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Sign on to: SCU Guest Find BUSN 70 LEAVEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Welcome!!! Leavey School of Business LEAVEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS The Leavey School of Business is a community dedicated to innovative learning and research Here is where we find inspiration: We blend the intersection of education with business We transform people, ideas, and organizations We allow you to apply what you learn in real time We are Silicon Valleys entrepreneurial spirit Our Purpose DEVELOPING TOMORROWS BUSINESS LEADERS Within a

PLACE unlike any: Silicon Valley PEOPLE of Imagination and Conscience PASSION for Academic Excellence and Innovation LEAVEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS OUR GOALS TODAY What are the University and LSB curriculum requirements? Who delivers academic advising here at SCU? What classes should I take in the Fall? How do I plan for and register for classes? What I need for today

Computer/ Phone Pencil Blue Sheet Requirement Check-list LEAVEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Staying informed is your responsibility Prioritize email review: Office of the Registrar- Monica Augustin Undergraduate Business Programs (UGBP)Jo-Anne Shibles Your Peer Advisor Drahmann Academic Advising Center WHAT DOES THE CURRICULUM LOOK LIKE?

Business School University Major 2nd Major Minor Electives YOUR LSB REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST All requirements on one page Keep it updated and take it to advising appointments Start today cohort 2018 REQUIRED COURSES . . . IN SPECIFIC QUARTERS RLC (Residential Learning Community) Course: Fall Quarter Critical Thinking & Writing (CTW) or

Cultures & Ideas (CI) or Religion, Theology and Culture (RTC) Pre enrolled in your RLC. Listed on the top of your blue sheet. Athletes and LEAD pre enrolled in both CTW and CI. Calculus MATH 30 and 31 Calculus for Business (for business students) MATH 11 and 12 Calculus and Analytic Geometry (for advanced math classes) Mary Long [email protected] Calculus CRE & placement (ALEKS) CRE not required AP credit, or transfer credit for MATH 9, 11 or 30 CRE taken Youve received a notice about placement CRE not taken You must take it prior to enrolling in calculus for winter quarter CRE Scores and Class Placement

Score Class LAB 0-60 Math 9 Math 9L required Must enroll in Math 9 and Lab. 61-72 Math 9 Math 9L optional Lab is optional but encouraged Math 9L optional *Very close score to take

calculus. Contact Mary Long to take CRE again. If dont take CRE a 2nd time enroll in Math 9. 73-75 76-100 Math 9* Notes Math 11 or No lab requirement 30 (optional Math 11L or 30L) NOTE: If you dont have credit for AP calculus, and you havent taken the calculus readiness exam (CRE), plan to take MATH 9 in the fall or MATH 11/30 in winter. All LEAD students must take associated lab class, ie Math 9, 11 or 30 must take Math 9L, Math 11L or Math 30L. Calculus and AP AP Exam Score

Earns SCU Credit For Calculus AB 4 or 5 MATH 11 Enroll in MATH 12 Calculus BC 3 MATH 11 Enroll in MATH 12 Calculus BC 4 or 5

MATH 11 & 12 Notes Business calculus requirement fulfilled. Calculus 2nd Language For Business 2nd course/1st year of college level The first course in a language sequence is only offered in the fall Religion, Theology & Culture RSOC, TESP, SCTR RTC 1 (numbered 1-19) RTC 2 (numbered 20-99) RTC 3 (numbered 100 and above) Must be completed in sequence Third course may not be taken until youre a junior

REQUIRED BUSINESS COURSE . . . FALL ALL business students Enroll in BUSN 70 in the fall Contemporary Business Issues Course Prerequisites 1. Specific courses 2. Unit requirements 3. Program requirements Must be complete (or be enrolled) prior to registration Concurrent enrollment not allowed WRONG LEAVEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Finding Your Calling MAJORS

Finance Marketing Accounting Management Accounting & Info Systems (AIS) Economics Management & Info Systems (MIS) Individual Studies MINORS Entrepreneurship International Business MIS Real Estate Retail Studies

Business Analytics No double majors within LSB Lots of minors in AS/ENGR LEAVEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS HERE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO DELIVER ACADEMIC ADVISING! LSB Peer Advisors Faculty Advisors Drahmann Advising Center Undergraduate Business Programs NOW WHAT? Show how to complete your blue sheet Explore Course Availability Finding classes

Fall schedule Planning session AP and transfer credits have been posted in eCampus 12:30 Lunch Tomorrow Meet with your orientation faculty advisor group Registration How Many Classes? Typical first year Four 4-unit courses Want Need

Fall Quarter- Four 4- unit courses (16 units) or Three 4-unit courses, plus a 2 unit course such as OMIS 15 or BUSN 71. (14 units) 16 units total Note: 12 units is full time status Max units per quarter is 19 (some exceptions may apply)

LEAVEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Scheduling Tips Classes: MWF or TR SCU is on a quarter system MWF: 1 hr 5 min Fall, Winter & Spring = academic year TR:

10 min break between classes Classes are morning & evening A quarter is 10 weeks plus a week of finals Travel home after last final 1 hr 40 min LEAVEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Course Numbering Lower-Division DEPT plus 1-99 ACTG 11 OMIS 15 ECON 1 MATH 30

Course Numbering Upper-Division DEPT plus 100+ ACTG 130 ECON 113 OMIS 108 RSOC 121 Officeof theR e g i s t r a r RegistrationFormFall 2018 NAME: Your Name Here SCU ID: 0000XXXX Session: # RLC: Your RLC Here Program: Business Plan: Undeclared SCU email: [email protected] Other phone (please add): (123)456-7899

Home phone: (xxx)xxx-xxxx You have been registered into the following classes: ENGL 1A 91273 Critical Thinking & Writing I MWF 11:45 AM 12:50 PM Spring 2018 ENGL Fall 2017 2A 95002 Critical Thinking& Writing II

MWF 11:45 AM 12:50 PM Additional classes I want to take for Fall Quarter 2017: Subject Catalog Class nbr Title Days Start time End time Additional class BUSN 70 83987 Cont. Amer. Busn TR

Alternate #1 BUSN 70 83960 Cont. Amer. Busn TR 2:00 PM 3:40 PM 2:00 PM 3:40 PM Alternate #2 BUSN 70 83994 Cont. Amer. Busn TR

12:10 PM 1:50 PM Additional class MATH 30 94957 Calc. for Busn MWF 3:30 PM 4:35 PM Alternate #1 MATH 30 83649 Calc. for Busn

MWF 8:00 AM 9:05 AM Alternate #2 MATH 30 83565 Calc. for Busn MWF 2:15 PM 3:20 PM Additional class ITAL 1 83292 Elem Ital. 1

MWF 8:00 AM 9:05 AM Alternate #1 ITAL 1 83300 Elem Ital. 1 MWF 10:30 AM 11:35 AM Alternate #2 ITAL 1 83332

Elem Ital. 1 MWF 6:00 PM 7:05 PM Additional class TESP 04 83292 TheChristian Tradition MWF 8:00 AM 9:05 AM Alternate #1 ENGL 35 83344

African American Lit TR 7:30 PM 9:10 PM Alternate #2 BIOL 5 84417 End. Eco. Systems - LEC TR 12:10 PM 1:50 PM Lab BIOL 5

84119 End. Eco. Systems LAB R 2:15 PM 5:00 PM Lab alternate BIOL 5 84210 End. EcoSystems LAB T 2:15 PM 5:00 PM Lab Lab alternate Lab Lab alternate Advisor's Comments (please use reverse side for additional comments):

> Bring this form with you to your academic advising appointment and to registration. > With your advisor's assistance, complete the planning of your fall quarter classes. Keep in mind any AP, college level, or I.B. credit earned, and take into account your calculus and second language placement recommendations. > After your advising appointment, take this completed form to the registration lab where you will register and receive a confirmation of your fall class schedule. WHAT CLASSES SHOULD I TAKE IN THE FALL? Register for BUSN 70- guaranteed Note your pre-registered courses Plan to take university core courses Plan for a mix of MWF and TR classes Dont be afraid of 8:00 AM or 6:00 PM classes Plan for alternatives A COURSE LIST FOR FALL Other possibilities include: Math 30 or 11 (or 9) Ethics (MGMT 6 or PHIL 26)

Diversity Arts Natural Science OMIS 34 (maybe) Cultures & Ideas 1 Religion, Theology & Culture 1 (RSOC, TESP, SCTR: 1-19) 2nd Language (if necessary)

ECON 1 OMIS 15 Electives (BUSN 71) Dont forget about BUSN 70 Remember to take a combination of business classes and university core classes. LOOKING FOR CLASSES Course Availability A COURSE LIST FOR FALL Other possibilities include:

Math 30 or 11 (or 9) Ethics (MGMT 6 or PHIL 26) Diversity Arts Natural Science OMIS 34 (maybe) Cultures & Ideas 1

Religion, Theology & Culture 1 (RSOC, TESP, SCTR: 1-19) 2nd Language (if necessary) ECON 1 OMIS 15 Electives (BUSN 71) Dont forget about BUSN 70 Remember to take a combination of business classes and university core classes.

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