >to suggest >.A14 : speeds were locally much stronger. The strong southerly winds

>aided warming >.A15 : across much of Dickenson County, north of the Tennessee Valley >Divide, where the >.A16 : afternoon max soared to 66 degrees at Clintwood 1 W. Gusty >showers overspread >.A17 : the area from southwest to northeast during the late afternoon, >with light to >.A18 : moderate rains into the evening.

Remarks: Only first 280 characters transmitted in the SHEF message, but whole message is retained in the archives. A concession to

practicality. ####018000152#### SRUS53 KABR 022025 RR3ABR WxCoder .A SMTS2 080229 C DH1700/TX 33/TN 22/TA 30/PP 0.00/SF 0.0 .A1 SD 2/DC0803021421

.A2 : strong winds, some drifting ####018000130#### SRUS53 KABR 022025 RR3ABR WxCoder .A SMTS2 080301 C DH1700/TX 41/TN 10/TA 35/PP 0.00/SF 0.0 .A1 SD 1/DC0803021423 .A2 : windy

####018000124#### SRUS51 KRNK 022025 RR3RNK WxCoder .A CHMV2 080301 E DH0700/TX 56/TN 18/TA 42/PP 0.00/SF 0.0 .A1 SD 0/XW 01/DC0803021522 ####018000221#### SRUS55 KBOU 022025

RR3BOU WxCoder .A ELIC2 080218 M DH0600/TX 22/TN 12/TA 18/PP 0.11/PT 5 .A1 SF 1.5/SD 3/XR 49/XRIRZX 87/XRIRZN 49/UD 285 .A2 US 11/UG M/UP 43/UR 0/PA 29.88/DC0803021323 .A3 : Max wind 43 mph at 0730 ####018000120#### SRUS53 KEAX 022025

RR3EAX WxCoder .AR AMTM7 080302 C DH0700/TX 64/TN 35/TA 55/PP 0.00/SF 0.0 .AR1 SD 0/DC0803021421 ####018000124#### Typical. SHEF messages

Site Administrator can track detailed station metadata. Protected site More complex station This one also has soil and river information Click to get online

Users Guide 1000s Number of logins by hour We Feb 27

Th Feb 28 Number of obs transmitted Fr Feb 29 Last day of month Sa Mar 01

Su Mar 02 Weekend Weather Coder III after its One Month Luniversary Mass switchover on 2008 February 1, all WFOs at once. Major source of RCC NWS interaction nationwide

No major problems, many small-to-moderate issues Feedback options are heavily used Many helpful comments and suggestions thus far from the NWS field structure Needs some babysitting, quasi-operational for RCC, runs 24 / 7 / 366 As with all automated systems, human beings still have a significant role Failover to HPRCC not fully functional yet About 3000 3500 observations per day now being transmitted

Weather Coder III A successful start A number of improvements in the works Observer and NWS feedback Coop network getting more attention from NWS offices Can correct or modify observations from the recent past. Can fill data gaps for when permanent observer absent on travel, medical, etc. Extensible to other types of manual measurements as well Instant Quality Control has helped to change observer habits

Established observers do not need to use, but are encouraged. New observers will be required to have the capability (web access). Thanks a lot !!!

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